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					Accelerated Chemistry Review

January 2010

The Accelerated Chemistry mid-term examination covers chapters 1-7, 9, 22 and 25 in the textbook. The exam consists of 2 sections and totals 130 points; 91 points is passing. You must bring at least one #2 pencil, a calculator, and your blue periodic table. Scrap paper will be provided. Please check the day, time and location of the exam. Section I: Multiple choice: 76 questions (76 points)

Section II: Problem Solving: (55 points) a) Writing and naming chemical compounds; b) specific heat problem; c) writing the complete electron configuration notation, orbital notation and Lewis dot diagram (2 elements); d) one each -  - decay and decay equations; e) calculating average atomic mass of an element; f) calculating the frequency and wavelength of an emr; g) completing a chart with atomic #, mass #, number of protons, neutrons, and electrons; Study Guidelines These questions are similar to past test questions, i.e., they test vocabulary, theory, application of theory, and problem solving. Remember – go through the entire test! Answer what you know!! Then go back and eliminate what you know to be false. But, only do that after you have read through the entire test. Many times you will find the answer to that difficult question in future questions. The chapter packets are also a great place to prepare. Begin your studying by doing the end of section questions in the appropriate chapters. Those that you have trouble with are your signal as to where you need to focus your attention. Review old tests; the ones you didn’t do so great on are the ones that require the greatest review. Remember that chemistry is cumulative in nature. You have been using much of material from the earlier chapters as we have been proceeding, so do not get overwhelmed! Make sure you review key terms. Vocabulary is just as important in the study of chemistry as it is in any foreign language- you cannot understand the language without it! Finally, make sure you get enough sleep and eat breakfast! You don’t want to lose points by making mistakes because you’re tired or hungry!

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