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					Sugar Space Studio for the Arts Birthday Party Packages for guests of all ages!
1,200 Square feet of private party space! Central Sugarhouse location. Mix and match party options, select a package or build your own!
Sugar Space 616 East Wilmington Avenue (2190 South) 888-300-7898 /

includes 16 kids
Our basic package includes up to 16 kids, paper products (cups, napkins, plates, forks), theater lights, sound system, two hours of space rental, 6 balloons and one staff member. Packages below may include other things. Additional kids are $6 each and parents and infants in arms are free. 25% deposit to reserve your party.

Package Details:
Fantasy Tea Party What is included? ~ Dress up Costumes for boys and girls (we provide all the costumes, including princesses, pirates, ballerinas, unicorns, dragons, superheroes, and many many more...) Please note: Costumes are subject to change and are property of Sugar Space. ~ Fashion Show where party goers flaunt their new persona's ~ Freeze Dance ~ Tea Service with real china, menus on lace doilies, and waiter service. Children select from lemon or pink lemon "tea" (lemonade) or other choices.

Package Suggestions: Include selections from our Tea Party menu*, Fantasy Favor Packs* and Craft* to make this party one of a kind! We highly recommend some kind of food as part of the tea service. This can include choices from our menu or having birthday cake, etc. The "courses" are what makes it feel like a real tea party!! To make it extra special, add a dance instructor to teach a dance or lead them in some games. A craft definitely breaks up the party and is great at involving the "shy"er guests. Possible Scenario*: Your child enters to a room filled with costumes and accessories. Everyone takes turns trying on multiple outfits while their favorite songs are playing. When everyone is happy with their outfit everyone goes behind the black curtain. The lights suddenly turn to fantasy colors and patterns and each child appears from the curtain dancing and displaying their costume to the applause of the "audience". After dancing to a few favorite songs, changing costumes and/or acting out their knight tale, they head over to the craft table to make their own crown or tiara or perhaps a frame to take home. We pause a moment to lead them in a freeze dance and maybe they have a dance instructor come teach them a dance to Rockin' Robin. Once complete, they choose their final costume for the Tea Party. The table is set with lace and china and the children are called by a tiny bell to the magical tea party where they drink and eat and practice using their best manners while getting a chance to be very grown up. Next we all get to sing Happy Birthday to the star of the show and share a birthday dessert. Every partygoer is sent home with a Fantasy Pack so they can re-live the party over and over. * Additional charges may apply. Bounce and Play Party (8 years old and under) Background Is your child a bundle of energy? Let them bounce and play in our large bouncy house big enough for approximately 5 kids at a time(weight limit is up to 400 lbs). They can also run around through our playhut tunnels and portable play structures and groove to some fun music. Add a theme to this party and a couple of games if you wish or just keep it a Happy Birthday Fun Party. Examples of our themed parties include: Superhero parties where we can provide things like Superhero shaped masks, Ratatouille parties where they can decorate chef's hats, Pirate parties where they can decorate treasure chests, Star Wars, etc. More themes and options available. What is included? - Bounce House, Portable Playhut tunnel structures - Fun Theater lights and Disco Ball for part of the party if you wish. - Freeze dance and/or Limbo and/ Obstacle Course (ie "Superhero Training Course 101) Package Suggestions: You could add a theme to the bounce party. For example, make it a Pirate party, Superhero party, Ratatouille party, etc.* Add some party games like Pin the Nose on the Birthday Puppy , Kryptonite Cave*, or have a Pirate Pinata*. Check out or Themed Favor Packs* like our Superhero Supply Kits, Pirate Treasure Bags or Birthday Bash Bags to send them home with loads of surprises. Possible Scenario*: Your little Superheroes arrive and each child gets a cape to wear. They fly through the air going through tunnels and bouncing atop tall buildings. Superhero songs are playing in the background and they get to test all their magical powers. They stop long enough to play a game of Kryptonite Cave and do a freeze

dance. To recharge their superpowers, they take a break and decorate superhero masks to hide their true identity. They are then ready to bounce, dance and go on their jumping and rolling obstacle course. All that bouncing has given them a big appetite and they guzzle their super power fuel while eating some good old fashioned pizza. Top it off with a pinata and some birthday cake and send them home with a comic and laser vision glasses to increase their powers. *Additional charges may apply. Movie Mania What is included? -- "Theater" folding chair typed seating or bring your own pillows, beanbags, etc. - Old Fashioned Popcorn machine - Two Hollywood theme games - Red carpet entrance - Large Screen Projection ($50 additional charge) Package Suggestions: Add a hollywood themed craft*, a red carpet entrance for "movie stars" with paparazzi and autographs, or a Oscar Party dance. Our Hollywood star packs let them continue being a star for days to come. OR do a pajama party where they decorate pillowcases or cupcakes, wear fancy socks and cuddle with their favorite pillow in front of a great movie. Possible Scenario*: The party guests dress up as hollywood stars they enter on the red carpet to paparazzi, and are escorted to their chairs for a movie screening party. They all get a bag of popcorn. If they wish to take a break from the movie they can head over to the craft table to make a directors photo frame or period masks with feathers and glitter. For a extra special time, hand out a feather boa to all guests as they enter. Have them sign a white t-shirt with their "autograph" for a great keepsake from the party. Scenario 2*: All kids dress-up in their pajamas and bring their favorite pillow or bean bag. They lounge out on the floor, get popcorn bags and take a break to decorate cupcakes or pillowcases at the craft table. You pass out crazy socks for each party guest as they enter to keep their toes toasty warm and travel the room in style. After the movie they play games like "Guess what's in the case", etc. Send them home with our Pajama Party Packs for sweet dreams for days to come. *Additional charges may apply. Sock Hop Dance Party What is included? - Disco Ball and Fun Theater Lights - Music - Limbo and Freeze dance - Microphone music game - Red carpet entrance Package Suggestions/Scenario*: (Themes can include RockStar, High School Musical, Disco, etc.)

Have everyone dress up like a rock star. Bring in your own karaoke machine or just let them sing their own songs into our microphone acapella. Give everyone an inflatable microphone when they enter the red carpet to the paparazzi. A fun addition is to have everyone decorate their own guitar to take home. Add a guitar pinata for a little extra pizazz. This dance party is a blast and a favorite for many kids. Send everyone home with a Rockstar pack* so they can be diva's anywhere the go. Change the dance party theme as you wish. *Additional charges may apply. More Information Based on our experience with many parties, we recommend that you choose around three to four activities for each party (ex: dancing, craft and food would be three activities). We find that three to four activities provide enough variety for kids to choose from and keeps them completely entertained. Activities could include things like a craft, pinata, games, dance instructor to teach a dance, food, etc. Also, please note, our parties are memorable and one of a kind. One of the reasons our package prices are so low is that we count on parent's involvement in the party. We do our best to help "lead" the party, but it is not our only job as we are preparing the craft, food, watching the kids, running lights and sound, etc. We count on parent's involvement for things like help at the craft table if children need it, assisting with games, etc. If you would like a party hostess to completely lead the party and games, and/or additional staff to assist, we are happy to provide that at $15/hour per staff member. All parties include one staff member. Miscellaneous Information Music No party is complete without great music. We have the following choices and we suggest you bring some of your child's favorite music to add to the mix: - Disney singers (Hannah Montana, High School Musical selections, etc.) - Classical/Playful Instrumental - Children's Sing-a-long songs - Hip Hop - Disco - Superhero Theme songs Add-On Price List Food Pizza and Soda or Juice Boxes (includes two large slices per person $2.75 per person for adults or kids). Choose from Domino's, Wild Mushroom Pizza or Little Caesar's Tea Deluxe Party Menu Fresh fruit skewers Teddy Bear cheese and crackers (cheese cut in teddy bear, star, diamond shapes, etc.) mini sandwiches (ham and cheese, turkey and cheese, peanut butter and jelly or honey, cucumber and cream cheese) OR veggie bowl with pita and ranch dressing Juice box or soda (lemonade/pink lemonade with tea parties)

$6.00 per person

Individual Tea Menu Fruit Skewers Teddy Bear Cheese and Crackers (can cut cheese into teddy bears, stars, etc. to match theme) Three mini cookies (butter, powdered, etc.) Mini sandwiches (choose two: peanut butter and jelly or honey, ham and cheese or turkey and cheese cut into theme shapes, veggie bowl with pita and ranch dressing) 2 Liter Soda Juice Boxes Theme Cake (including candles) Ice Decorations Extra Helium Balloons Theme Decorations if you want a specific theme (banner, streamers, wall decoration, three table decorations, etc.) Activities Party Leader and/or additional staff member (freeze dance, game coordinator, other activities...) Dance Instruction (Hip Hop, Jazz-- many other kinds)(20 minutes)

$2.00 per person $1.50 per person $1.00 per person

$3.50 per person $1.50 each $.75 each $35.00 (1/4 sheet feeds 24 ppl. 1/2 sheet also available) $3.00

.99 each $20.00

$15.00/hour $25.00

For game ideas and related price information, please contact us. Some game ideas include: Kryptonite Cave, Superman tag, Mrs. Darbus' Cell Phones, Name that Phrase, Treasure Island, etc. Crafts For all our crafts we provide a variety of embellishments depending on the craft you choose. These items incude things like glitter pens, stickers, foamies (dinosaurs, spaceships, letters, flowers, hearts, etc.), rhinestones, pom poms, markers, crayons, paint, glue, sequins, glitter, ribbon, theme stickers, etc. Make your own hardcover professionally bound memory book $6 per person Each child makes the book at the party, and then this book is taken to a publisher and hard bound. They are returned to you within a week to then disseminate to the children. Decorate mini books $2.50 per person Decorate your own frames (we have many kinds) $2.50 per person - Happy Birthday Foam frames 7x5 that hold a 5x3 photo and come with special birthday present and balloon cutouts, glitter and pom poms, etc. - Tissue paper frames. In addition to our craft embellishments, these also come with small multicolored squares of tissue paper that they make into a mosaic. 6 5/8" x 4 3/4" and holds a 4x 2 3/4 photo - Photo cube frames - 5" paper cubes with different designs on all sides that have six 1 3/4" x 2 1/4" photo spaces. They have different shapes and designs drawn into each side that the child can color and follow or they can stick, draw, etc. stuff all over it as they wish.

- Wooden frames Hollywood Director Clapboard Photo Frame Decorate Pillowcases (fabric crayons, paint, etc.) Party Masks Party Hats Boxes (treasure chests or keepsake/jewelry boxes) Magic Wands Decorate Guitars Decorate Favor Bags (ex: Superhero Supply Kits, High School Musical "lunch" bags)

$2.50 per person $3.00 per person $2.00 per person $2.25 per person $2.25 per person $2.50 per person $2.50 per person $.75 multi-colored "lunch" bags/ 1.00 for multicolored gift bags $3.00 per person for cape/3.00 per person addl. to decorate as a craft

Superhero Capes

Many other options not listed including decorating cupcakes, sugar cube castles, bags, cd cases, etc.

Individual Favors Hollywood Star Boas Teddy Bear Princesses High School Musical/Hannah Montana Candy Rings (2 per package) Superhero Kites Comic Books Inflatable Microphones or Guitars Disco Ball Necklaces $5.00 per person $1.50 per person $1.50 per person $1.50 per person $2.00 per person $1.50 per person $.75 per person

Favor Packs (include everything including nice packaging) Superhero Supply Kits (Includes 3-4 assorted items like comic books, laser vision sunglasses, invisi-bubbles, Action Figures, SuperGlow bracelets, Logo items- (spiderman/batman balls, kites, stickers, etc.) . $5.00 per person Rock Star/High School Musical Packs (includes 3-4 items that change based on theme. Some items include inflatable microphones, inflatable guitars, glitter or glow bracelets, disco ball necklace, rockstar sunglasses, pom poms, miniature basketballs, metallic kazoos, (Logo items High School Musical stickers for example, tatoos, keychains, etc.) $5.00 per person Fantasy Packs (great as tea party favors) $5.00 per person (includes 3-4 items "dress up items" like lipgloss, pirate patch, moustache, googly glasses, mirror, metallic kazoos, craft item like magic scratch cards, stencils, stickers, paints, etc.) Princess Tea Packs (includes 3-4 items like princess teddy bears, stencils, clay heart hanging $5.00 per person decoration, hear shaped paint, whistles, mini mirrors, princess bubble pens,

stickers, heart frame etc.) Hollywood Star Packs (includes 3-4 items, glitter microphones, top hats, black tie, boas, Laurel and Hardy glasses, star stickers, mini director's clapboards, Glowing "jewel" bracelet, little "Oscars") Pajama Party Packs (includes 3-4 items, eye masks, mini pillows, fun socks, stuffed animal, activity books, stickers, etc.) *Please Note: All of our favor packs are packaged very nicely. Other Each Additional Hour of Space Rental Additional child (parents and infants in arms are free) Rules and Regulations - Parents are allowed 20 minutes before the party to set-up and 20 minutes after the party to breakdown before time is charged. - Every child except an infant in arms is considered a party guest. - You are welcome to provide your own food, crafts, etc. You must get everything approved beforehand as some things are not allowed in the space because of possible damage to the flooring surface (loose glitter, bubbles, certain oily foods, etc.) We do not provide plates, etc. except for one set for 16 kids for cake. - We provide one table for cake and one table for presents. If you want more tables (for parents to eat, etc.) , there is a charge of $10 per additional table. We provide up to 15 chairs for adults free of charge. If you want additional chairs, there is a $10 set up and breakdown fee. - We do not allow street shoes on the main party area. It is a special surface, professional dance floor and we need to protect it as such. We have a carpet runner and tarps for the sections of the floor that parents may wish to observe from if they don't want to take off their shoes. We expect you to help us enforce this rule. In addition, we do not allow food or drinks (except water) on the main black floor. Food and drinks must be eaten on tarped areas or the wooden floor. - We expect party guests to treat the space, costumes, china, space, etc. with respect. We understand kids will be kids and want to let them play and explore. In the event of unnecessary roughness or damage to space, costumes, etc., we will pass those expenses on to you. We ask children to not play in or around the curtain or in the front lobby area.

$5.00 per person

$5.00 per person

$50.00/$25.00 per half hour $6.00

For more information and to reserve your spot, call us at 1-888-300-7898 or email us at

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