; Intersil Introduces Performance- and Cost-Optimized ACPI-Compliant
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Intersil Introduces Performance- and Cost-Optimized ACPI-Compliant


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Intersil Introduces Performance- and Cost-Optimized ACPI-Compliant Endura Power Solutions for DDR and DDR2 Memory Arrays
--Industry’s only multi-output DDR memory power ICs that include a 3-A VTT LDO regulator --Industry’s first triple regulator capable of powering DDR memory and chip set cores or AGP MILPITAS, CA, April 9, 2003 – Intersil Corporation (NASDAQ: ISIL), a world leader in the design and manufacture of high performance analog and wireless networking solutions, today announced the new Endura™ ISL6532CR and ISL6532ACR power regulators for dual-channel DDR and DDR2 memory systems. The ISL6532A is the industry’s only triple-output DDR memory power IC, and both ICs are the industry’s only multi-output DDR regulators that include a 3-A(max) VTT linear Low Drop-Out (LDO) voltage regulator. Both controllers offer high performance in an ultra-small 6 X 6 mm Quad Flat No-lead (QFN) package. These Advanced Configuration and Power Interface (ACPI) compliant controllers join Intersil Endura power solutions that support VR10 and Intel® i865 and i875 chipset computing platforms. The ISL6532 regulates the DDR/DDR2 memory core voltage (VDDQ) and the DDR memory bus termination voltage (VTT). In addition to the VDDQ and VTT regulation, the ISL6532A offers a third linear FET controller to power chipsets, graphics GPU cores or the Accelerated Graphics Port (AGP). Other applications for the third linear regulator in the ISL6532A include power for ASICs, CPU VID-generating circuitry, DSPs, FPGAs, embedded processors and I/O ports. This additional on-chip LDO saves parts count, costs and board space in addition to a reduction in design time. —more—
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Included in the ISL6532/32A are a synchronous-buck PWM controller to supply VDDQ with high current during run states and an integrated LDO to supply standby current during the suspend-to-RAM state. Continuous VDDQ regulation is ensured during transitions from active (S0) to stand-by (S3) ACPI states and visa-versa. Such performance is essential for the proper operation of the DDR memory and the computer motherboard. The ISL6532/32A accept the SLP-S3#, SLP-S5# ACPI signals directly from the chipset, without the need of any glue logic. During Run mode, a fully integrated sink-source regulator generates an accurate (VDDQ/2) high current VTT voltage without the need for a negative supply. A buffered version of the VDDQ/2 reference is provided as VREF. Both the switching regulator and standby LDO provide a maximum static regulation tolerance of +/-2% over line, load, and temperature ranges. Each output is monitored via the feedback pins for under- and over-voltage events. The Under-Voltage Lockout feature provides short-circuit protection on the VTT and VDDQ regulators by monitoring their outputs for hard shorts (undervoltage events). Thermal shutdown protection is integrated on chip. The ISL6532 and ISL6532A complement Intersil’s CPU core multiphase regulators and ACPI power controllers to provide a complete VRM9/VRM10 computer motherboard power system solution. Intersil’s new ISL6556A/B and ISL6561 two-to-four phase VRM10 PWM controllers, combined with the HIP660XB or ISL6605 MOSFET drivers, provide solid CPU core regulation. The new ISL6505 ACPI-compliant controller provides CPU-guided system power management. Intersil delivers the industry’s highest performance-to-price ratio across-the-board power solutions for the new Intel i865 and i875 chip set computing platforms.


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ISL6532 and ISL6532A Features Summary  Synchronous-buck PWM controller for VDDQ, 5-V or 3.3-V down conversion o Drives low-cost N-channel MOSFETs o 250 kHz constant frequency operation             ACPI-compliant sleep state control Glitch-free transitioning during state changes 3 A(max) (pulsed current) integrated sink/source current-limited linear regulator for VTT o Accurate VDDQ/2 divider reference +/-2% regulation over line, load, and temperature for VDDQ and VTT Fully adjustable outputs down to 0.8 V to support DDR and DDR2 specifications Integrated LDO for video and graphics core supply (ISL6532A only) Integrated VREF buffer 12-V direct drive saves external components Integrated thermal shutdown protection ISL6532CR in 20-pad 6 X 6 mm QFN package ISL6532ACR in 28-pad 6 X 6 mm QFN package Copper pad on QFN package bottom enables efficient transfer of heat away from the IC

ISL6532 and ISL6532A Availability and Pricing The ISL6532CR and ISL6532ACR are available now. Pricing, for thousand unit quantities, is $1.76 for the ISL6532CR and $1.81 for the ISL6532ACR. Tape and real is available. Evaluation platforms are available. For further information on this or other Endura products, visit Intersil’s Endura Power Management Web site at: http://www.intersil.com/design/powermanagement/index.asp


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About Intersil Intersil Corporation is a global semiconductor leader in the design and manufacture of high performance analog and wireless networking solutions. Intersil’s product portfolios address four fast growing markets – flat panel displays, optical storage (CD and DVD recordable), power management and wireless networking. Intersil brings added customer value in providing complete silicon, software and reference design solutions to new products that enhance the computing experience for people wherever they live, work or travel. For more information about Intersil or to find out how to become a member of our winning team, visit the company's web site and career page at: www.intersil.com
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