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The Villas Condo Association Newsletter

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									Issue 2-August 2008

The Villas Condo Association Newsletter

Your Board Members Heidi Basciano-President Harvey Freeman-Vice President Sue Bucenell-Secretary Laila Vanderpool-Treasurer Mel Cooper-Member at Large Ingrid Wilson-Member at Large

Important Contacts Villas Office (Merv) 994-2006 Rich-Maintenance 813-469-5159 (cell) Teco Electric- 223-0800 Ista Water-866-737-4943

Important Dates Next Board of Director's Meeting is August 20, 2008 @ 7:00 pm at the Villas Office .

The HOA Board Members for 2008 are dedicated to conducting business in a manner that will bring our property back to the condition it was in when we purchased our units. Hopefully, this newsletter will update you on the status of many issues, answer some of your questions, and advise you of the progress the Villas HOA Board Members have made.

You can reach Merv via email at You can reach the Board Members at You can reach Rich (Maintenance Mgr.) at

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Since our last newsletter we have been working hard. Here is a summary of some of the major changes: The Villas Board of Directors has been reorganized. Odessa Brown has resigned as President and

Heidi Basciano is now the President. New elected Harvey Freeman is the Vice President, Sue Bucenell is now the Secretary, and the other Board members remain the same. The Board would like to thank Odessa Brown for the countless hours and tireless efforts that she dedicated to the Villas. Sentry Management is no longer the property management company for the Villas. Merv Herman was hired as our full-time on site property manager. Merv previously worked for Sentry in this capacity, but now works for us! This was a cost effective way to continue to benefit from Merv's knowledge and years of experience and at the same time have more control over our budget. Richard Shapiro was hired as a part-time office assistant and has been a huge help in assisting us transition to our own full time property management. Richard Matrumulo was also hired by the Villas as our full-time maintenance manager. WEBSITE: The Villas are getting a website!!! The Villas website will be fully operational on or before Wednesday, July 30th, 2008. The website address: or <> Things that can be done on the website are: Update mailing and email addresses, read and download newsletters, read and download board meeting minutes once approved, send maintenance requests to the office/maintenance manager, contact board members, and posting of rules and regulations for the pools and grounds. Other features that may be added at a later date: rss news feeds, discussion groups/blog, and villa owner to owner email. All suggestions are welcome. MAINTENANCE: Rich can be reached at 813-469-5159 or . Maintenance requests should be made via a work order located in the clubhouse. Call Merv Herman at 813-994-2006 in order to see if your maintenance request is covered by the Association. Basically, maintenance is only available for maintenance issues outside of your unit and in the common areas. For maintenance issues inside your unit, you may contact Rich after hours to inquire about handyman costs. Fees charged and paid are not related to the Villas Condominium contract with the Maintenance Manager (Rich). Contact needs to be made by the unit owner. New energy cost efficient lighting has been installed by the pool. The pool fountain has been fixed. We have received our pool permit for the year and our pool has been sparkling clean! SAFETY AND SECURITY: Cameras have been installed at the pool and will soon be installed at the dumpster in order to identify

and prosecute violators of various ordinances/laws. These cameras were donated. The Maintenance Manager (Rich) is not the Villas Security Officer. If you see or hear something that you feel is a safety or security issue that should be handled by the police, then please call either 911 for emergencies or the Tampa PD non-emergency number 813-231-6130.. Safety and security issues relating to the lack or the manner in which the property is maintained (i.e. a tree root is causing the sidewalk to crack and lift) should be reported as soon as possible to Merv in the Villas Office by phone, email or in person. Disputes with neighbors should be reported in writing to Merv in the Villas Office or if necessary reported to the local authorities. RENTER'S PACKET: For your convenience, the Villas Office has prepared a renter's packet for you to give to your renter. The packet provides rules and regulations that were provided to you in your Condo Documents. It contains important telephone numbers, as well as information regarding the fees and procedures for keys, garage openers, and gym access. It will be made available by 8/15/2008. A notice will be posted at the villas clubhouse and also on our website that the packets are available for pick up at the office and/or a PDF format for download. Please contact the Villas Office for more information.

ENGINEER'S REPORT-The Engineer's Report on the status of our property has been completed. It is currently being reviewed by our attorney's for the Villas. The information contained in this report will be used to send a demand letter to parties being sued by the Villas Condo Association. Once the demand letter is released, the engineering report can be made available to all owners.

BUDGET NEWS: The recent changes in the Villas property management were done in an effort to cut our budget costs and have more control over our money. The following details all of the current issues that are affecting our budget: Condo Fees-Homeowner's of the Villas Condos are currently over $300,000.00 behind in their association fees! If you are behind in your fees you can work out a payment plan. Those who have already been turned

over to the attorney for collection must contact the attorney for a payment plan. All others can call Merv to make arrangements. The more fees we collect, the sooner we can pay our debts and get this property looking better. NEW PROCEDURE: Make sure that you are are now either dropping your association fees in the box at the clubhouse or in the mail to: The Villas Condo Assoc. 10401 Cross Creek Blvd., Tampa, FL 33647. All late fees for the month of July are waived due to the change. Water Bills (Ista)-At this time all ISTA Water bills should be in the name of and be mailed to the unit owners for payment. Address changes can not be made via Ista. They must be made via the Villas Office either telephonically or via email. You can check your address to make sure it is correct , you account to make sure it is current, and make payments online at Now that we have a full time property manager and an assistant we will be focusing on our water bill issues. We (the Villas HOA) are currently paying for all unpaid water bills despite the fact that they are individually billed to the owners. We are working to insure that unit owners are individually and solely responsible for any unpaid water bills. This may mean legal action. It may also mean that the credit of owners who continue to have an unpaid balance will be adversely effected. Those that are paying should not have to foot the paid for those that are not. Prior to any legal action being taken, owners who are delinquent will be notified. So if you have not received a water bill, you have not paid any water bills, or you are delinquent, please call Merv to make arrangements to pay. Upcoming Expenses-Another installment of $8000.00 is due for the second part of the engineering report which will contain the bids and materials costs to repair our property and a Property Insurance installment.

OTHER NEWS/REMINDERS: Parking spaces-Please be courteous to your neighbors. If you have any special needs and require handicapped signage please contact the office. Dumpster-Our regularly scheduled dumpster pick-up does not include large items (i.e. Furniture). If you witness anyone illegally dumping, please notify Rich or Merv with the license. If you have any large items that you would like to donate to to a good cause you can call the Salvation Army 813-226-0055 or the Goodwill 813-888-8131 and they will pick them up for free and give you a receipt for a tax write-off. Playground/Pool-For the safety of you and others, please do no bring glass bottles to the pool areas. No children under the age of 16 will be permitted without adult supervision. Pets-Pets are to be on a leash at all times and only walked in designated areas. NO DOGS ARE ALLOWED ON THE PLAYGROUND! Pet waste is to picked up by the dog's owner and disposed of properly, it's the law! Fines-Villas HOA Board will be exercising their right to fine unit owners if the rules listed in your condo docs are not followed. If you lease your unit, you are still responsible to pay fine(s) if your

leasee breaks the rules. Please review your condo documents that your received when you purchased your unit, “Exhibit P” Rules and Regulations. A list of common rules and the fine amounts for violations will be published on our website as soon as we have that up and running. Verizon Contract Negotiations-We are still working out the details of a agreement with Verizon to install underground communications fiber on our property. If we are successful this will infuse our budget with some additional funding.

Our next Villas Board Members Meeting is August 20, 2008 at 7:00 pm at the Villas Clubhouse. We are trying to be consistent and have a board meeting on the third Wednesday of each month. The date of the next homeowner's meeting is to be determined, but will be soon. However, anyone is invited to attend to board meetings to observe.

If you have any thoughts, ideas, or articles for the next newsletter-please email us at a subject title of newsletter.

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