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APRIL 2007 QUARTERLY COMMUNICATION Its mid-April already Where


It’s mid-April already. Where is the time going so fast? Believe it or not we just signed the 2007 contract for the pool/ hot tub maintenance. We renewed with Hot Tub heaven since they did a very good job over the past two years. A few volunteers are needed to set up the pool furniture on Saturday, May 26, 07 at 9.00 AM. The pool will be open officially on that following Saturday or Sunday, weather pending (Memorial weekend). Talking about contracts we changed the tree care company to Front Range Arborists as of March 07.The Board realizes the great investment in our approx. 500 trees that we have to protect. Greener Grass Lawn Care, our landscape company, has been working hard during the first week of April to get the sprinkler system working. They started 15 landscape projects last November and will be completing them by the end of May if not sooner. These changes are being made for water conversation and to repair areas where slopes or other reasons do not allow grass to grow. More bushes and trees will be planted. Periodically the Board revises and updates the Rules and Regulations with the assistance of our attorneys. Three changes will be made to the R&R’s concerning the installation of antennas/satellite dishes, Renters using the Club House and consumption of alcoholic beverages at the pool and in the Club House. It is also our intention to make them shorter and easier to read. These changes will be recorded with the El Paso County. Please look out for the revised R&R’s in your mail. On behalf of the Board and Z&R Management we like to extend a hearty welcome to all new Residents who have selected Hillsboro at Springs Ranch as their new home during the past months. We sincerely hope that you have chosen our community because it is “A great place to live”. RULES AND REGULATIONS AT HILLSBORO There seems to be a misunderstanding of the R&R’s. Some owners/ tenants think that they are not applying to guests/visitors. It clearly

states at the beginning of the R&R”s: “The information contained in this document applies to owners, tenants, and guests alike”. It does not matter if the guest(s) stays 2 days or 1 hour. FROM THE MAIL BOX-Dear Manager: We signed for the certified letter today regarding our unit at Hillsboro. Since we live in Chattanooga, our tenant received the same letter and called us alarmed. The letter indicates that our tenant’s dog is defecating on common areas without our tenant cleaning up. We have until March 30, 07 to clean it up or will be fined. Our tenant never owned a dog since moving into Hillsboro. I told him I would handle this matter. My tenant also said you can come by the unit to verify that he has no dog. Dear Owner in Chattanooga: I am glad you received our certified letter. It is not easy to see what happens in Hillsboro living so many miles away from here. Your tenant does not give you the whole picture. He is partly right. He does not have a dog but his girlfriend does. She owns a red Pontiac which is often parked in the carport belonging to your unit or in one of the visitor’s spaces nearby. Other owners have seen the dog in the car and going up to your unit without a leash despite the leash law which is also observed at Hillsboro. Not only do your renter and his girlfriend let the dog out on the grass area next to your building in order to do his business without cleaning up but on many occasions they leave the dog alone in the condo. Apparently the poor creature does not like to be alone and barks continuously.

We hope that you supplied your renter with a set of R&R”s when you signed the lease agreement and insisted that he gets familiarized with them. By the way, we never received a copy of the lease agreement/ rental contract from you. Please send us a copy ASAP. Thank you, Your Manager HURRAY! WE HAVE A WEBSITE By now you have received an orange postcard telling you that the website is up and running. Have you visited our new website already? If you have not, please log on We hope it will be of value to you. We will use this website for many more communications. Please let us know if you like it so far and how we can improve it by writing to Bob Bissey our Manager at Z&R MONTHLY BOARD MEETINGS ARE OPEN TO ALL RESIDENTS OF HILLSBORO. DATES AND TIMES ARE ANNOUNCED ON THE BULLETIN BOARD NEXT TO THE MAIL STATION. THE BOARD LOVES TO SEE YOU AND THAT’S WHY THE MEETING WAS CHANGED FROM 3:30 PM TO 6 PM (IN ORDER THAT OWNERS CAN ATTEND AFTER WORK) WANTED: The Board is still looking for an Owner to join as the fifth Director. You will be familiarized with the fiduciary board duties. It is easy and a lot of fun! Place your name in the suggestion box or call/email Bob Bissey at Z&R. BE A GOOD NEIGHBOR AND SERVE ON THE BOARD!

You may have noticed the change under the logo of Hillsboro; before it said

Newsletter and today Quarterly Communication. Why don’t we give this bulletin a fun name like Hillsboro World or Hillsboro Telegraph or………what is your suggestion. Please drop your idea into the suggestion box next to the mail station. Staying on the subject of communications the Board has its own address as of today. Hillsboro Condominium Owners Association 3879 Riviera Grove Colorado Springs, CO 80922 Please note: Any urgent matter needs to be reported to Z&R by phone 5940506 or by email to Good and effective communications with the owners/ residents concerns the Board at all times. Each agenda of the upcoming Board meeting has been posted in advance on the bulletin board and Minutes have been exhibited regularly next to the mail station; additional copies for owners are always available. If you have any information that you would like to include in the JULY EDITION of this publication, please submit by June 15, 2007 to: Ulrich Schwartz or Nancy Machetta 3879 Riviera Grove, Colorado Springs, CO 80922 NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH Due to lack of participation and interest we have tabled this program. If you do find you are interested in participating and reviving this very valid program, please leave your name and phone number or email address in the suggestion box. Thanks to Jason Keyser,

Lola Millhone, and Officer Gilman for their efforts. CHANGE OF POOL GATE The pool season will start before our next communications publication; therefore we would like to inform you of the following changes. We have problems finding volunteers to open and close the pool gates from May to September; therefore the Board decided to install an electronic gate system. One gate will be eliminated and the main gate next to the A/C units will be relocated. You will be able to open the pool gate with your white electronic door opener of the Clubhouse. A gate card reader will be programmed to function between 8 AM and 10 PM daily during the pool season. There will be a button next to the gate to exit the pool area. You still will be able to use the walkway between the buildings 3895 Riviera Grove and 3918 Kings Island Point since it will be rerouted and connect to the concrete walkway from the front of the Club House. You must bring your pool passes to use the hot tub and pool. In the event you have lost/misplaced them they are available at Z&R for $5.00 each. Committee members will check on the passes periodically. In the event you cannot show them you will be asked to leave. ENJOY THE UPCOMING POOL SEASON BY RESPECTING OUR POOL AND HOT TUB RULES. SEWER LINE REPAIRS COMPLETED-- Mr. Rooter Plumbing located, excavated a sewer line and installed a two way clean out at the following buildings (3976, 3732, 3748, 3764 and 3880). These lines were never installed by the builder.

The company also made a Hydro Scrub/ Video inspection on all lines of the other 24 buildings which is an annual maintenance procedure. All Utility Cabinets at the 29 buildings have been revised, i.e. doors and frames were repaired to avoid cold air inflow, installation of new heaters with thermostats, replacement of 17 steel water meter flanges with brass ones. Out of 232 condos in Hillsboro 88 units in 11 buildings are of the C category. These condos have water pipes located at the outside wall in the kitchen area which were insulated before mid December 06. LEASE ADDENDUM No doubt any owner at Hillsboro who rents his/her unit will have the renter sign a lease. .In the future Owners renting their unit will have to send a copy of the lease together with the new lease addendum signed by the owner and renter to the HILLSBORO COA. This addendum will cover the specifics of our association and require renters to adhere to association rules. This is very important because it gives the owner and the association a means of enforcement. Our lease addendum will support the community by:  Requiring the tenant to obey the bylaws, rules and regulations of the HCOA  Requiring the tenant to pay fines for association rule violations  Requiring the tenant to vacate if HCOA regulations are repeatedly violated Z&R will send a mailing to all owners concerning the lease addendum and the rental contract at the end of April 2007.

We ask all owners to pay careful attention to this mailing. EXERCISE ROOM (GYM) Please remember to change your shoes when using the exercise equipment. Small pebbles can cause costly repairs of our machines. We can avoid this problem by simply changing the shoes you walked in to the gym. Our dues are affected by these types of repair and replacements. Please help keep our gym and equipment running smoothly. “CLUB HOUSE CLIPS” All Residents are welcome to use the Club House; however, you must first make a reservation for your requested time with Z&R (594-0506). There is a $100 refundable cash deposit that must be paid to Z&R before your scheduled date. This deposit is refunded if the Club House is left clean, orderly, with no damage to the facility or items therein. Please refer to your Rules & Regulations for more information. The Board asks for your understanding. These R&R’s are in effect to be fair to all our Residents and to keep our Club House in great conditions so that we all may enjoy a good work-out or a nice place to meet. HILLSBORO @ Springs Ranch Why do people choose to live in our community? Is it because it appears neat and orderly? Is it because your association maintains the property and the reserve funds show a healthy balance which guarantees that property value will only go up? Is it something more than that? Is it something intangible, or indefinable? Is it a shared vision, a common experience, a sense of connection?

Is it what makes a house a home, and a gated community a neighborhood? Is it what bonds residents to their neighbors and to the world beyond? Yes, we believe so! You can’t describe it, but you know it when you see it. And you know what to call it: COMMUNITY SPIRIT! And everyone can help make it happen. THE HCOA BOARD WILL CONDUCT A SURVEY DURING THE MONTH OF MAY. This will be a fact finding mission which will help the Directors to do a better job in the future and it can improve our community. PLEASE ASSIST US! WE ASSURE YOU IT WILL ONLY TAKE A FEW MINUTES TO ANSWER SOME EASY QUESTIONS. THE SURVEY CAN BE DEPOSITED IN THE SUGGESTION BOX ON YOUR WAY TO THE MAIL STATION OR IN A BOX IN THE CLUB HOUSE. THANK YOU IN ADVANCE FOR YOUR FINE COOPERATION.

Our Property Management Company is Z&R Manager: Bob Bissey Tel.: (719) 594-0506 Fax (719) 5940473 E-mail: 6015 Lehman Drive Ste. 205 Colorado Springs, CO 80918 Call Z&R for: Report Property Damage (Accidents or Vandalism) Replacement of Pedestrian Gate Keys, Copy of Rules and Regulations which is also on the HCOA website, Electronic Entry Card for Club House and Pool Area E-mail or mail by USPS to BOB: Complaints with specific Information such as Day, Time, Location and Name of Person involved. All complaints must be in writing. Call Police (444-7000) for Lewd, Vandalism, Graffiti or Damage to Property (in Progress) Belligerent or Reckless Intoxication or any time you feel a situation of immediate danger. This includes the clubhouse and swimming pool areas. Collins Towing (578-8014) for: Restricted Fire Lane Parking – Handicap Space Parking without Handicap Placard or License Plate – Occupying Guest/Open Handicap Parking Space for more than 72 hours even with Handicap Placard or License since it would constitute storage; just as it would be for any vehicle parked in a Guest/Open Space for more than 72 hours.

TRANSFER) -- Why don’t you make your life easier and establish an Electronic Fund Transfer to pay your monthly Home Owner Dues. You avoid late fees! We printed a form for your use included in this issue. Only fill in a couple of lines with your personal information and do not forget to attach a VOIDED CHECK. …and finally send it to: Z&R / Accounting 6015 Lehman Drive #205 Colorado Springs, CO 80918

Vehicles parked in your assigned Car Port space without your permission.

We have had some extensive and very expensive damage to our fencing near the Golf Course, and Graffiti sprayed on our southeast fence area. We have had other vandalism with spray paint at residences as well as the mail box area. We are asking all Residents to be vigilant and report to Z&R any and all persons causing any type of damage to our property. Repairs are very costly to the Association as well as the Homeowners. This type of activity eventually will increase the dues and decrease property values.

The Board alone cannot “run” Hillsboro. Many volunteers are needed to achieve a smooth sailing. Today we would like to express our appreciation on behalf of all owners to especially Mimi Ogden, Rose Gabriel, Lola Millhone, Dorothy Cunningham, Monica Jones, Roberta Renfro, Margaret Pekar and all other unknown helpers who work to keep Hillsboro “A GREAT PLACE TO LIVE" Your BOARD of the HCOA Ulrich Schwartz Nancy Machetta Jeff Zimmer Larry Groggel OPEN President Vice President Treasurer Secretary Dir. at Large

Dear Homeowner: Please complete and return to Z&R the agreement below to initiate direct payment of your Homeowners Association dues. Please attach a voided check to this form to validate the ABA and Account number. Dues changes will automatically be adjusted and you will be notified in writing of such an occurrence. Your signature will activate automatic withdrawal of dues from the account indicated in the amount of $_________ on the 2nd day of each month effective the month after receipt of this form: AUTHORIZATION AGREEMENT FOR AUTOMATED PAYMENTS _________________________________________________________________ Company: Hillsboro COA Tax ID: _NO NEED TO FILL IN
(To Be Completed By Owner)

I (we) hereby authorize Hillsboro COA, hereinafter called COMPANY, to initiate debit entries to my (our) Checking Savings account (select one) indicated below and the depository or bank named below, hereinafter called DEPOSITORY, to debit same to such account. =================================================================== Depository: Branch: City Transit/ABA No Account No ======================================================================== IMPORTANT: This authority is to remain in full force and effect until COMPANY and DEPOSITORY has received written notification from me (or either of us) of its termination in such time and in such manner as to afford COMPANY and DEPOSITORY a reasonable opportunity to act on it. Name(s): _____________________________ Phone #(s): ______________________ Signature(s): __________________________ ______________________________________ ________________________ ______________________________________ State:

No need to complete this section/ your voided check is sufficient

Date: ________________ For Unit: ________________ Start Month: ______________

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