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									Alpine Glen at Peregrine

38 homes pay $305 master plus $345 to the sub-division or $650 a year

Aspen Leaf Townhomes Condominium Association Autumn Heights Community Owners Association

20-unit townhome complex with nonthly dues of $120 or $1,440 a year

Dues 223$ per month or $2,676 a year. This gets you a clubhouse, spa, all lawn care, trash, community watering costs, fence repair, snow removal, road & sidewalk repair, external walls and roof repair, on all townhouses. Everything inside the walls is your problem. This HOA is down along Star Ranch road & Broadmoor Bluffs.

Broadmoor Resort Community
Broadmoor Village

$3,360 – gated community above The Broadmoor hotel. Dues are $260.00 per month or $3,120 per year which covers lawn maintenance, water for the lawn, snow removal, gate and street repairs and just wondered how that compares with some of your research.

Carriages at Charleston Place

80 patio homes with dues of $181 a month or $2,172 a year

Cedar Heights Community Association

$602/quarter (or $2,408 annually) for Lot with House. Dues are lower for a Raw Lot. Dues cover operating costs and capital needs (like roads).

Community at Spring Creek

single-family homes pay $46 per month, or $552 annually for trash pickup, common area maintenance and not much else.

Cottonwood Creek Townhome Association

near the corner of Union and Woodmen currently charges $173 per monty or $2,076 per year. HOA dues include water, sewer, trash, recycling, landscape maintenance and snow removal. We maintain a swimming pool and tennis courts for the homeowners.

Discovery Homeowners Association

$30 a year, plus a voluntary $20 for police protection

Dublin Manor Condominium Association

managed by Haley Realty dues are $ 2,254 per year or $286.56 per month. This includes ABSOSLUTELY NOTHING! No clubhouse, no swimming pool, no security checking the premises, no block get togethers, not even a playground of any sort for the children. It has been painted one time since 1997. They mow the grass and shovel the sidewalks

Eagle Rock Neighborhood, Inc.

charges a whopping $10/year HOA due. For that we get an annual members meeting, which we held just yesterday, a real sense of community, a neighborhood watch and a board of 10 volunteers to address any member’s concerns.

Eagles Nest Homeowners Association

Dues 155$ per month or $1,860 a year. This gets you commons areas maintenance, lawn care (however, water billing for sprinklers is your cost), fence repair, maintenance of drainages & thru-hood sidewalks & paths, and snow removal. This HOA is up around the Vindicator & GardenGods zone, north of Intel.

Erindale Townhomes

Erindale Townhomes (off Vickers & Academy behind Bally's and Taco Bell). The complex is managed by Haley Realty. My dues are $191 a month or $2,292 a year and that covers water, sewer, trash, and all outside maintenance. The dues were $169 last year but took a huge leap due to the increase in water costs. The complex is well maintained and the association has initated some xeriscaping this year but I still wonder if my HOA dues are on the high end, especially since my complex has no ammenities beyond RV parking and a basketball hoop, both in an undeveloped corner of the complex.

Fairways Springs Ranch HOA

Dues are $174.00 a month and $2,088 a year. They started at $135 a month when the HOA was in legal dispute with a builder in 2003 . I was told because of legal fees. What is included: snow plowing, snow shoveling the walks leading to our door, lawn care (postage stamp sized yards in the back only), insurance on the outer structure, painting when it’s needed (around every two years) and legal fees. There is no recreation center, and although we sit on a golf course dues are not included. It is so utterly frustrating I can’t stand it.

Fifteenth Fairway Townhome Owners Association
Near Valley Hi, dues are $125 a month or $1,500 a year

Fountain Valley Ranch Home Owners Association, Filing 4A and 4B

We have a five member Association board of directors that looks after all the areas of responsibility. We have 76 homes in our association. Annual dues per home owner is $66.50. There is also an Association funded Neighborhood Watch Program with block captains in each of four sectors with a Neighborhood Watch coordinator who maintains a liaison with the Sheriff's Department.

Flying Horse Master HOA
$900 a year

Friendship-Crescent-Mesa Neighborhood Association (FCMNA)
Dues are $35 a year for the association of 70 single family properties near the intersection of Fillmore/Fontero Drive and Mesa Road (near Holmes Middle School). We do not own common property. Activities include an annual picnic, winter party, yard sale, FireWise yard clean up days, and a few social clubs.

Gleneagle North
$100 per year

Gleneagle Filing No.3 Gold Hill I HOA Inc. Golden Hills HOA

75 homes in the neighborhood, dues are $300 per year.

Dues: $200.00 per month or $2,400 a year.

in Rockrimmon, with covenants recorded in 1972. Dues at that time were $75 per year, and at this time continue at that same rate. While an effort is ongoing to increase those dues to cover escalating expenses, nothing has been changed at this date. The dues cover maintenance of the Association common area, which covers slightly over 80 acres, insurance, mowing, community signs,various supplies, several events such as a semi-annual garage sale, a summer event (this year an ice cream social and magician), Halloween Trunk or Treat event, Chirstmas lighting contest and lights in the association park. A community web-site is hosted plus a newsletter that is mailed 4 times each year. Attorneys fees are a necessity, especially currently when an owner is suing the HOA claiming ownership of a portion of the common area (that belongs to all deed holders) through Adverse Possession. We have an involved and informed board of directors of 8 people, plus a number of volunteers who assist with many services.

Greencrest Homeowners Association

northeast Palmer Park, pays $30 per year, and dues are voluntary.

Grove at Briargate Townhome Association Pay $230 monthly dues or $2,990 a year Hearthwood Townhomes
pay $136.50 a month or $1,638 a year. The property manager is MSI.

Highlands at Springs Ranch

278 houses where dues are $130 a year

Indigo Ranch at Stetson Hills

Dues are $200 a year and that includes around $100 for trash service. Hammersmith Management Co.

Kings Deer Master

King's Deer HOA is $300 a year. This income from our 531 lots provides the HOA with a full time business office with one employee to manage the HOA business, including covenant enforcement, managing the common area maintenance, records management, finances, etc. The dues also pays for maintenance of our common areas which I estimate at about 60 acres; this includes a sports field and playground. King's Deer also maintain six nicely landscaped entries into the community.

Kissing Camels
$4,020 annually

Knolls at Spring Ranch

298 homes with dues of $150 per year plus a $40 annual special maintenance assessment

La Bellezza at Peregrine
47 townhomes pay $305 master annual dues plus $275 monthly or $3,300 a year for a total $3,605, landscaping and private street maintenace

Lexington Park HOA

Dues are $125.39 a month or $1,504.68 a year. operated by Z & R Property Mgmt

Mirrillion Townhome Association

Mirrillion Townhomes is a 14 unit townhome complex with dues of $130 a month or $1,560 a year. It’s at the top of 20th Street off of Unitah. There are three more units in the first stage that are new with plans to build 8 more units shortly, which will probably be set up as condominiums, but will be the same as the townhomes.

Mission Cove Townhome Owners Association

A gated townhome community of 20 units that pay dues of $285 a month or $3,420 a year

Mountain Shadows Community Association
Voluntary master association requests $25 a year

Northgate Highlands Homeowners Association

Dues are $95 per quarter or $380 a year which includes trash pickup, common area maintenance, and administration. We also pay $62 to Wasson Properties which maintains the common area median from Interquest to Northgate along Voyager but not within our HOA community. They do not maintain the street or remove the snow. The “fee” was recently raised from $37 to $62 under the pretext that the cost of watering was to increase. The neighborhood consists of 321 homes, built from 2001-2007. The dues cover maintenance and landscaping of all common areas, weekly garbage pick-up (including use of a large wheeled garbage can), insurance, neighborhood community events (advertising for our annual garage sale, movie nights, Sky Sox games, etc) "Yard-of-the-month" awards, "Best holiday lights" awards, "Welcome baskets" for new neighbors, a quarterly newsletter, all community governance (yes, this means covenants are enforced!) and the small salary paid to our very competent Administrative Assistant.

North Range at Springs Ranch HOA

Springs Ranch has about 11 separate HOAs under one master HOA. This is where it gets complicated: Some 511 home comprise North Range, one of the separately managed HOAs, and our dues total of $130 a year. North Range is presently charged $40 per home as our portion of the master association maintenance (SRMA). So our management company attempts to collect $130.00 from each home (can we say the economy stinks and foreclosures abound ?) and sends $40 of that sum to SRMA, leaving $90.00 to North Range for all other expenses: Management, insurance, maintenance and repair of the 5 easements that lie within North Range, newsletters and homeowner info, etc. North Range at Springs Ranch HOA, Inc is managed by Courtney and Courtney and pays in full each year the SRMA portions as they become due regardless of state of our internal finances and needs. We post online, send

budget reports with each letter that invites all homeowners to the Annual Meeting, post and openly welcome any homeowner to the regular meetings, and enforce the CC&Rs to maintain the value of the area.

Old Broadmoor Road Condominium Association

50-unit condo complex where dues are $250 per month or $3,000 a year (Manager: Courtney & Courtney) which includes structure insurance, exterior maintenance of homes except decks which are owner’s responsibility, lawn care & maintenance, and trash pickup weekly. I am amazed that some HOA residents do not know more about their HOA Budgets, etc. They should attend meetings or run for a Board Vacancy or ask for a copy of their budgets to learn about where their money is going and why. They need to know about escrows for future expenses, and many other items.

Parkside at Mountain Shadows
$107 per month or $1,284 a year.

Peregrine Master

$305 a year for the master association which counts 850 homes. Three subassociations bring the total in Peregrine to 1006 homes.

Pinecliff Homeowners Association Pinon Glen HOA

$30 per year voluntary dues, 30-year-old neighborhood of 600 homes

across Pinon Valley Road from the Rockrimmon Post Office. We have 72 homes in our development, and our dues are $165 a month or $1,980 a year. When the development started 10 years ago, dues were $120, then $150, and about 3 yrs. ago went to $165. For that we get: All yard maintenance, including water for the sprinkler systems, trash pickup, snow removal, all maintenance for the exterior of our homes which will eventually include roof replacement. The HOA has recently done mud-jacking of driveways and sidewalks that needed it, and replacement of concrete where needed. We have a small clubhouse with a full kitchen which can be used by anyone if the event is open to all residents.

Pinon Springs Condominium Association

located off Picturesque Circle in Village Seven. Dues are based on the square footage of condominium design. The largest unit pays $239 per month or $2,868 a year; next in size pays $225.00; $215; $208 and the smallest which is a nice ranch style is $156 or $1,872. These are current rates having gone up on November 1, 2008. This was a 10 percent increase.

Pleasant Valley Neighborhood Association
$20 annual dues, 600 homes, 150 members

Raintree Springs Association

Raintree Springs is a complex of 28 buildings with four townhomes in each building near Academy and Flintridge. Our monthly dues are now $154 or $1,848 a year, but are tentatively scheduled to increase to $161 next calender year or $1,932 a year. With that income we are maintaining a swimming pool and buildings that are approximately 35 years old. Dues include water, sewer and trash removal charges for the entire complex. Since I help put together the annual budget each year, I of course feel that we are keeping the dues as low as we possibly can, and still be able to maintain the complex.

Raven Hills Homeowner's Association

Dues are $60 per year and cover mowing of a neighborhood park and other common grounds and maintenance of a playground

Ridgeview at Stetson Hills Master HOA

dues are currently $121 annually (just barely over $10 monthly). Services include maintenance of the Common areas (landscaping, snow removal, trash removal, utility bills, fence replacement and staining, and so on, Property Management (billing, assistance with Covenant enforcement, infraction notices, etc…), Legal fees, a quarterly newsletter, maintenance of a web site, and some other miscellaneous items.

Saddleback at Newport Heights Townhome Saddleback Townhomes

A 48-unit townhome complex with dues of $191 a month or $2,291 a year

at the corner of Austin Bluffs and Templeton Gap) dues are $185 a month or $2,220 a year, we don't have any amenities like clubhouse, pool, playgrounds, etc. but do have substantial, park-like landscaping which costs us about $2000 a month year round PLUS snow removal extra.

Sanctuary at Peregrine
60 homes with annual dues of $305 master, $1,224 annual to the sub association or a total $1,529 plus $135 snow removal fee

Smoketree Townhomes in Briargate

Dues are $145 a month or $1,740 a year. No pools, no tennis courts, no annual parties, no playground. Our dues include maintenance of common areas, repainting/paving the drives

Stepping Stones HOA condos

north of 21st and Uintah, dues are $180 per month or $2,160 and include: water, management company fees, lawn maintenance/mowing, snow removal and sidewalk shoveling in winter, trash pickup, condo building insurance, roof repairs and general maintenance.

Spires Drainage HOA

Dues 25$ per month oe $300 a year. This was the original Spires area development company, for upper Cheyenne Mountain, and is now converted into a standard HOA. They maintain & lawn care the commons areas (mostly like flag-lot corners), and are supposed to maintain the two-to-four large drainage system, which deliver & control flood waters from the mountain. At present, they also have an ACC Architectural Control Committee which screens new house plans, and approves all major landscaping and external house modifications or changes. This group still maintains liability insurance, and legal cover, for any future damages due to drainage failures. The original Spires Development Corporation is now defunct & extinct, and only exists as an insurance entity, until their legal-liability time expires, in roughly 4+years.

Spring Grove Homeowners Association

the Spring Grove subdivision is located between Hwy 115/Spring Meadows (E & W sides) and Lake Avenue and Cheyenne Mountain Boulevard (N & S sides): townhouse or so-called row-houses, they havet partial common walls with neighbors – dues are $970.70 per quarter or $3,886.80 per year in HOA dues. The principal elements of that amount comprise the landscaping, water costs (which went up significantly this year, thanks to CSU’s new water rates), road maintenance, snow removal and the night guard at the gate.

Spring Lane Homeowners Association

the 83 homes on Dawn Break Loop southeast side of Valley Hi Golf Course bordered by Chelton and Afternoon Circle are $70 per month or $840 a year, unchanged since they were raised from $65.oo in November 2006. For that, members receive snow removal from Dawn Break Loop and all the cul-de-sacs, lawn maintenance, trash pickup, and street maintenance.

Springs Ranch Homeowners Association

dues are $100 per year which is unchanged in 10 years

Stonebridge at Cedar Heights
$3,133 annually

Stratton Pines
$3,600 annually

Stratton Preserve Estates
$2,208 annually

Sundance at Greencrest

dues are $2,280 a year to service 34 units. We have no clubhouse or pool. These dues cover everything outside the units, including the private street

Sweetwater Ridge Homeowners Association

Our dues here are $225 a month or $2,700 a year. We have 21 homes here finished & 23 vacant lots.

Toscano at Flying Horse
$6,000 a year

Townhomes at Rockrimmon The Residents

Our dues are currently $210 per month or $2,520 a year. The dues were $115 per month when I moved in June 1993. The complex has a clubhouse with pool, hot tub and game room, office and maintenance area; two tennis courts, not very much visitor parking a

Valley Hi Condominium Association

48 condos in four buildings catering to seniors, 55-years and older paying $212 a month or $2,554 per year

Victoria Village at Colorado Springs Homeowners Association
$141 a month or $1,692 a year

Villages at Peregrine

49 homes pay $305 a year to the master HOA and $190.46 a month or $2,285.52 a year

Village Seven Homeowners Association Master
$250 annual dues

Villa Sierra Condominium Association

Our community at 1100 Fontmore Road is comprised of 200 units, one bedroom, two bedroom, and three bedroom. Most are either 2 or 3 bedroom. When the charter was first drawn up over 30 years ago, the dues varied according to the size of the unit. Thus our fees currently range from $137 to $285 a month or $1,644 to $3,420 per year. This covers water usage, insurance on the units, maintenance of the properties including the common areas, grass mowing, landscaping care, snow removal. We have two full-time maintenance people

plus some occasional part-time persons. Also we have a guard on duty 24 hours a day at the gate.

Villas at Log Hollow

part of the Broadmoor Resort Community Association. A townhome community consisting of 41 units. Our dues are $495 per month or $5,940 a year and cover insurance, yard maintenance, snow removal, and manned security at the front gate.

Wagon Trails Recreation Association

Dues are $250 a year, include pool, splash park, wading pool, tennis court, basketball court, green space, social events including movie nights, barbecue dinner, ice cream social for 948 homes.

Windjammer Community

dues are $75 per quarter or $300 a year for trash w/total recycling, maintenance of common areas, 2 yearly roll-offs, and scheduled private security patrol. It also sponsors our yearly yard sale.

Windjammer Pointe Townhomes

Near Valley Hi Golf Course, dues are $130 a month, increasing $5 in November to $1,620 a year, 65 units, small playground, basketball court, couple picnic tables

Wolf Ranch Owners Association Master

Dues are $22 a month or $264 a year and includes trash pickup

Woodbridge Townhome Owners Association

64 units on 10 acres off Broadmoor Valley Road built in 1981 with dues of $265 a month or $3,180 per year

Woodmoor Improvement Association

Dues $209 a year, 2,967 residences, administrative staff of 3 fulltime and 1 part time accountant, one barn, ACC, common areas covenant protection and forestry, over 2,000 acres, 51 miles of roads, 7 fulltime public safety staff patrol 24-7

Woodmoor Park Townhomes

$125 a month or $1,500 a year, pays for snow removal and trash, no amenities

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