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					November 2006

Newsletter of the CasCo Bay BiCyCle CluB

B ike W ay


southerN MaiNe BiCyCliNg CoMMuNity


Steve Gordon - Editor, 828-7990 Bryan Lewis - Assistant Editor, 233-853 Dave Galbraith - President, on the web:

3 Portland Bicycle-Pedestrian Tour de Beaches and Club Picnic Advisory Committee 6:00 PM, Room 209, City Hall The annual Tour de Beaches and Club Picnic happened on Steve Gordon 828-7990 Saturday, September 30th. The weather was much improved after the previous week’s rain-out. In fact it felt (to this humble reporter) like one of the best biking days of the year. December Cool, crisp and sunny, with the foliage starting to turn color. The start of the ride was a bit nippy – many of us were wearing 14 - Holiday Party at shells or fleece -- but gorgeous nevertheless. Higgins Beach Verillo’s Restaurant w a s l o v e l y, with a couple of families Great food s u n n i n g Fun and Games themselves Happy Hour: 6:00 PM and one dieDinner and Party 7:00 PM hard surfer. A couple of our riders Members: $0 non-memtook an ocean bers $20 dip. Ahhh, Choice of Fish, Chicken or fall in Maine.

Beef Reservations are needed Invitations will be mailed to members. Please contact Patty Medina
President - David Galbraith Treasurer - David Clements


More than thirty people • ThaT waTer was cold!!! participated in the ride. (At least that’s how many people were on the signup list.) There were routes for 6, 20 and 35 miles, with almost everyone doing the full magilla. I met two very nice newcomers, Rita and Susan, who are planning to join the club. Patty did a great organizing job. During the ride she managed to appear at all the major intersections to direct traffic. S o m e o n e c o m m e n t e d t h a t• Continued on Page 2

November 2006

Page 2 • Picnic from Page  there must be five Patty’s, but she said it was only a matter of knowing the shortcuts. Dave Clements and Roland were the ride leaders. I’m sure they did a great job although I can’t say for sure ‘cause I was riding in the back as assistant s w eep . S tev e G o r d o n d id his usual conscientious job as chief sweep. . The picnic afterward was quite nice as well, with cooking by Steve and Mick, and someone’s excellent homemade salsa, guacamole and carrot cake. Jenn (of the Merrymeeting Club) came into the picnic exulting that she’d just crossed over 000 miles. She’d had to do a couple of laps in the parking lot to make the odometer tip over. I was thinking she must’ve achieved 000 miles for the season for the first time, always a big event for a beginning biker. When I asked her about it, she laughed that it was only the first thousand on her new bike. It appears that the picnic marks the ceremonial end of the biking season. The Wednesday night rides out of Yarmouth have gone into hibernation. That doesn’t mean you should let the winter doldrums sneak up on you! Patty Medina will again be running her winter training classes with wind trainers. The club still has a We d n e s d a y n i g h t r i d e out of Portland (with “night” being the operative word here) and the Saturday morning rides will continue the entire y e a r. K e e p o n r i d i n ’ . Bryan Lewis

Casco Bay Bicycle Club
Dave Galbraith 829-4447

Executive Vice President
Kathy Potrepka 799-0757

Operations VP

Ken O’Brien 839-5468


Turk Duddy 838-6834


Jody O’Farrell 207-657-5854

Board Members
Steve Gordon Roland Lavigne Committee Chairs Events Coordinators
Patty Medina Mick McGinn Wed. Ride Coordinators Barbara Stebbins/Ron Levere 846-4844

Support the bike shops listed below. All of offer CBBC members get a ten percent discounts on gear and accessories (unless otherwise specified)
04 Washington Ave. Portland, ME 878-874,

Bike Shops Offer Member Discounts
Cycle Mania

Allspeed Bicycle & Ski

59 Federal St. Portland, ME 774-2933, 59 Federal St. Portland, ME 774-2933, 440 Congress St. Portland. ME 773-700,
225 Center St. Auburn, ME -800-244-7576,

333 Forest Ave., Portland, ME 773-6906, U.S. Route , Woolwich, ME -800-245-3626, 83 Arundle Rd. Kennebunkport, ME -800-220-0907

Back Bay Bicycle

Cycle Mania

Bath Cycle & Ski

Gorham Bike & Ski

Membership Coordinator
Jody O’Farrell 207-657-5854

Cape Able Bike Shop

Rainbow Cycle Center

Newsletter Editor

Steve Gordon 828-7990

November 2006

Page 3 terraiN

Weekly Rides
Wednesdays— Casco Bay Bicycle Club ride (Yarmouth) ; 6:00 PM (2/3-L/M - 3/25 miles), Yarmouth, Hannaford(Shop’n Save) Plaza, Route . FMI, call Barbara Stebbins or Ron Levere. 846-4844 Ends 9/28 The Yarmouth rides will resume May 3rd. Thursdays - CBBC ride (Portland)2nd and 4th Thurs. of the month Leave from Back Bay Bicycle Shop on Forest Ave. in Portland. 20-30 miles 2/3 /M For Info call Steve Gordon: 828-7990 e-mail or talk to Kris Clark at Back Bay Bicycle Saturdays—-------CBBC ride (Yarmouth); 9:00 AM All year ride (2/3-M-5/25 miles), Yarmouth, Hannaford(Shop’n Save) Plaza, Route . FMI, contact Dave Clements. 657-5854 Sundays—9:00 AM. (2/3-L/M/B20-50 miles), CBBC ride (Gorham); meet at the USM Field House on the Gorham Campus. Take Route 4 North from the intersection with Route 25 in the middle of town. At the blinker, 1/4 mile, turn left, field house is the second house on the right. FMI, contact Ken O’Brien 839-5468

Ride Key

 = Flat with a few easy grades 2 = Flat with a few rolling hills 3 = Rolling to moderate grades 4 = Rolling with some steep grades


F = Family (less than 9 mph) L = Leasurely (9 -2 mph) M = Moderate (3 - 6 mph) B = Brisk (7 - 20 mph)

Fluid Dynamics: Balancing Water and Sodium Intake

Sundays - CBBC - Easy Ride. Ride slowly, see the scenery and just take it easy. I planned to have a ride for beginners or those who just want to spend a relaxed Sunday afternoon on their bicycles. The ride will leave from the basketball courts in Payson Park, Portland. (It is the Park between Baxter Blvd and Ocean Ave). The start time is set for 2:00 PM. Call me, Steve Gordon: 828-7990 or e-mail me,

By: Jim Lehman, CTS Premier Coach Sodium is an electrolyte that is necessary for water balance, cellular metabolism and muscular contractions. It draws water through permeable membranes and distributes fluid throughout the body. As you sweat you are losing sodium and thus diminishing your body’s ability to move water across these membranes. This will eventually lead to dehydration, even if you are drinking adequate amounts of water. Without sodium, the water you drink will not be able to be distributed properly and you will feel bloated, nauseous and unable to perform to the best of your ability. Other symptoms of hyponatremia can include headaches, cramps, extreme fatigue, disorientation and slurred speech. If these symptoms are allowed to progress, they can lead to seizures, coma, brain damage, and even death. During the event, your goal should be to ingest approximately one gram of sodium each hour. While some sports drinks, such as Powerbar Endurance, purposefully have significant amounts of so-

dium in them, others do not, so make sure you check the labels. If your sports drink only contains 00-200mg of sodium, you will need to supplement these with foods that are rich in sodium. Be cautious with salt tablets because it is possible to ingest too much sodium when using them. And as with any nutritional changes, be sure to experiment with these during training before trying them on race day. 329

Winter indoor training

This is a great way to train on your own bike this winter and be in shape for the outdoor cycling season. Best of all you will do those abdominal and core exercises that we all know we should do but don’t. The stretching and total fitness program will keep you INJURY FREE. Starting January 27 - March 17 Per4formance cycling 8:00- 9:00 AM USM Sullivan Gym in Portland. Bring your own bike We provide the Windtrainers. TOTAL SHAPE UP PROGRAM ; 5 Minute warm-up, 30 minute guided windtrainer work-out, 25 minutes of core, balance and flexibility on the Ball General Public: $50 Register by calling: Lifeline 7804170 M-F: 8-4:30 What to bring: Water bottle, Your bike, Gloves and shoes We provide the windtrainers. Class is limited to 11, so don’t delay... Patty :>)

November 2006

Bike Way

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