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					January 21, 2010 Dear CAL Board Members, As a parent of two rising hockey stars, I thank you for the opportunity to speak on the future of the Church Athletic League and more specifically the Harold Harvey arena. When my family and I think of the Church Athletic League one word comes to mind –community. With community comes the sense that all are included and welcomed. Calling this meeting is a clear indication of your commitment to the Kingston community where our children’s values are built. It is my strong view that the Harold Harvey Arena should remain open and continue to be used by CAL and the community. Harold Harvey Arena is very much a community icon. Over many decades, it has welcomed children and families through its doors and has been a centerpiece of many happy memories. Its central location has helped ensure that all children, whether their families have cars or not, are included. As our children watch us make decisions that affect their future, we must ensure that these community hubs are well protected and that we lead by example. More than maintaining a cultural legacy however, keeping the arena open has significant environmental benefits. A sustainable environment is a central piece of a vibrant and resilient community. With this environmental priority in mind, I prepared the attached information. I used 2005 information provided by the CAL which identifies the number of registered players and their various locations in the city to estimate the number of kilometers that families must travel per 21 week hockey season to each of 4 rinks – Harold Harvey, Cataraqui, Invista or Centre 70. Calculations are based on average travel distances from 13 different neighbourhoods in various parts of Kingston. In summary, the study shows that a move by CAL to any of the three alternative arenas would result in a significant increase in overall travel time, fuel consumption and greenhouse gases. Specifically, a move the Cataraqui Community Arena would result in an additional 240,156 km travelled; the Invista Centre would add 191,314 kilometers; and Centre 70 an extra 127,008 kilometers As our children are watching, I hope that they will learn by our decisions that we do value our community, our environment and their future. The decision for the board and city council may not be an easy one but if we want to keep a vibrant downtown community we must preserve community icons like Harold Harvey. Again I thank you for giving us an opportunity to be involved. Regards,

Bridget Doherty

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