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									BY ALDS. McGEE, HAMILTON, BOHL, D’AMATO, HINES, DAVIS, WADE, PUENTE, DONOVAN, WITKOWIAK Resolution congratulating Messmer High School on its all-years school reunion celebration on July 16-17, 2005. WHEREAS, MESSMER HIGH SCHOOL celebrated its rich history with alumni, former faculty and staff members, and friends during a special reunion gathering, Mass and open house on July 16 and 17, 2005; and WHEREAS, The all-years reunion celebration at Old Heidelberg Park/Bavarian Inn on July 16, 2005 and the Mass and open house at Messmer High School, 742 W. Capitol Dr., on July 17, 2005 highlighted a year-long celebration marking 20 years since the school was closed by the Archdiocese and saved by a group of parents and alumni – a group aptly named the “Save Messmer Committee”; and WHEREAS, Messmer High School’s beginnings are traced to 1926, when Monsignor George Meyer sought to establish the first Catholic high school serving Milwaukee’s north side, and – with the blessing of Archbishop Sebastian Messmer – the school originally opened in September 1926 as Diocesan High School in the old St. Elizabeth’s school building at N. 1 st and W. Burleigh Streets; and WHEREAS, In September 1928 the school was bursting at the seams with students, and three more teachers had to be hired to join the faculty of six nuns, and it was in that year that Diocesan became Messmer High School, named after Archbishop Sebastian Messmer; and WHEREAS, With space problems reaching a critical point, a new school was approved for a location at 7th and Capitol and in 1929 students moved to a stately new building that exuded style and class with its rich oak woodwork, decorative ceramic tile, a swimming pool, auditorium and a chapel; and WHEREAS, For the better part of the 20th Century Messmer clearly established itself as a citywide leader in academics, athletics, and overall excellence, but in February 1984 the Archdiocese announced plans to close the school because of declining enrollment and rising costs; and WHEREAS, The gritty Save Messmer Committee, with the help of the DeRance Foundation, bought the school and reopened Messmer in August 1984 as an independent, Catholic school, and today Messmer boasts more than 550 students at the high school and a total of nearly 1,000 students when Messmer Catholic Preparatory School, 3027 N. Fratney St., is added in; now, therefore, be it RESOLVED, That the Common Council of the City of Milwaukee herewith recognizes and congratulates Messmer High School on the occasion of its all-years school reunion celebration on July 1617, 2005, extends its sincere appreciation on behalf on the community, and wishes for it continued success and prosperity; and, be it FURTHER RESOLVED, That a suitably engrossed copy of this resolution be presented to Messmer High School. Introduced by Common Council members Mike McGee, Jr., Ashanti Hamilton, Jim Bohl, Michael S. D’Amato, Willie L. Hines, Jr., Willie C. Wade, Joe Davis, Sr., Robert G. Donovan, Robert W. Puente and James N. Witkowiak and approved by all members of the Milwaukee Common Council on July 26, 2005.

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