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Integrated Housing Development Programme in Harari People Regional


									Integrated Housing Development Programme in Harari People Regional State (HPRS)

It is a type of joint ownership of real property in which certain portions are individually owned and certain commonly owned like parking space, community halls, or any form of common area by condo association. The management and repairs of the common area is maintained by the common association whose members are the owners of the property.

Justification of the Integrated Housing Development Programme One of the key problems of the HPRS is shortage of housing. Currently (as of 2006) there is a shortage of about 9000 houses. Moreover the quality of the currently available houses is very low. To solve this housing problem of the region, it is essential to create conditions that enable the construction of houses in the existing parts of the region and in expansion areas. The Regional Government has therefore designed an integrated housing development program that aims at significantly improving the quality and quantity of accommodations available to the residents of the region.

The strategy of the Regional government designed and adopted to implement the Integrated Housing Development Programme is very consistent with multiple objectives of reducing poverty through these measures. Namely, the housing development objectives have together common and integrated goals of alleviating poverty and economic development. This strategy of the Regional government of housing development encompasses;
     

  

Housing development through new expansion, redevelopment and upgrading Creating employment through supporting Micro and Small Scale Enterprises Supporting informal sector contractors Supporting community based construction management of infrastructure. Supporting small scale building material producers Expansion and strengthening of small scale and community based financial systems Supporting the technical & vocational education and training system Strengthening and transforming the building construction and Mobilising public and personal savings.

Five Years Goals (2006-2010)
.2.1 Build the city government’s construction capacity and construct on average 2035 houses per year and a total of 8140 houses over the next five years: including cultural houses and 10% shops. year 2006/07 2008/09 2009/10 2010/11 No.of house unit 1100 houses 1540 houses 2200 houses 3300 houses

a) b) c) d)

The first phase
There is almost three years ago since the Government has started making a lot of buildings commonly called condominium in Harari people Regional state. out of the total of 8140houses planned for five years1100 condominium houses being constructed in

Harari people Regional State at the first phase, at a cost of over 94.7 million Birr, will be transferred to beneficiaries in the near future, the construction of the condos will be fully finalized after a month. Current Conditions of the Condominiums
• • • • Currently the Condos are at finishing stage Estimated to be completed within one months Exterior of the Condominiums are painted Bathroom has shower, sink and commodes

• •

Main entrance and bathrooms have doors

will be transferred to beneficiaries in the near future

The Second phase
In the second phase the harari housing development project office is handling the ongoing construction. out of the total 8140 houses planned for five years ,the construction of 1540

houses is currently ongoining at cost of over 140 million Br, it Estimated to be
completed within 8 to10 months and registration to beneficiaries have started.

The third phase
Project proposal for construction of cultural houses flexible, mixed traditional with modern building

Harari cultural houses are counted to the main heritage landscape of Harar. These houses denote not only the past history but also the existing cultural life of the people. Most of these houses are believed to be as old as the wall itself, On the other hand. The Project office planed for construction of 500 cultural houses outside the wall, of Jegol.

Target group The project is first and for most intended for the residents of Jegol in particular and those of theTown in general. Moreover, as the objects are heritage elements and visitor attractions, people living abroad and Diasporas alike can be taken as a target group.

Features facilities of cultural house        

in achieving an attractive appearance and comfortable floor plan, combines traditional and the best of today’s design. The front porch is cozy and practical which leads to the traditional rooms (Gey gar) and to the entrance of foyer which keeps the privacy of all the rooms. The master suite has a study/bath, dressing and outer balcony. The opening through the kitchen to the back yard provides a convenient pass through for the service rooms. Terrace on the top of traditional room provides extra recreation area. The design compact, so that lot size can be controlled Having three and more than three different bed room. Almost half of the plot area is kept for the greenery.

Building materials of cultural house
 the cultural house to be constricted involve know how of traditional craftsmanship
 Securing the traditional construction materials like HASHE EUN

 

Selecting traditional workmanship

Having cultural paint and moderate house paint

Are YOU Ready for Home Ownership ?
For many, condos represent a great opportunity for Home Ownership without all of the potential hassles associated with owning a home. .condos come in as many flavors as traditional home do. Condos can be built as single level, low –rise, high –rise unit and your personal preference should be taken into consideration when looking at various condo units. The benefits of condo living need to be weighed against your own criteria. Is security more important to you than distance from your neighbors? Are you comfortable with community living? Here is a list of the basic pros of living to help you make your decision

Having neighbors around makes it a lot easier to lock up and leave for a vacation or an extended period of time. Also, condominium buildings often have security features, be they buzzers or a guard service. This is particularly helpful if this is your second home, and you are only there for part of the year.

The selling price of a unit is affordable because highly subsidized by government

Most condominium developments offer a range of amenities in the common areas. This means that you may have access to kids playing fields, gym or tennis courts that you would not be able to afford on your own. Condominium association: Every unit owner is a member of the condo association, which also has an elected board. The association serves to enforce bylaws, handles maintenance and repair issues, and deals with disputes with developers or between unit owners.

Transfer of the Houses and Its Execution
1. Who is eligible to receive the condo? Government employers, rich farmer’s tenants of Keble houses House holds to be relocated from renewal areas City residents who have a capacity to repay the cost of the houses.  One who is temporarily residing out of harari region on account of business, a study or others(Most of all Diasporas included)  The applicant age must be Over 18

2. The type of houses
Types of the houses to be constructed for high, medium and low level that ofmixing approach of living  Studio  One bedroom  Two bedrooms  Three bedrooms  Cultural houses

How to apply for the condo: Purchasing Process
    Select building type, number of bedrooms, size and floor number. Select second and third options in case your first choice is not available Confirm its availability with your local representative Deposit minimum of 10- 20% in BOfed Housing Transfer account

Paying10- 20%?
 If you pay 20% down, you should know that you or your representative must be illegible to take loan for the remaining 90- 80% from a bank in Ethiopia.

 Taking the service charge of the Ethiopian Commercial Bank, 8.5% service
charges on all households.  It is highly encouraged that you pay 100% to avoid hassles in the Bank

What Next?
 Inform your local representative of your deposit  Email proof of your deposit to your local representative  Make sure the deposit is made in the name of the purchaser

Deposit Information Harari BOFED House Transfer Commercial Bank of Ethiopia Account No. 3029GOV Swift No. CBETETAA

Principles Regarding Houses Transfer
Rate, modality of payment, cost computation and coverage and Termination of contract 1. Rate of down payment and grace period for repayment of the remaining balance. 1.1. Down payment shall constitute a part of the total price of a unit computed in percentage to be paid by the purchaser before concluding contract. A. be paid on the type and size of unit as specified here under;  10% for Studio and single bed room  15% for tow bed room  20% for three bed room 1.2 Payment of the remaining balance following the settlement of down payment shall be paid monthly by any purchaser based on the type and size of the unit purchased ,with in the following respective range and time, beginning on the day next to the last day of the period of grace;
 For studio up to 25years.  For tow bed room and one bed room up to 20years and three bed room up to15years. 1.3 .A purchaser by installment studio ,tow bed room and three bed room shall

be granted period of grace commencing from the date of delivery as specified hereunder on the basis of the type and size of house;  For very low-income households[studio] 6 months

 For middle income households [one and tow bed room]3 months and for high income groups [Three bed room]3 months.

2. modalities of payment
2.1 The system of payment and ownership will be of a own type’: by making advance down payment and then monthly paying or payment all at once, the household becomes homeowner after sometime.
2.2 A purchaser who has effected the full price may be given priority over others in respect of taking delivery of any unit or a particular unit located in a given block or floor of his choice.

2.3 Any person purchasing a unit by installment shall;  Repayment to be effected via banks  . Take delivery of the purchased unit upon effecting the advance payment at the Commercial Bank of Ethiopia.  The purchaser may affect advance payment before the commencement or completion of the construction of the unit.  D. Effect the monthly payment at the bank.

 Openly auction the houses built for commercial purposes first, make the potential buyers effect payment all at once or arrange the repayment to be effected via bank.

3. Rate of service charge
 Taking the service charge of the Ethiopian Commercial Bank, 8.5%
service charges on all households.

4. Calculation of housing costs and coverage and subsidies;

The selling price of a unit shall be determined taking into account the construction cost and the infrastructure cost inside and around the unit.


The infrastructure cost to connect internal infrastructural lines of the unit [line to sewerage, water service, light and telephone] will be

covered by city municipality.

. Building with the main infrastructural line network of the
surrounding shall be borne by city municipality.

 . It is assumed that studio house units have additional 30% subsidy,
while high income households will pay premium prices and the house built for Commercial purpose will be purchased by openly auction, which will enable to cross subsidize poor households [studio]. .

 Value added tax [VAT] and custom cost will be covered by the Federal Government.  Administrative cost of the project office will be covered by the regional Government.  Land fee ,design fee and every municipality fees are free  .Ensure that at least 20% of the beneficiaries are women head household

Table:- Type of houses , cost per m2 and other payment informations




1 Bedroom
25-48 1656 1year 10% 67-81,520

2 Bedroom

3 Bedroom
73-102 1656 1year 2o% 121169,558 8.5% 15years

Commer cial houses
It Varies Auction 1year 25% Auction

Cultural House

1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Area (m2) price/ m2 Grace period Advance payment Selling price of houses Service charge Payment period

<25 1656 1year 10% 42,725

52-90 1656 1year 15% 87-149,553

220 2,100 1year 20% 462,000

165.6 2,100 1year 20% 347,760

6. 7.

8.5% 25 years

8.5% 20 years

8.5% 20 years

8.5% 10years

8.5% 15years

8.5% 15years

5 .Termination of contract
In the case of defaulting or failure to pay will result in the regard cancellation of the contract and transfer of the mortgage to other persons. In this make the households enter into formal, clear and binding contract. 5.1 Harari housing development project office, who has sold house unit, shall terminate the contract, where it proves that the purchaser has;  Failed to effect monthly payment for three consecutive months or;  Failed to effect monthly payment for six times within one year or;  Transferred the houses through sale or donation before occupants completes three years as from the date of purchase.[this is only for purchaser by installment] . 5.2 A purchaser, to whom termination of contract arising from one of the above conditions and the period of time of clearance from the unit has been notified in writing, shall  Handover the house unit to the Harari housing development project office or Agent within specified periods in the notice;  Be entitled to refunding without interest only after maintenance cost and monthly rent for his stay in the unit has been calculated and settled according to the rate fixed by the guidelines to be issued by project office.


Unit Type

Bdg Type

Area (m^2)
22.8 35.40 34.20 38.40 46.00 43.40 48.80 64.00

Comn Area
3.0 5.27 9.45 10.53 6.85 11.10 13.19 13.46

Total Area
25.80 40.67 43.65 48.93 52.85 54.50 61.99 77.46

Rate ETB/m^2
1,656 1,656 1,656 1,656 1,656 1,656 1,656 1,656

Total Price
42,725 67,350 72,284 81,028 87,520 90,252 102,655 128,274


1 2

Studio 1 Bedroom

M-2 T-4 M-2 M-2

8,545 13,470 14,457 16,206 17,504 18,050 20,531 25,655


2 Bedroom

T-4 M-2 M-2 BL


3 Bedroom









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