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					National Highway Authority (NHA)
Government of Pakistan

Multan – Muzaffargarh (N – 70)

Due Diligence Report Section- C

Submitted to:

Asian Development Bank (ADB)

April 2007

National Highway Development Sector Investment Programme: Multan-Muzaffargarh Road (N-70)


A. B. C. D. E. F. G. H.

Introduction----------------------------------------------------------------------2 Background----------------------------------------------------------------------2 Objective of Due Diligence Report-----------------------------------------2 Location, Description and Scope of LA and RS------------------------3 Land Acquisition on Resettlement -----------------------------------------3 Institutional set-up--------------------------------------------------------------4 Monitoring and Evaluation----------------------------------------------------4 Conclusion------------------------------------------------------------------------4

I II III Location Map Evidence of Ownership of Government Land Selected site Photographs Illustrating Profile of the area in Section-C

Due Diligence Report of Section-C


National Highway Development Sector Investment Programme: Multan-Muzaffargarh Road (N-70)



1. The Asian Development Bank (ADB) is assisting the Government of Pakistan (GOP) in the development of its road network to promote economic growth in the country by i) strengthening institutional capacity of the National Highway Authority (NHA); ii) enhancing policies to increase private sector participation in the road sector; and iii) improving critical bottlenecked sections of the national highway network. The ADB assisted National Highway Development Sector Investment Programme is structured into three batches of subprojects with the fist batch comprising three sample subprojects totalling 376 kilometres. 2. The subproject of Multan-Muzaffargarh Road (N-70) is one of the three subprojects of first batch included in the ADB’s Loan 2231-PAK. It is to i) expand the road width of existing 19 km long National Highway (N-70) to 4 lanes starting from Bahawalpur Chowk (District Multan) and ends in District Muzaffargarh; and ii) construct 16.5 km long 4 lanes Muzaffargarh Bypass to avoid massive resettlement issues due to the built-up area of Muzaffargarh City. The total length of the subproject is 36.5 km. The objective is to improve the road network by construction of 19 Km long Additional Carriage Way (ACW) and 16.5 Km long Bypass ensuring the rights and obligations of the Affected Persons (APs).

B. 3.


The Resettlement Plan (RP) of this subproject was prepared by NHA and after acceptance of ADB, was posted on ADB’s website in July 2005. But the implementation of Resettlement Plan for the entire subproject have been slow and did not meeting the targeted time-frame. Therefore, NHA requested the ADB to consider for an early approval/ NOC to carry out the civil works for the area which is owned by the Government and does not involve any resettlement and land acquisition. 4. At this stage, the Special Project Review Mission of the ADB visited the subproject area from 29th January – 3rd February 2007 and reviewed the situation on ground. 5. Considering various factors and to expedite the land acquisition and resettlement process, and to coordinate the civil works with the land acquisition and resettlement process, it was agreed between the ADB mission and the NHA to divide the subject subproject road into three sections in terms of land acquisition and resettlement activities: a) no land acquisition but rehabilitation; b) massive land acquisition and resettlement; and c) no land acquisition and no resettlement. The resettlement plan will distinguish the nature of these road sub-sections in terms of land acquisition and resettlement impacts.



6. The entire Section-C comprises State or Government land. This Due Diligence Report (DDR) has been prepared based on ADB guidelines incorporating the discussions and deliberations held between the NHA and the ADB Mission. The purpose of this DDR is to seek an early approval/ NOC from

Due Diligence Report of Section-C


National Highway Development Sector Investment Programme: Multan-Muzaffargarh Road (N-70)

ADB to carryout civil works on state owned land with no impacts with respect to land acquisition or resettlement.





7. The location and description of land acquisition and resettlement for entire length of the project including 19 km of ACW and 16.5 km of Bypass area has been divided into three major sections as explained below: Section Section – A RD Numbers A1 From 0+050 – 16+000 Description - On ACW starts from just before Bhawalpur Chowk and ends approxi. 2.2 Km before Shershah Bridge in the limits of district Multan - No Land Acquisition involved, short RP required - No land acquisition involved - On ACW starts exactly from Bhawalpur Chowk till approxi. 50 meters - limited Land Acquisition involved - On ACW starts from 16+000 and ends at Shershah Bridge at 19+730 - Land Acquisition involved, full RP required - On Bypass area, starts at beginning of Muzaffargarh Bypass from RD 23+720 (in Mouza Doaba) and ends at 33+900 at Village Mara Fraz (pond). This also includes the complainants’ area. In this area, massive land acquisition and resettlement is required. State owned sandy area and barren land. No land acquisition and resettlement involved DDR required.

Section – B

A2 from 0+00

-- 0+050

A3 from 16+000 – 19+730

From 23+720

– 33+900

Section – C

33+900 – 40+200



8. The entire land in Section-C is located in Revenue Village Rakh Khanpur comprising sandy dunes and barren land owned by the Government as illustrated by the attached photographs (Annexure –III). A railway track having no impact on land acquisition and resettlement is passing through the ROW. Due to sandy and barren soil condition, this land is not in use in any other manner. Therefore, it does not involve any loss of residential or commercial buildings, crops, trees, orchards, livelihoods, etc. No affected person exists on this section.

Due Diligence Report of Section-C


National Highway Development Sector Investment Programme: Multan-Muzaffargarh Road (N-70)

9. The evidence / proof showing the legal ownership / entitlement of land owned by the Government is attached as (Annex-II).



10. NHA will be the executing agency (EA) for the Project. For the National Highway civil work component, a Project Management Office (PMO), headed by General Manager (ADB) has been established within NHA, and will be responsible for the overall execution of the Project. NHA has deputed a Deputy Director in the operation wing as Resettlement Project Officer (RPO) who is responsible to the Director and General Manager Land Management and is coordinating the preparation of land acquisition and resettlement plan of the subproject. 11. Resettlement specialist has been recruited by the General Manager, as required at PMO, to supervise and coordinate implementation of Due Diligence Report/ Plan. Collective efforts of NHA officials at PIU (regional office Multan), PMO (Islamabad) and the consultants will be required for successful implementation of the RPs.



12. The monitoring will be carried out by NHA through the Project Implementation Unit (PIU) in Multan and PMO Islamabad, during project implementation. NHA will establish and follow a quarterly monitoring and progress reporting system.



13. This Due Diligence Report confirms that the construction of proposed road at section C will not require any resettlement and has no negative impacts. The entire land in Section – C comprises sandy dunes and barren land owned by the Government.

Due Diligence Report of Section-C