Columbia DDR Club Constitution

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					Columbia DDR Club Constitution

Constitution of DDR Club

Article One: Name

The name of the organization shall be Dance Dance Revolution Club, hereafter referred to as the DDR Club.

Article Two: Purpose

The purposes of the Columbia University DDR Club are as follows: 1. To provide a common meeting place for people who enjoy Dance Dance Revolution 2. To introduce fellow students to Dance Dance Revolution. 3. To serve the Columbia community by assisting in joint study breaks and providing entertainment during events. 4. To coordinate competitions and dance events within the Columbia community and the greater New York City DDR community.

Article Three: Membership

The DDR Club Membership is open to all members of the Columbia University community: SEAS, Columbia College, General Studies, Barnard College, Continuing Education and Special Programs,

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Columbia DDR Club Constitution

and all Graduate Schools.

Article Four: Officers

The DDR executive board shall consist of the following officers:

Section 1: President The President shall preside over all meetings, maintain healthy relations with other student groups, liaise with the NYC area DDR communities, represent the organization on all official matters, and serve as a visionary for the organization.

Section 2: Vice President The Vice President shall assume responsibilities as delegated by the President. In the event of an illness or resignation, the Vice President shall assume the role of the President.

Section 3: Secretary The Secretary shall take minutes at all meetings and keep accurate records of all club functions as well as all club interactions with outside groups.

Section 4: Treasurer The Treasurer shall manage the finances of the organization, ensure accurate financial records are available upon request, communicate with the Activities Board at Columbia on such matters, and ensure appropriate payment for all club expenditures.

Section 5: Webmaster The Webmaster shall create and maintain the DDR Club’s website at

Article Five: Criteria for Officers

Section 1

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Columbia DDR Club Constitution

All officers shall be undergraduates in Columbia College, Fu Foundation of Engineering, Barnard College, or General Studies.

Section 2 All officer positions shall be valid for one academic year, at the end of which shall be elections for a new executive board.

Article Six: Amendments

All amendments to the DDR Club Constitution shall be passed with a two-thirds majority vote by the DDR Club executive board.

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