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									THE VILLAGE AT SCIOTO MEADOWS CONDOMINIUM ASSOCIATION RULES & REGULATIONS (Developed and approved by residents of Scioto Meadows, with guidance of Developers and legislation current in the State of Ohio as of October 18, 2004) PURPOSE The purpose of the Rules and Regulations of The Village at Scioto Meadows Condominium Association is to clarify, interpret and amplify the restrictions contained in the Declaration and By-laws. Those documents, which are public records, can be found in Official Record Instrument 200003130049247, Recorder’s Office, Franklin County, Ohio. The rules allow the residents of the condominium community to live in an environment acceptable and beneficial for all, with one goal: to preserve and enhance the Association’s common property for the protection of and appreciation of property values. AUTHORITY All power and authority for the operation of the condominium association that is not expressly reserved to the unit owners is vested in the Board of Directors. That authority, which includes establishment of reasonable rules and regulations, and penalties for violations thereof, is granted in Section 5311.08 of the Ohio Revised Code, Article VII, Section 4 of the Declaration, and in Article IV, Section 13.(c) and (f) of the By-Laws. Furthermore, Section 5311.19 of the Ohio Revised Code requires all owners and occupants to comply with the covenants of the Declaration and By-Laws, and also with the Rules and Regulations. ENFORCEMENT AND PROCEDURES It is the responsibility of each resident and owner to know the Rules and Regulations and to abide by them. Should a violation occur that cannot be resolved on a one-to-one basis between the residents, then the complainant must submit a written complaint to the Board of Directors. A complaint form can be found at the end of this document for your convenience, but any written format is acceptable, as long as it identifies the complainant. No action will be taken on a verbal complaint. Unit owners, including their tenants, and guests and invitees of either, who are found in violation of any of the rules and regulations, or of the duties and restrictions imposed by the Declaration and By-Laws, are subject to Enforcement Assessments as outlined as follows. Those assessments are not in lieu of, but rather, are in addition to any other remedies legally available. CONDOMINIUM OWNERS’ ASSOCIATION MEETINGS Regular meetings, which all unit owners are encouraged to attend, are held at the clubhouse. A sign will be posted announcing the next meeting as it is scheduled. This is an excellent opportunity to meet neighbors, address common and individual concerns and build a strong community organization which will benefit all unit owners.

The Village at Scioto Meadows Condominium Association Rules and Regulations – Revised March 16, 2006 -1-

ENFORCEMENT ASSESSMENTS The enforcement assessments established herein which are subsequently levied against unit owners for violations of these Rules and Regulations are valid Assessments against the unit, and are subject to the same rights of collection afforded to the Association as any for any other Assessment. Furthermore, the fact that an enforcement assessment was levied will not preclude any assessment for actual damages or injunctive relief. Any violation, whether by the unit owner, his/her tenants, guests or invitees of these Rules and Regulations, or of the restrictions and duties placed upon unit owners and occupants in the Declaration of Condominium or By-Laws may be subject to the following schedule of enforcement assessments: 1st Offense: A written warning will be sent to the owner of record. If the violation is not corrected, or if it recurs within the time period specified in the warning, the unit owner will be charged an enforcement assessment. 2nd Offense: $25.00 enforcement assessment. 3rd Offense: $50.00 enforcement assessment. Subsequent same offenses will be charged enforcement assessments in increasing increments of $25.00 each, i.e., $75.00, $100.00, etc. The Board of Directors shall give a unit owner a written notice of fees or assessments that includes all of the following: (a) A description of the property damage or violation; (b) The amount of the proposed charge or assessment; (c) A statement that the owner has a right to a hearing before the Board of Directors to contest the proposed charge or assessment; (d) A statement setting forth the procedures to request a hearing pursuant to HB 135 of the State of Ohio, 2004; (e) A reasonable date by which the unit owner must cure the violation to avoid the proposed charge or assessment. Unit owners who have been notified by The Village at Scioto Meadows Condo Association that they are delinquent in fees, assessments or fines have one year from the date of such notice to contest errors. Errors should be reported in writing to the Board of Directors as soon as possible, but no later than one year from the time such an error is discovered.

The Village at Scioto Meadows Condominium Association Rules and Regulations – Revised March 16, 2006 -2-

GENERAL RULES OF CONDUCT These general rules of conduct that apply within the condominium property are applicable for all unit owners, tenants, residents, guests and invitees: 1. If you have a pet, keep it on a leash whenever the pet is outside of your unit, and immediately pick up the pet’s droppings before a neighbor has the misfortune of stepping in it. This applies to all pets, whether canine or feline. 2. Before you begin any modification or alteration of any part of the common area, have your written plan approved in writing by the Board of Directors. Hard feelings can be avoided by having plans approved before money is spent. By definition, all parts of the property that are not part of your unit are common areas; that includes limited common areas such as your patio or front stoop. All storm doors must be approved by the Board of Directors. 3. Drive and park your vehicles safely and courteously; the roads are too narrow to accommodate speeds faster than 15 m.p.h. All laws set forth by the State of Ohio and the Bureau of Motor Vehicles should be followed in regard to speed and parking. 4. The recreational facilities are here for the use and enjoyment of residents and their guests. Please respect the facilities by using them only for their intended purposes, and by cleaning up, locking up and turning off lights when you’re done. 5. The Village at Scioto Meadows was established to be a quiet, residential community. Help keep it that way by not conducting any sort of business anywhere on the property. Simply stated, if you can do it by telephone, fax, mail or computer, it’s probably okay; if it involves a customer or client coming to the property, it probably is prohibited. It would also help to keep noise under control by turning down car and home stereos. 6. Help keep the community attractive by not putting your refuse out before dark the night before collection. If you do put it out in the evening, please be sure that all kitchen waste is bagged and in an appropriate, lidded container so that our neighborhood critters don’t scatter it all over as they forage for food. Following pickup, trash containers are to be returned to the garage. 7. Always pay your share of assessments when they are due; this will enable us to best maintain the value of our community. When the time comes for you to move, be sure to pass this handbook along to the new residents, allowing them to assimilate themselves into the neighborhood more easily. 8. Yard signage of any variety is prohibited. Be sure to inform any contractor, real estate agent or political cause you may support of this rule, so that their signs can avoid confiscation.

The Village at Scioto Meadows Condominium Association Rules and Regulations – Revised March 16, 2006 -3-

9. "In an effort to avoid damage to the curbs and incur repair costs, skateboarding in the community is prohibited. Residents and their visitors who violate this rule may incur fines. In addition, bicycling is prohibited on sidewalks and is only permitted on the streets. Riders should follow proper traffic laws while cycling." If everyone will abide by the above simple rules, the more detailed information which follows becomes almost unnecessary, but is included to clarify the general rules of conduct. PETS 1. Exotic animals are prohibited by Grove City ordinance. Additionally, the number of pets allowed per household is limited to no more than three dogs or three cats; more than one dog and two cats; more than two dogs and one cat, except puppies and kittens under three months old, in or on the premises of any dwelling unit within the City. For further detail, see the entire Codified Ordinances (specifically 505.15) at www.grovecityohio.gov, under City Hall, Council, Code Book. Questions and additional information may addressed to the city Clerk’s office. 2. Pet shelters of any type may be used only within the confines of your unit, and are not permitted on any part of the common areas, including limited common areas, i.e., decks, patios, etc. 3. Remember, your neighbors’ limited common areas are for their exclusive use; that restriction applies to your pet as well, so do not allow your pet to trespass uninvited. 4. Courtesy and the law both require that residents immediately remove their pets’ waste from all common areas. 5. All pets, both canine and feline, are to be kept on a leash and attended whenever the pet is outside the owners’ unit. Alternately, an electronic collar may be used to control an animal if, and only if, the owner is present and has in his/her possession the remote control device. ARCHITECTURAL AND LANDSCAPING CONTROL Any alteration to the common areas, including the limited common areas, requires a written plan be submitted, and that written approval of the Board of Directors be granted before any alteration is started. Although they are by definition part of the unit, and are the unit owner’s responsibility, changes, including replacement of windows and doors, also require approval, in order to maintain a uniform exterior appearance throughout the community. The following are examples of changes that require prior approval: exterior doors, garage doors, replacement windows, storm windows, shutters, painting, awnings, patios, and landscaping in the common area. More detailed information follows in each subsection. Application Procedures: The Village at Scioto Meadows Condominium Association Rules and Regulations – Revised March 16, 2006 -4-

1. Submit a written request to the Board of Directors. For your convenience, a form is included at the end of this handbook, but any written form may be used. 2. The application should be completed with details, dimensions, colors, etc. of the requested changes and signed by the unit owner. 3. Sketches, drawings, pictures, or samples will aid the Board in making a determination. 4. The Board’s determination shall be communicated to the applicant in writing. 5. No additions to the structure will be approved. 6. No new structures, such as dog houses, storage sheds, etc. will be approved. BUILDING EXTERIOR 1. Items attached to any exterior surface of a unit in The Village at Scioto Meadows must be architecturally consistent with the design and appearance of the existing condominium structures. This includes replacements and repairs for all windows and doors, window glass and door glass. 2. Replacement and addition of decks, deck stains, exterior light fixtures, mail slots, house numbers, door hardware and doorbells must also be architecturally consistent with the design and appearance of the existing condominium structures. Flag holders and all miscellaneous exterior hardware, paint colors and any other items the Board of Directors stipulates, are within Board control and subject to Board approval. 3. To maintain the aesthetic appeal of the condominium property, garage doors are to be kept closed except when entering or exiting. LANDSCAPING The rule governs all common areas. Association documents define common areas as follows: “All of the condominium property, including all of the land and all improvements thereon and appurtenances thereto, except those portions labeled or described as a part of a unit, are common areas.” This rule also governs all limited common areas. Association documents define limited common areas as follows: “The Common Areas that constitute the area within a patio that serve a Unit, and all improvements therein that are not a part of a Unit, and the stoop serving that Unit, are the Limited Common Areas, and in each case, are reserved for the exclusive use and benefit of the Unit owner(s) and occupants of the Unit served by the same.” 1. Landscaping, for the purpose of this rule, is defined as all areas not covered by concrete, blacktop or other similar surfaces; further defined as grassy areas, planted beds, trees, The Village at Scioto Meadows Condominium Association Rules and Regulations – Revised March 16, 2006 -5-

shrubs, bushes, plants, and anything pertaining thereto or in proximity thereto. This includes flower and/or vegetable containers of all types, in any location, including those hanging in or affixed to trees, shrubs, bushes, etc. Landscaping also encompasses:     Non-permanent types of on-ground installations such as bricks, stepping stones, railroad ties, and similar items. All outdoor electrical installations (e.g. lighting, bug killers). Fences, walls, and all types of retaining or supporting ground structures. Outdoor accessories and accoutrements such as statues, fountains, ponds, playground equipment and similar items.

2. Exceptions (no prior approval required):   Annual flowers and perennial or annual ground cover not to exceed two feet in height may be planted in existing beds only, in common areas. Annual edible and decorative vegetables may be planted only within confines of rear limited common elements, and cannot exceed height of fences and walls or extend beyond or be planted outside of unit’s limited common area perimeters.

3. Maintenance:  Unit owners/occupants are responsible for maintenance and care of all plants they have planted, and for removing plants and shrubs that are dead or irreparably damaged.

4. Not Permitted:   Breaking ground for new beds in, or encroaching upon, common elements. Playground equipment, ponds, compost piles, and any other items which may be deemed by the Board of Directors as potential maintenance problems or not con-forming to community standards or appearance. Ivy or any other type of clinging plant that adheres to surfaces with tendrils or other means. Ivy and similar plants on any building surface or fence is not permitted.


The Village at Scioto Meadows Condominium Association Rules and Regulations – Revised March 16, 2006 -6-

PRIVACY FENCES 1. Nothing may be permanently hung from or affixed to the exterior surfaces of the fence. 2. Brackets for hanging plants, hose holders, and similar small items may be mounted only to the inside surfaces of supporting fence posts. 3. Cost for repair of damage to fences caused by owners and/or resident’s infractions of the Association’s rules will be assessed to the owner.

SATELLITE DISHES 1. Whenever possible, the satellite dish should be installed within the rear limited common area, and must be installed on a free-standing mounting post. It should not be visible above the fence line. 2. The satellite dish shall not be visible from the street. 3. The satellite antenna dish shall be as unobtrusive as possible in appearance, i.e., the color of the dish should blend with the surrounding colors. 4. Under absolutely no circumstances will a satellite dish be permitted to be mounted on the roof or to any other building surface. DECORATIONS, FLAGS, ORNAMENTS 1. The American flag may be flown at any time, provided proper protocol is followed. 2. “Holiday” decorations may be displayed within the season. VEHICLES AND PARKING The vehicle and parking rules for The Village at Scioto Meadows apply to all vehicles operated or parked anywhere on the common property. Vehicles permitted on the property include only vehicles that bear current, valid registration, are operable, used primarily as personal transportation, (including passenger cars, vans and light pick-up trucks), and which can be and are currently registered as non-commercial vehicles for operation on public roads. The speed limit throughout the property is 15 miles per hour. The intent of the rules are:    To provide residents and guests with reasonable and equitable parking rights. To prevent the parking of large, unsightly vehicles in full view of the community. To prevent the abandonment of unlicensed and/or inoperable vehicles on Association property.

The Village at Scioto Meadows Condominium Association Rules and Regulations – Revised March 16, 2006 -7-


To enable emergency vehicles and delivery and refuse trucks access to all areas within the development (a minimum of 18 ft. from any parked vehicle or curb to the opposite curb/vehicle).

1. All designated parking spaces are available to any resident or guest. 2. Parking in designated guest parking spaces is restricted to operable automobiles and vans without commercial markings, regardless of type of registration, subject to the following exceptions:   Service/Trade vehicles for the time that they are providing service. One recreation vehicle per unit, such as a motor home, trailer of any kind, or camper belonging to a resident or guest, may be parked for brief periods of time, not to exceed 24 hours, for the purposes of loading and unloading. Bicycles, motor bikes or any powered bikes, commercial vehicles, boats or other vehicles and conveyances of any description must always be parked in the unit’s garage, except as provided above. If the garage is of insufficient size to suitably house the item in question, the vehicle/conveyance owner must store the item in question off the premises of The Village at Scioto Meadows Condominium property. The Board of Directors shall be the sole judge as to what is “suitable housing.”


3. Inoperable vehicles of any kind may not be stored on the common areas. A vehicle is considered inoperable if it has a flat tire(s), body damage that could prevent it from being driven, or is otherwise not operable, not functioning, or not working, or if it fails to display evidence of current registration. 4. Violation of any of the parking rules may result in enforcement assessments, and/or the offending vehicle being towed from the property at the vehicle owner’s expense, without further warning. 5. On-street parking, other than within marked spaces, is prohibited. Residents must respect the safety and convenience of their neighbors by allowing for the passage of emergency vehicles, delivery and maintenance vehicles, trash collection, etc. 6. Parking at the clubhouse is restricted to people who are actually using the facilities at the time.

The Village at Scioto Meadows Condominium Association Rules and Regulations – Revised March 16, 2006 -8-

7. Parking is permitted:    in the garage; in the driveway approach to the garage, if it is sufficiently long to accommodate a vehicle without impeding any other traffic; in designated parking spaces. RECREATIONAL AMENITIES The Association takes pride in presenting its residents with a beautiful clubhouse and swimming pool to relax and enjoy activities with their neighbors, friends and guests. These Rules and Regulations are to permit any resident of The Village at Scioto Meadows to enjoy the various activities offered without infringement upon the privileges of other residents and their guests. The recreational facilities are available only for non-commercial use by the residents and their occasional guests. Whenever a guest is using any of the facilities, the guest must be accompanied by the resident. None of the recreational amenities are available to any outside organization, whether that organization be commercial, political or religious. Nor, may any of the recreational facilities be used for any purpose that results in remuneration in any form, to the resident or any other person. The Village at Scioto Meadows Condominium Association, its members, directors, managers, agents, contractors, or employees of any of them, will bear no responsibility or liability for injury and/or damages to persons or property arising out of the use of any portion of the common area of the association, including but not limited to the clubhouse and/or pool. For the privilege of enjoyment and use of the recreational facilities, all persons hereby agree to indemnify and hold harmless, The Village at Scioto Meadows Condominium Association, its members, directors, managers, agents, contractors, or employees of any of them, from all responsibility and liability for injury and/or damages to persons or property arising out of the use of any portion of the common area of the Association, including but not limited to the clubhouse and/or pool. The following rules have been promulgated to advance those objectives. POOL 1. NO LIFEGUARD IS PROVIDED. All persons using the pool area do so at their own risk and sole responsibility. No one should swim without another capable swimmer present. 2. Children under age sixteen (16) are not permitted in or around the pool area unless accompanied by an adult resident for the safety and protection of everyone.

The Village at Scioto Meadows Condominium Association Rules and Regulations – Revised March 16, 2006 -9-

3. The pool and pool area are available only to residents and their occasional guests. A resident is a person living permanently in a unit of The Village of Scioto Meadows. Hosts are responsible for the conduct of their guests. All residents of The Village of Scioto Meadows have the responsibility of observing the pool, pool area and grounds. Please ask non-residents to leave. 4. Only garments sold as swimwear are acceptable for swimming. 5. Secure shoulder length or longer hair on top of the head to minimize hair fallout to maintain the efficiency of the filter system. 6. To avoid accidents and prevent objectionable noise, users of the pool shall not run, cause excessive splashing, or be objectionably loud. The only water toys allowed are those designed for pool use. Inner tubes or inflatable rafts are not allowed in the pool area. If radios, etc. are used, residents and guests should keep volume low enough to avoid becoming a nuisance to others. 7. Climbing over fences, walls and gates is prohibited. 8. Pool furniture should be used only for the purpose intended. If you are using suntan lotions or oils, please cover the furniture before using it to prevent damage. 9. Animals or pets are not permitted in the pool area. 10. Private pool parties are not permitted. Use of the clubhouse specifically excludes any concurrent use of the pool area. 11. Private swimming lessons for remuneration are not permitted. 12. Cooking and/or eating food is not allowed in the pool. 13. Glasses, glass bottles, breakable items, etc., are not allowed in the pool area. Place all trash and cigarette butts in the containers provided. 14. Residents must pick up their own refuse and debris. Do not allow this, including cans or other containers, to accumulate in the pool area. Maintain the area occupied in a neat and orderly manner at all times. 15. No electric device of any kind whatsoever, may be plugged into the electric service for the pool within eight (8) feet of the pool edge.

The Village at Scioto Meadows Condominium Association Rules and Regulations – Revised March 16, 2006 - 10 -

CLUBHOUSE The clubhouse is available to residents in good standing, (current in the payment of assessments, and with no incurred violations) for private parties on a reservation basis as determined by the committee. A rental fee of $25.00 and a deposit of $150.00 are required. The rental fee and deposit, on two separate checks, both payable to The Village of Scioto Meadows, are required before the reservation will be considered firm. The deposit is refundable provided all areas are satisfactory to the committee and there were no rules violations. Rental fees are to be placed in a dedicated account for maintenance and/or replacement of recreational facilities. All reservations, deposits, inspections and refunds concerning the clubhouse will be made through the Board of Directors. All decisions made by the Board of Directors regarding The Village at Scioto Meadows Clubhouse, and regulations, procedures, deposits and refunds will be final. Any violation of any rule may result in deposit forfeiture or other appropriate Board action. 1. A clubhouse calendar will be established and maintained. Association functions hold priority over all other functions. The Board of Directors will enter all events in the reservation book as soon as the need is determined. 2. To make a reservation, contact the Board of Directors to determine availability of the date and obtain a reservation form. No reservation will be considered confirmed until the deposit and reservation form has been received by the Board of Directors. 3. Rental of the clubhouse does not include the use of the pool or pool area. 4. Residents of The Village at Scioto Meadows are entirely responsible for their guests at all times. 5. No loud, boisterous noise, profanity, shouting, argumentative or other offensive behavior will be permitted at any time. 6. Wet swimsuits and swimming attire are not permitted inside the clubhouse at any time, except in the restroom facilities. Muddy or otherwise soiled footwear is not permitted in any areas of the building at any time. 7. No pets or animals, of any kind (except personal assistance animals) are permitted in the clubhouse at any time. 8. No events will be booked by residents under age 21. Adult (21 and over) unit owners may make bookings and must be present during the entire event. Lessees have the same right to use the facilities as owners and must abide by the same rules, but the reservation agreement must be signed by the unit owner as well.

The Village at Scioto Meadows Condominium Association Rules and Regulations – Revised March 16, 2006 - 11 -

9. In consideration of owners living near the clubhouse, noise must be kept down. Excessive noise, or guest parking in restricted areas may result in a loss of the deposit. Damage to, or destruction of any furniture, drapes, lamps, carpets, fixtures, counters, walls, doors, windows, equipment, decorations, or other physical properties of the buildings, swimming pool or grounds is the responsibility of the person(s) reserving the clubhouse. The owner of the unit will be assessed for any such damage, and is responsible for making immediate payment. 10. No resident may make reservations for use of the clubhouse on a weekend (Friday, Saturday or Sunday) more than one (1) time during a calendar month. A resident may make three (3) reservations for use of the clubhouse from Monday through Thursday during a month. 11. There shall be a maximum limit on the number of permitted guests in the clubhouse as determined from time to time by the Board of Directors or such other governmental, municipal or regulatory authority having jurisdiction over the same. 12. Arrange with a member of the Board of Directors to pick up and return the keys and to inspect the facility before and after the event. The Board of Directors member will give keys to the unit owner or lessee of record only. Following inspection, the member of the Board of Directors will either return the deposit balance or submit a bill for additional charges. Inspection will be made of the party room. If the unit owner wishes to be present at the inspection, arrangements must be made at the time the key is received from the member of the Board of Directors. 13. The Association will not be responsible for any articles, personal or otherwise, which are lost, stolen or missed by residents, guests or friends. 14. The clubhouse is a non-smoking facility. WEIGHT ROOM 1. No person under the age of eighteen (18) is permitted to enter the exercise room unless accompanied by an adult resident. 2. No loitering in the weight room. 3. The weight room is a non-smoking facility. 4. Each household may only have one (1) guest at a time in the weight room. 5. Violation of any of the above rules may result in enforcement assessments and/or revocation of privileges as determined by the Board of Directors.

The Village at Scioto Meadows Condominium Association Rules and Regulations – Revised March 16, 2006 - 12 -

FINANCIAL MATTERS ASSESSMENTS The association depends upon all unit owners making their payments in a timely manner in order to continue to maintain a first class community, and to provide the services appurtenant thereto. Toward that end, the following payment policies have been established: 1. Due Date: All monthly installments of annual assessments are due on the first day of each month. The due date of any other type of assessment shall be stated in a notice of assessment, and be due the first day of a calendar month. 2. Delinquency: A payment is delinquent if not paid on or before the due date. 3. Late Fee: A late fee of $25.00 will be levied as a special individual unit assessment against any unit owner who does not pay an assessment or an installment of an assessment prior to the 10th day of the month it became due. A delinquency notice will be mailed on or about the 20th of the month. 4. At its sole and unfettered discretion, the Board of Directors may cause a lien to be recorded against the unit of any owner who has assessments, or portions or installments of assessments that remain unpaid ten (10) days after said payment has become due. 5. Any lien that is recorded will reflect the year’s assessments accelerated in their entirety; from that time, late fees will be assessed each and every month until the year’s assessments have been paid in full, including any and all associated costs. The lien may also include legal fees, bookkeeping fees and bank charges for returned check(s), if applicable. The lien will not be released until all such assessments have been paid. 6. At its sole and unfettered discretion, the Board of Directors may cause a foreclosure action to be commenced, at any time, against any unit upon which a lien has been recorded. All costs related to foreclosure filing will be assessed to the unit owner. 7. Foreclosure action: In a foreclosure action, a unit owners’ association commences pursuant to division (B)(1) of 5311.18, or a foreclosure action the holder of a first mortgage or other lien on a unit commences, the owner of the unit affected, as the defendant in the action, shall be required to pay a reasonable rental for the unit during the pendency of the action. The unit owners association or the holder of the lien is entitled to the appointment of a receiver to collect the rental. Each rental payment a receiver collects during the pendency of the foreclosure action shall be applied first to the payment of the portion of the common expenses chargeable to the unit during the foreclosure action. The Village at Scioto Meadows Condominium Association Rules and Regulations – Revised March 16, 2006 - 13 -

In any foreclosure action, it is not a defense, set off, counterclaim or crossclaim that the unit owners association has failed to provide the unit owner with any service, goods, work or material or failed in any other duty. Other rights or obligations of property owners at The Village at Scioto Meadows concerning foreclosure may be applied, as provided by the laws of the State of Ohio. 8. Persons leasing or renting property at The Village at Scioto Meadows understand that the first portion of any rental fee will be applied to condominium fees; these fees will be paid directly to the Association by the property owner for maintenance of common grounds and the reserve fund. Tenants may thus be assured that they are not delinquent in the payment of condo fees if they are not delinquent in rental fees and will be entitled to the benefits of all amenities at The Village at Scioto Meadows. In order to maintain their own and neighbors’ common property first and foremost, all property owners who rent or lease any units at The Village at Scioto Meadows agree to pay Association fees first from any rental fees collected. In the event a renter/leasee becomes delinquent, any portion of rental fees paid will first be applied to applicable delinquent Association fees and the remainder to delinquent rent. 9. Unit owners (or their tenants) who are delinquent in any payments will not be eligible to use any of the recreational facilities. 10. As per Ohio law, a reserve fund of no less than 10 percent of the monthly fees will be deposited and maintained by the Board of Directors of The Village at Scioto Meadows Condo Association, in an effort to avert special assessments for extraordinary repairs and replacements deemed necessary to maintain both individual properties and common areas. BOARD MEETINGS AND ELECTIONS 1. Board meetings may not be conducted electronically. Board members must be able to be heard by meeting attendees. Attendance by a Board member via teleconference is allowed, provided those in attendance may clearly hear and understand the comments of the teleconferenced Board member. 2. A quorum of Board members must be present in order for a vote or any action to be taken. 3. Board meetings should be held on a regularly scheduled basis. In the event a special meeting is scheduled, advance notice of no less than two (2) weeks’ notice should be given to unit owners. The Village at Scioto Meadows Condominium Association Rules and Regulations – Revised March 16, 2006 - 14 -

4. All unit owners may attend a meeting; however, only those unit owners whose fees are current may vote. 5. The Board of Directors shall consist of six (6) members. 6. Two Board members, with terms of three years each, shall be elected each year, with the exception of the first year a Board is established. In the year the Board is established, those electing the Board shall establish two Board members whose term will expire in two years, two Board members whose term will expire in three years, and two Board members whose term will expire in four years.

The Village at Scioto Meadows Condominium Association Rules and Regulations – Revised March 16, 2006 - 15 -

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