Cayman Islands International Trip by lonyoo


									Cayman Islands International Trip Bob Strong’s Information Letter # 1 23 January 2006 Registrants Erin Corey Rory Eckhardt Chris Gauvin Gohar Harutyunyan Danielle Harvey Tamara Janashia Warren Kennan Elizabeth Kenney Andrew King Christopher Laplante Dylan Mooney Artem Popov Julius Tenev Alyssa Yohman Michael Yonce

Here is an initial information letter on the Cayman Islands trip. You will be receiving these periodically until our departure in May. 1. Things you need to do right away. a. Reply to this email confirming that you received it. I want to make sure everyone is in the loop. b. Send me a photocopy of the information page of your passport. c. The current plan is for us to depart from Bangor International Airport on Sunday, May 14 and return on Sunday, May 21. If you have other travel plans coinciding with this trip and want to make your own (or want me to make special) airline arrangements please let me know. 2. We will be staying in privately-owned condominiums right on Seven Mile Beach. There will be three of you per condo, two condos for the women and three for the men. If you have roommate preferences let me know. 3. Your roommate selections may be influenced by the fact that you are likely to do most of your own cooking in your condo’s kitchen. There is a grocery store nearby. This helps substantially in keeping the trip cost down. At the moment I don’t know how close the condos are to each other. 4. Part of your academic activity while on Grand Cayman will involve some teamwork in groups of three. This will involve contact with the local population. If you have preferences for your team let me know that also. The teams do not need to be the same as the housing arrangements. 5. The other faculty member going on the trip is Dean Dan Innis.

6. I will begin posting more trip information to a special “Cayman Islands” section on my website in the very near future. I will let you know when that happens.

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