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Tread the Day Trade Option Lightly By Chris M Lee

When you are considering a move into the Forex market and the day trade option, you need to be aware of certain things. For one thing, not many people in the world are actually doing the day trade option and of those that are, they drop out at a much higher rate than those who go into the Forex market and take the long route. Now when you consider that more than 90% of the people who retail Forex trade drop out, the numbers of those who are new and enter into the day trade are higher, there is really no space for anything else. Of course, this is not saying that you cannot make money on the day trade, of course you can – it is just a question of how good you are. But of course, if you are new to the market, you should not even consider doing this because you need to have really critical information and good knowledge on the Forex market. You need to be able to capitalise on the smallest of all price movements, and when you can do this, you would need to react really fast. But of course, if you are looking at this at a part time option, you need to know that this is not really possible. You need to adopt at least 4 – 6 hours a day on your day trading, and you need to understand that it is only possible to move in tiny pips a day. Profit is one thing to be concerned about and you need to understand that the going is pretty tough when you are talking about the whole concept of the day trade. It is a mighty challenge and the money might come in slowly. You really need to weigh your options when you consider the day trade. Closing your positions at the end of the market day and starting fresh requires plenty of stamina and you really need to micromanage you entire asset management. The commodity of the paper trade is already one that is dynamic and volatile and what you need to understand is that while the market may be volatile at the normal end of the spectrum, just imagine how hectic things are when you consider the day trade option. The reason why there is a good presence of day traders on the market is because of the fact that the majority of these players are normally experienced traders or entire companies which have a massive amount of resources at their disposal for this very reason and purpose. When considering the day trade option, you need to realise that those that have been doing it for long time are the people who
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Presented by Daniel Toriola
have plenty of experience behind them. Day trade is not for everyone and when you are looking at a zero sum game like the Forex trade, you might not want to be at the losing end at all times. You need to know how good you are and if you are not, then consider getting good. Christopher Lee helps thousands of traders learn the proper way to trade currency. He is an authority on Forex candlestick trading. Visit for more information.

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Presented by Daniel Toriola
What to look for when purchasing an ATV Tire By Mike Barus

If you are in the market for purchasing tires for your all terrain vehicle (ATV), there are several factors for consideration. There are a great variety of tires on the market and it is quite easy to become overwhelmed at the sheer number of choices available from different brands. In order to find the best tires for your specific ATV that meets your needs, consider these three points: 1.) Tread: When it comes to tires, the most important attribute is the tread. Different tires have different types of tread that make the ATV appropriate for navigating different types of terrain. If using the improper tires, accidents are more prone to occur, so ensure you seriously contemplate the uses of your ATV in order to find the appropriate tire tread. For individuals planning on spending time in the mud, it is strongly recommended that you purchase mud tires. These tires have a unique tread that is angled from the inside to the outside. The tread itself is quite large, usually measuring about one inch high, and allows the ATV to better grip muddy ground, so the vehicle is less likely to become stuck. Mud tires also work well on different types of terrain, but the tread is more prone to become worn quicker if driven on hard surfaces, including concrete, asphalt, or hard packed dirt. Furthermore, due to the tire tread, the ride is not nearly as smooth as with other tires. Generally speaking, most ATV owners choose trail or all terrain tires. These tires are most likely to handle all types of terrain while allowing the rider a stable and smooth ride. However, these tires are not designed for one specific type of terrain and are not used for muddy environments due to their tread. However, these tires offer the most stability, so they are the safest and should be chosen if the ATV rider will mainly stay on hard trails. If you plan to spend exorbitant amounts of time in the sand, choose a sand tread for your ATV tire. These tires have a unique tread that uses a scoop to funnel the sand beneath the tires so that the ATV does not become stuck. Keep in mind that sand tires cannot be used for any other purpose except sand, as they have minimal stability on other terrains and will rapidly wear on hard surfaces. The final option for tire tread is the knobby racing tires designed to take high speeds on flat, hard surfaces. These tires should only be used for racing, as they are inappropriate for any other type of riding due to their lack of stability and flat top tread. 2.) Size Tire size is measured three ways: width, height, and height of the sidewall. All of these sizes should be taken into account depending on your wants for a ride. Tires with too small or too great a diameter should be avoided, as the ATV is under the most pressure, so there is a greater potential for damaging the vehicle. Furthermore, narrow tires tend to sink in mud, but may provide you more stability on hard packed ground. Finally, the height of the sidewall should depend on the type of terrain over which you plan to ride, as short sidewall tires have a greater ground clearance, but are less flexible. 3.) Shape It may seem strange to look at the shape of the tire, but there are two options: round or flat.

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Generally, sport ATVs come with flat tires, while utility ATVs come with round tires. The difference is the stability and the speed. Usually, ATV owners choose round tires, since the ride tends to be softer and the shape tends to perform better in muddy terrain. Mike Barus specializes in ATV's

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