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					Accelerated Reader Update
This spring we updated our Accelerated Reader program. All previous student records were transferred to our newest version of Accelerated Reader called Renaissance Learning. Previously, we had about 4000 quizzes in system. We now are able to access approximately 110,000 quizzes. Books that students have at home or borrow from the public library may have quizzes students can take. In addition to the Reading Practice quizzes that students have been taking, we now have 10,000 Vocabulary quizzes and 1000 Literacy quizzes on selected stories. There are sample questions from each of the three types of quizzes included below. All of these different quizzes will give parents and teachers another bit of information to help students succeed. Testing on computers is now an integral part of standardized testing. Using Accelerated Reader gives students practice in test taking before other higher stakes tests are done. Accelerated Reader quizzes may NOT be taken at home. Quizzes can only be taken at Gleason Lake. DOES A BOOK HAVE AN ACCLERATED READER TEST? 1. Website: 2. Search by title or author. DIRECTIONS FOR PARENTAL ACCESS— 1. Go to web site: 2. Click on Parent 3. Click on REQUEST PARENT / GUARDIAN ACCESS 4. Fill in all information including your e-mail address and names of your children. Click on Save. 5. After about 2 days we will e-mail you with your user name and password. If you do not receive your information within a couple of days, let us know by emailing HOW CAN I SEE WHICH BOOKS MY CHILD HAS READ AND HIS SCORES? 1. Go to the web site: 2. Click on Parent 3. Enter parent user name and password. User name and password are not case dependent. 4. Click on Student Record Report. If you have more than one student, you will need to select one from the drop down menu. 5. The report will display on the screen. This file may be saved or printed. You will be able to see the results of all three types of quizzes. If you have any questions, please contact us. 763-745-5446

Sample Questions
READING PRACTICE QUESTION from Ribsy by Beverly Cleary Ribsy’s was a friendly dog whose biggest problem was A. mice B. bicycles C. cats D. fleas ---Correct answer VOCABULARY QUESTION from Ribsy by Beverly Cleary Ribsy obediently extended his left paw to Mrs. Frawley. What does obediently mean? A. joyfully B. instantly C. in a manner that demands attention D. in a manner that follows orders – Correct answer LITERACY QUESTION from Ribsy by Beverly Cleary ―If it had not been for that flea, things may have been different for Ribsy.‖ Why can Ribsy’s troubles be traced back to the flea? A. While Ribsy scratched flea bites, he lost track of time and did not return to the Higginses’ car. B. Mrs. Higgins covered Ribsy in flea powder and it got in his eyes, temporarily blinding him. C. The flea made Ribsy so crazy he jumped from the station wagon. D. Henry had taken Ribsy’s identifying collar off so he could scratch flea bites. Letter D is correct. Skill- Inferential Comprehension, Drawing Conclusions

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