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To: Health Commissioners, Directors of Environmental Health, Pool Contractors and Designers, and other interested parties. From: W. Gene Phillips, MBA, RS, Chief, Bureau of Environmental Health Date: January 2, 2002 (revised April 20, 2006) Re: Acceptable. Pool/Spa Paints and Coating Colors

In accordance with the Ohio Administrative Code (OAC) rules 3701-31-04 (C) (10) and 3701-31-041 (E) (1), "the interior surfaces of pools and spas shall be painted white, unless the color is submitted to and approved by the director." This requirement became effective on January 1, 1999 and applies to new pools and spas as well as existing pools/spas that will be repainted. The colors listed below were submitted to the Ohio Department of Health (ODH) and have been approved. Any of the colors listed below may be mixed with white. This list does not apply to primer colors. Other colors may be approved separately on a case-by-case basis. This list also applies to other colored finishes such as tile and pool/spa liners. Any logos or other unique artwork proposed for the pool/spa bottom must be submitted to and approved by ODH. Submittals may be sent to ODH, Bureau of Environmental Health, Swimming Pool/Spa Program, 246 N. High Street, Columbus, OH 43215. Black racing stripes and target marks are exempted from this requirement provided that they meet the standards of the appropriate governing body. This list may be periodically revised to add or delete colors. If you have any questions, please call the Public Swimming Pool Program at 614-466-1390.

Acceptable Pool/Spa Paints and Coating Colors
Manufacturer Benjamin Moore Paints White No.01 Mediterranean Blue No.042 30 641 Jackson Ave., Huntington, WV 25728; 304.529.3237 Sea Foam Green 304 7White 304 7-171A 171B 308 Old County Road, Edgewater, FL; 904.428.6461 Blue No.471, 472, 404 & Green No.474 411 PO Box 15204, St. Louis, MO 63110-0204; 800.325.4869 Address/contact information

Columbia Paint Corp. Med. Blue 304

Coronado Paint Company White No.451, 456, 461 & 466 Continental Research Corp. White Diamond Brite Exposed Aggregate Finishes, Southern Grouts & Mortars, Inc. Blue Cool Blue

102 SW 2nd Place, Pompano Beach, FL 33069; 954.943.2288 Pearl Blue Quartz Marlin Blue Classic Ivory Aqua Blue

Page 2 of 5 DeVoe (Glidden) Clay Tan DC 1600 Misty Gray DC 2301 Dutch Standard (Harrison Brands) Corp) White No.707-01 Gateway Paint & Chemical Company Brilliant White No.5501 & 5601 Insl-X Protective Coatings White No. WR 1010 White No. CR 2610 White No. IG 3010, IG 30BG 925 Euclid Ave., Cleveland, OH 44115; 800.654.2616 Palomino Tan DC 1200 Light Buff DC1810 Car Blue DC 4035 Sulfur Yellow DC 8045 P.O. Box 8470, Canton, OH 44711; 330.455.5125 Aqua Blue No.707-31 2929 Smallman Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15201 Light Blue No.5553 & 5653 P.O. Box 694, 50 Holt Dr., 845.786.5000 Ocean Blue No. WR 1023 Ocean Blue No. CR 2623 Ocean Blue No. IG 3042 Aqua No.5534 & 5634 Stony Point, NY 10980-0694; Aquamarine No. WR 1019 WR=Pool Paint Aquamarine No. CR 2619 CR=Chlorinated Rubber Aquamarine No. IG 3019 IG=Epoxy

In The Swim (marketing Kelly Tech Coatings under the following listings) A7000 Poxy Shield (Proxolon No.222) A7020 Pool Blue (Proxolon No.225) Kentucky Paint Mfg. Co. White No.630 M.A.B. Paints Tidewater 5595 P

320 Industrial Dr W., Chicago, IL 60185 800.288.7946 A7100 Envrolon (Optilon No.850) A7110 Pool Blue (Optilon No.852) A7200 Super Poxy Shield (Zeron No.390) A7210 Lt. Blue (Zeron No.395) A7220 Pool Blue (Zeron No.391)

909 National Ave., Lexington, KY 40502; 606.254.3836 Pool Blue No.630 1637 US Rt. 36E, Urbana, OH 43078; 937.653.6515 Bay City 5594 P Bunting Blue 5593 P

Majic Swimming Pool and 1920 Leonard Ave., Columbus, OH 43236-9004; Masonry Paint (Yenkin614.258.3854 Majestic Paint Corp.) White Light Blue Aqua Olympic Pool Coatings (Kelley Technical Coatings) White Proxolon No.222 Zeron No.390 Paralon 2 No.290 Optilon No.850 Hydrolon No.710 Perry & Derrick Paints White No.3594 P.O. Box 3726, Louisville, 800.458.2842 Blue Mist Proxolon No.231 Zeron No.395 Paralon 2 No.296 Optilon No.851 Hydrolon No.711 KY 40201; Blue Ice Poxolon No.225 Zeron No.391 Paralon 2 No.291 Optilon No.852 Hydrolon No.712 Sea Green Poxolon No.224 Zeron No.397 Paralon 2 No.295 Optilon No.854 Hydrolon No.714

1899 Poss Ave., Cincinnati, OH 45212 513.531.1400 Blue No.3596

Page 3 of 5 Plastall Coatings Snow White XL 1923 Tahitian Aqua XL 2002 Porter Paint Company White No.1200 Medium Ramuc Pool Paint Products White No.311 Sau-Sea Swimming Pool Products, Inc Sau-Sea Brand High Gloss Snow White-400 Cerulean White 450 Seal Brand Semi-gloss Great White-300 Superior Products International II, Inc. Standard White Tnemec Co., Inc 11WH White 15GN Seafoam UltraPoly Poly Solutions, Inc. UltraPoly White P.0. Box 651, New Albany, IN 47151-0651 812.949.8492 Riviera Blue XL 1802 Blue Mist XL 0213 Aqua Mist XL 0113 Aqua Haze XL 0108

Blue Haze XL 0208

Blue No.9184-1

Ocean Blue No.1203

2628 Pearl Road, Medina, OH 44258: 800.745.6756 Aqua Green No.300 Dawn Blue No.328 1855 Hwy #206, Southhampton, New Jersey 08088 609.859.8500; 609.859.1500-Fax; Azure Blue-452 Sunburst Yellow-221 Ice Blue-352 6459 Universal Ave., Kansas City, M0 64120 Swimming Pool Blue 6800 Corporate Dr., Kansas city, MI 64120-1372; 800.863.6321 15BL Tank White 39BL Delft Blue 10GN Aqua Sky 23BR Sahara 230 Laurel Ave., Gibsonia, PA 15044; 724.449.1040 UltraPoly Blue

37BL Teardrop

United Gilsonite Laboratories (UGL) White Valspar Corporation Blue 2571 3M Industrial Mineral Products Div Color quartz: Blue Smoke White/ Cayman Green

Po Box 70, Scranton, PA 18501-0070; 570.344.1202 Blue 1191 Wheeling Rd., Wheeling, Illinois 60090; 800.323.5129

3 M Center Bldg. 0225-02-N-07, St. Paul, MN 55144-1000; 800.447.2914 Cayman Green Peach/Plum Sandstone Cayman Green/Blue White White/Black Blue/Black Coral Rose/Red

Linings, Vinyl Liners, Coverings and Tile Calvary Liners Cheyenne/Crystal 6930 Gettysburg Pike, Fort Wayne, IN 46804; 260.432.8731

McEwen Industries, Inc Barclay Merlin Industries, Inc. Tahiti Tile, Coral Sand Bottom Natarre Corporation White RenoSys Corporation White

Page 4 of 5 6525 Morrison Blvd., Suite 420, Charlotte, N. C. 28211; 704.365.8070;888.444.4526; Cameron 2904 East State St Ext., Hamilton, NJ 08619; 609.807.1001;

5350 W 84th St., Indianapolis, IN 46268-1517; 317.872.8828 Sky Blue 2825 East 55th Place, Indianapolis, IN 46220; 800.783.7005 Light Blue Caribbean Blue

Fiberglass INTER-GLASS: Mid6604 E. 224, Terrace Peculiar, MO 640178; America Pool Renovation, 800.253.7349 Inc Blue Ceramic Tile 7834 C.F. Hawn Frwy. Dallas, TX 75217; 214.398.1411 Bahama (CT-18) Sunglo (R04) P.O. Box 810215, Dallas, TX 75381-0215; 972.247.3111 Light Aqua No.46 Light Aqua No.40

American Olean, Daltile Corp White (CT-21) Lone Star Ceramics Co White No.01 United States Ceramic Tile Company White No. U-273

Dark Blue No.41

10233 SandyviIle Rd. S.E., East Sparta, OH 44626-9333 ; 330.866.5340 Pure White No. U-271 Exposed Aggregate P.O. Box 593704, 8188 Orange Ave., Orlando, FL 32859-3704 ; 800.333.2660 Natural Buff Jade Cayman 7950 E. Acoma, Suite 105, Scottsdale, AZ 85260; 800.937.5058 Soft White

C.L. Industries Inc. Sunstone Blue Antigua Pebble Tec Inc White Pearl

Note: 1. Natural and unfinished Stainless Steel or Aluminum used for the shell of a public swimming pool, spa or special use pool or with a clear coat finish are acceptable finishes. 2. Typically logos on pool floors are darker than the surrounding finish and are evaluated on a case-by-case basis with regard to bather safety and the ability to readily identify objects lying on the pool floor. Logos that have been accepted are those including lettering or figures not wider than a typical lane marker or those using tile with “white” grout to provide enough contrast to readily identify objects lying on the pool floor.

Page 5 of 5 3. This is not a comprehensive list. Please contact the Ohio Department of Health if you have questions about the acceptance of a particular finish or wish to submit one for approval. To submit a finish for evaluation please provide the manufacturer’s name and complete address (with phone number or E-mail address), a sample of the finish and the product code number from the manufacturer or, with topical coatings, from the container label.