Pearson Primary Maths Book 2a by lonyoo


									Pearson Primary Maths Book 2a
(Advanced Counting to Early Additive) PPM Stage and Content 1 Addition and Subtraction Figure it Out: Activity Number 2-3 p.1 Happy Hundreds Basic Facts 2-3 p1 One Liner p.3 Quick Add p.5 Fizzing it up p.7 Adding Adders p.15 Twenty Seven p. 17 Stay on Line Number 2 Bk 1 p.22&23 Frogs Frolic Number 2 Bk 2 p.15 It’s not fair No Sense 2-3 Bk 2 p.17 Finding a Balance


Numbers to 20

Problem Solving 2-3 Number 2 Bk 1 Number 2 Bk 2

p.1 Seeing Cs p.3 Helping Hands p.7 Snakes in the Grass p.10 Birthday Time p.8&9 Flexible Fingers p.10 Counting Counts p.11 On Target


Using a hundred square

Number 2-3 Number 2 Bk 1 Number 2 Bk 2 No.Sense 2-3 Bk 2

p.8 Going Up p.4 Shaker Makers p.5 How Old? p.2 Fan-tastic Numbers p.5 Hide & Seek Numbers p.6&7 Trimming trees


Tens and Ones

Number 2 –3 Basic Facts 2-3 Algebra Level 2-3 Number 2 Bk 2

p.3 What’s my number p.16 Pata Tika p.14&15 Shoot the Hoop p.4 Hitting 100 p.12&13 Leapfrog



Problem Solving 2-3 Measurement 2-3

Number 2 Bk 1 No.Sense 2-3 Bk 2

p.3 Playing with Numbers p.10 Making Money p.12 The Change Game p13 Space Escape p.16 Change in Thinking p.24 Soap Suds p.4&5 Serious Circus Sums


Beginning Multiplication

Algebra 2-3 Number 2 Bk 1


Even Numbers

Number 2 Bk 2 Multiplicative Thinking 2-3 No.Sense 2-3 Bk 2 7/8 Number Bk 1

p. 3 Punching Numbers p.21 Coin Control p.23 Train Talk p.12 Multiplying Madness p.13 The Pig Pen p.14 Hiding in the swamp p.15 Pocket Money p.6 It’s a Magic Mishmash p.12 Fishy Business p.2&3 An odd spell of maths p. 2&3 That’s odd P 4&5 Fives & Tens p.6 Mighty Marty p.3 All That Glitters p.7 Hunting the Taniwha p.6 Fundraising p.7 Jungle Land p.8 Space Zapper (game) p.4 Nines and Eights p.6 Add it on p.2 Different Strokes p.8&9 Hip Hup Hop p.11 Weka Wobble p.14&15 Make 28 p.16 Tidying Up p.1 Archery Addition p.9 Going down p. 12 Takeaway Numbers p.14 On & off the Train

8 9

Tables of 10 and 5 Addition and subtraction of 10’s numbers

7/8 Number Bk 1 Number 2 Bk 1 Number 2 Bk 2 7/8 Number Bk1

10 11

Mental Arithmetic Mental Addition

Basic Facts 3 Basic Facts 2-3 Number 2 Bk 1 No Sense 2 – 3 Bk 2 7/8 Number Bk 1


Mental Subtraction

Number 2-3 Basic Facts 2-3 Number 2 Bk 2

13 14

Halves and Quarters Patterns in tables

Number 2-3 Basic Facts 2-3 Number 2 Bk 2

p.14 High Flyer p.2 Dicing Times p.9 An Apple a Day p.16&17 To Market, to Market p.18 Double Trouble p.19 The Dinosaur Dig


Using number facts to 10

Number 2-3

p.10 Maps and Magic


Addition of 10’s and ones

Algebra 2-3 Problem Solving 2-3 7/8 Number Bk1

p.18 Perfect Patterns p.7 Home Sweet Home p.10 Resolving Difference p. 16&17 Firewood Fever p. 8 Bags of Fun


Subtraction of 10’s and ones Probability Using a calculator

18 19

Statistics 2-3

Pearson Primary Maths Book 2b
(Early Additive ) PPM Stage and Content 1 Multiplication Figure it Out: Activity Basic Facts 2-3 Multiplicative Thinking 2-3 Problem Solving2-3 Basic Facts 3 7/8 Number Bk 1 p.8 Times Up p.18 Magnificent Multiples p. 23 Loopy p. 24 Six Shooters p.6 Face the Facts p.20 Friends Forever p.9 Teething Problems p16&17 100 Sheep p.12 Sums & Products p.13 Container Contents p.2 Medieval Measure p.1 Animal Antics p.2&3 Beat Yourself down p.5 Give or Take p.6 Carrot Country p.7 Four in a Row p2&3 Splitting Numbers p.20 What Goes Where? p.4 In Shape to race p.5 Mind Boggle p.11 Alien Addition p.24 Balancing Act p.4&5 Skimming Stones p.15 King of the Castle p.8 Slippery Slope p. 9 Calendar Capers p.11 Table Talk p.14 Caught on Camera p.18 Down with Darts p.19 Absolutely Abseiling p.11 Pocket Money p.14&15 Bank on It p.17 Shopping Around p.21 Birthday Treat p.5 Digit Time p. 6 Important Places p.7 On the Cards p.1 The Mail gets through p.15 Up the Ladder


Numbers to 20

Measurement 2-3 Number 3

7/8 No. Sense Bk 1 3 Sorting information Algebra 2-3 Geometry 2-3



Number 2-3 Algebra 2-3 Number 3 Bk 3 7/8 Number Bk 1 Number 3 Bk 3 7/8 Number Bk 1





Measurement 2-3 7/8 No Sense Bk 1


Numbers to 999

Number 2-3 Number 2 Bk 1 7/8 No. Sense





Number 2-3 Problem Solving2-3 Multiplicative thinking 2-3 Number 2-3 Algebra 2-3 Number 2 Bk 1 7/8 Number Bk 1

p.15 Wheel and Deal p.8 Food for Thought p.4 Marble Mania p. 17 Circle Segments p.18 Fabulous Folding p.19 Getting in Shape p.16 Number Nibbles p.17 Flipping Fractions p.20 Piece of Cake p.21 Helping with the Hangi p.1 Stretching it Out p.3 Mighty Metres p.23 Steeplechase p.22 Shopping Around p.23 Keep your shirt on p.10 Maps and Magic Activity 1 p.16 What’s my Number p.8,9 & 10 Pick a plate p.1 Crazy Compatibles p.4&5 Aiming High (game) p.12 Knocking over Subtraction p.12 Find the number p.9 A Spot of Sickness


Rounding numbers

Measurement 2-3 Basic Facts 3 7/8 No. Sense Bk 1


Addition: Hundreds, tens, ones

Number 2-3 Number 2 Bk 1 No Sense 2-3 Bk 2 Number 3 Bk 3 7/8 No. Sense Number 2-3 7/8 No.Sense Bk 1


Expanding numbers


Reading graphs and charts Division

Algebra 2-3


Number 2-3 Basic Facts 2-3 Number Bk 1

p.16 Stepping Out p. 11 Heading for Home p.18 Emani’s Haircutting p.19 Dazzler Digs On p.20 Cooking Up a Storm p.21 Puzzling Shapes p.20 Tummyache p.21 Hot Stuff p.22 Chocolate Chip Feast p.23 All Bottled Up p. 24 Bits & Pieces p.10 On Track p.13 Domino facts p.17 Secret Codes p.10 Choco –blocks p.11 Fair Mix



Number 2 Bk 2 7/8 Number Bk 1


Multiplication and Division

Basic Facts 2-3 Basic Facts 3 No Sense 2-3 Bk 2


Using Calculators

Problem Solving2-3 Basic facts 3

p.4 Pieces of Eight p.6 Join the Queue p.18&19 Calculator Golf p.22 Heads or Tails p.23 Way to Go p24 Which When? p.4 31 or none p.20 A sticky Problem p. 21 Testing Triangles p.17 Crunch Machine p.19 Flower Power p.24 Making Numbers p.10&11 Operation Time p.19 See-Saw Numbers p.20 Making Equations p.12&13 Good as Gold p.20 Grocery Grapplers



Statistics 2-3


The four operations

Basic Facts 2-3 Algebra Level 2-3 Basic Facts 3 Algebra 3 Basic Facts 3-4 No Sense 2-3 Bk 2

Pearson Primary Maths Book 2c
(Advanced Counting to Early Additive) PPM Stage & Content 1 3-D Shapes Figure it Out: Activity Geometry 2-3 p.1 Shapes in Life p.2 Post It! Geometry 2-3 p.13 Sketching the Etching p.14 The Mirror game p.15 Getting in Line p. 18 Hidden Shapes p.11 Points of View p.3 Pattern Play p.16&17 Slice of Life


Reflective Symmetry

3 4 5 6 7 8 9

Giving Directions Viewpoints & Plans Tessellation Cross sections Circles, Cones & Spheres Check Up 2-D Shapes

Geometry 2-3 Geometry 2-3 Geometry 2-3 Geometry 3

Geometry 2-3

p.6 Shaping Up p.24 Cutting Corners p.16 Wrap it Up p.17 Cut it Out p.20&21 Pirate Island p.19 Follow That Thread p. 22 Tumble Time p.23 Taking Flight


Rotational Symmetry Giving Directions Enlargements & Flight paths

Geometry 2-3

11 12

Geometry 2-3 Geometry 2-3

13 14

Straight lines and Right Angles Exploring Nets

Geometry 2-3 Geometry 3 Geometry 3

p.9 Roll Over p.11 Nutting out Nets p.1 Good Points about Triangles p.18 Walking Triangles


Triangles and Pyramids


Check Up

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