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Acid Nomenclature

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					Acid Nomenclature
A water solution of a compound of hydrogen bonded to a halogen takes the following form. These are called binary acids Compound Hydrogen fluoride Hydrogen chloride Hydrogen bromide Hydrogen iodide Formula HF HCl HBr HI Water Solution Hydrofluoric acid Hydrochloric acid Hydrobromic acid Hydroiodic acid

Hydrogen forms compounds with polyatomic ions to form OXYACIDS. As is the case with oxygenated polyatomic forms as they bond with metals, the names change as the number of oxygen atoms present in the ion. These are called ternary acids Remember, the suffix –ite denotes one less oxygen than the –ate form. The prefix hypoand the suffix –ite together on the same form denote two less oxygens than the –ate form. The prefix per- denotes one more oxygen than the –ate form. The names of the acid forms are taken from the traditional system with the suffixes –ous and –ic.

-1 charge on the ion
Nitrate derivatives Compound Hydrogen hyponitrite Hydrogen nitrite Hydrogen nitrate Hydrogen pernitrate Formula HNO HNO2 HNO3 HNO4 Water Solution Hyponitrous acid Nitrous acid Nitric acid Pernitric acid

Chlorate derivatives Compound Hydrogen hypochlorite Hydrogen chlorite Hydrogen chlorate Hydrogen perchlorate Formula HClO HClO2 HClO3 HClO4 Water Solution Hypochlorous acid Chlorous acid Chloric acid Perchloric acid

Bromate derivatives Compound Hydrogen hypobromite Hydrogen bromite Hydrogen bromate Hydrogen perbromate Iodate derivatives Compound Hydrogen hypoiodite Hydrogen iodite Hydrogen iodate Hydrogen periodate Formula HIO HIO2 HIO3 HIO4 Water Solution Hypoiodous acid Iodous acid Iodic acid Periodic acid Formula HBrO HBrO2 HBrO3 HBrO4 Water Solution Hypobromous acid Bromous acid Bromic acid Perbromic acid

-2 charge on the ion
Sulfate derivatives Compound Hydrogen hyposulfite Hydrogen sulfite Hydrogen sulfate Hydrogen persulfate Carbonate derivatives Compound Hydrogen hypocarbonite Hydrogen carbonite Hydrogen carbonate Hydrogen percarbonate Formula H2CO H2CO2 H2CO3 H2CO4 Water Solution Hypocarbonous acid Carbonous acid Carbonic acid Percarbonic acid Formula H2SO2 H2SO3 H2SO4 H2SO5 Water Solution Hyposulfurous acid Sulfurous acid Sulfuric acid Persulfuric acid

-3 charge on the ion
Phosphate derivatives Compound Hydrogen hypophosphite Hydrogen phosphite Hydrogen phosphate Hydrogen perphosphate Formula H3PO2 H3PO3 H3PO4 H3PO5 Water Solution Hypophosphorous acid Phosphorous acid Phosphoric acid Perphosphoric acid

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