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									Curriculum Vitae: Richard John Blackwell
A creative leader of change in higher education and an advocate and scholar for academic development, shaping policy and practice on institutional change, quality enhancement, lifelong learning, and knowledge transfer.

Career Experience and Achievements
2007 Head of Learning and Teaching, Higher Education Funding Council for England (seconded). Responsible for the development of national policy on learning and teaching, including the teaching funding method, and developing partnerships with the Department for Innovation and Skills, HE Academy, UUK and Guild HE. Currently, leading the implementation of government policy to withdraw public funding for students with equivalent or lower qualifications (managing communications and consultation, design of mitigating action and paper to the HEFCE Board etc); leading discussion on UNISTATS web site development; and managing HE Academy relationship.


South East Regional Consultant, HEFCE. Responsible for 15 higher education institutions (HEIs) and for HE provision in 49 Colleges, in the second largest English region accounting for almost 16% of the UK's GDP. An intermediary role involving converging agendas of HEIs, regional bodies and HEFCE to achieve multiple change objectives in conditions of complexity, conflicting interests and deadlines. It involves pro-actively pursuing strategic projects and managing crises, a national role on „third stream‟ and leading regional and project teams. Outputs include 13 strategic change projects funded 2003-07 worth £80m, including two institutional mergers, three new university centres and four regional lifelong learning networks, including the first to be funded nationally (Sussex). Membership of the HEFCE Board‟s strategic Business and Community committee and contributed to development of national policy on knowledge transfer, especially in relation to community engagement and “third stream as second mission” through discussion, writing and regional initiatives (e.g. on coastal communities). Four crises managed successfully around local provision of Architecture, Chemistry (Science and Technology Select Committee special report 2006), Japanese, and Physics.

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2000-2003 Senior Adviser, the Higher Education Academy. Role involved enhancing learning and teaching through national projects and subject centres. Led four successful, national quality enhancement projects on peer observation of teaching (POT), support for part-time teachers (PTT), enhancing learning and teaching through research and scholarship and promoting change in HE. Outputs, included web resources (28 items on POT alone, commissioned reports (e.g. two on PTT), two national conferences, national seminars (e.g. three on scholarship), three THES features, three refereed publications and numerous presentations. Managed consultative exercises and drafted submissions to funding bodies and others (e.g. on „The Future of HE‟- the Government‟s 2003 strategy paper). Forged and managed relationships with Northern Ireland HEIs (at PVC level), 5 LTSN subject centres (at Director level) and the American Association for Higher Education (at CEO level). 1991-2000 Director of Staff Development, University of Nottingham. Appointed to establish a function and transform a culture. Highlights were: Designed a postgraduate certificate in academic practice for new academic staff and led successful internal validation and external accreditation. Led extension and revision of staff appraisal system to all staff 1996-8 (consultation with committees, negotiation with TUs, drafting and re-drafting documents). Established and led acclaimed mandatory programme of leadership and management development for all deans and heads of school. Instigated a competitive internal fund to facilitate organisational development at department and school level, attracting circa 40 bids p.a. by 2000. Personally responsible for 8 change projects p.a. Achieved a trebling of the base line non-pay budget and in a tight year (1996/7), simultaneously grew services and cut expenditure. Gained six external projects worth in excess of £670K 1996-2000. Built, managed and led a team of 13 with a baseline budget of £600K pa. 1985-90 Senior Lecturer in Human Resource Management, Coventry University. Established and ran the CIPD-accredited Graduate Diploma in Employment Relations, managed course team, developed a reputation as an excellent teacher and published 6 papers. Elected to Business Faculty and Academic Boards involving wider faculty and institutional roles. Represented five claimants to Industrial Tribunals as part of professional development activity. ERASMUS funded teaching and research in Germany at Fachhochschule Aachen (1987-90) including “guest professorship”. ESRC Research Officer, Royal Institute of Public Administration researching "Staff Relations in the Civil Service since 1973". 2 publications and practical experience of part-time teaching, training and representative roles. ESRC Research Officer, Templeton College, University of Oxford investigating "Trade Union Ballots". Initial training for research and teaching.



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2007 PhD in Higher Education “Staff Development and Quality Enhancement”, Middlesex University 1980 1979 1978 Certificate of Completion “Teaching Adults”, University of Oxford MA in Industrial Relations, University of Warwick BA (Hons) in Politics (Upper Second Class), University of Exeter

Scholarship and Professional Development
 PhD by published works based on 19 publications on He in the last 10 years.  Appointed Honorary Research Fellow, Coventry University in 2007.  20 formal presentations for HE Academy 2000-2003 alone. Regular contributions to regional and other seminars from 2003.  Society for Research into Higher Education (SRHE): Active participant on Management Committee and Governing Council since 2001, chair of membership committee 2004-07, referee for Higher Education Quarterly journal (scheduled to join editorial board in 2008).  Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development. Fellow 1987 Higher Education Academy: Fellow 2000 Cross-sector Action Learning Set. A decade-long commitment to personal and professional learning through challenge, support and action.  Leadership, management and interpersonal skills training courses, coaching and mentoring, including “Preparing for Strategic Leadership” in 2003, a pilot course for potential pro vice-chancellors (now an established Leadership Foundation programme).

Selected Recent Publications. Publications include a co-edited book, 24 chapters or
articles, plus book reviews, newspaper and magazine articles and five early career publications in HRM and industrial relations. Full list available on request. 1. "Strategic Leadership in Academic Development" Studies In Higher Education Vol. 31 No. 3: 373-87 2006 (with Blackmore, P) 2. "Managing Temporary Workers in Higher Education- still at the margin?" Personnel Review Vol. 35 No.2: 207-24 2006 (with Bryson, C) 3. "Promoting Quality Enhancement in the UK. The Experience of Collaboration Between National Agencies" Tertiary Education and Management 11: 55-79

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2005 (with Gosling, D and D'Andrea, V) 4. Towards Strategic Staff Development, OUP/SRHE, Buckingham 2003 (coedited book with Blackmore P). Includes three co-authored chapters and one single authored chapter. 5. “Bring this supply in from the cold” [feature on part time teachers] THES 28 February 2003 6. Letter on connecting research and teaching, THES 24 January 2003. 7. “Design of an Industrial Engineering Course in an Emerging Economy: Bringing Together Engineering and Educational Approaches”. European Journal of Engineering Education Vol. 27 No.1: 113-129 2002 (with Ratchev S and Bonney M)

Selected Recent Conference Papers and Presentations
„Issues in embedding „third stream‟ in HE‟ (with Frost, A) SRHE annual conference 14 December 2006 (under revision for publication in 2008) 'HE Policy on University-Community Engagement' (with Whittemore, S), CUPP Conference, Brighton, 6 April 2006 'Enhancing the Supply of HE', Sector Skills Development Agency and HEFCE Boards joint seminar 12 July 2005 'HEFCE: an insider's view', Managing Resources, 1994 Group course, January 5 2005 'Peer Review of Teaching and Scholarship', SRHE annual conference 18 December 2003

Major External Projects and Income Generation Activity 1996-2001
Greater Nottingham Training and Enterprise Council Know-How Fund, International Development Department, British Govt. £12,600 to promote lifelong learning by individual members of staff. This enabled excluded staff to re-engage with learning though non-vocational activity as part of a "Personal Staff Development Plan" (1997-99). Subsequently acquired two organisational pilots of „Individual Learning Accounts‟ to continue the initiative. £185,000 over three years. In partnership with the Department of Manufacturing Engineering and Operations Management at Nottingham. The project involved legal changes in Bulgaria, extensive curriculum development, successful application for national and international accreditation and institutional restructuring at Technical University of Sofia, Bulgaria (1997-2000). Funding was extended to a second short project focused on consultancy for regional development utilising output from phase one.

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£180,000 over three years. In partnership with the Learning Support Unit and the Counselling Service at Nottingham, this funding was acquired under a special initiative to promote 'High Quality Provision for Students with Specific Learning Disabilities'. It enabled new forms of staff development (1997-99). A phase 2 project worth £249,667 to provide Training and Mentor support for part time teachers of Sociology (with Open and Keele Universities). This project involved a partnership with the School of Social Studies at the University of Nottingham. It enabled the establishment of „teaching circles' for part time teachers, review of mentoring schemes, produced a training pack and a number of publications (1997-99). £48,130 over 2 years on „Improving Provision for Disabled Students‟ with the Learning Support Unit at Nottingham and supported by the regional staff development group. Project ensured good practice on disabilities was designed into all staff development and reviewed specific prescriptions on teaching and learning courses (2000-02). „Improving the Quality of Teaching and Learning in and Management of Bulgarian Higher Education Institutions‟ - a partnership between University of Nottingham, and the Higher Education Academy. This project set out to enhance teaching quality in Bulgaria and strengthen institutional management through competitive funding. One round of funding distribution was successfully implemented during my involvement (2001-02).

Fund for the Development of Teaching and Learning, (FDTL) HEFCE. HEFCE „Special funding Initiative‟.

Ministry for Education, Bulgaria (World Bank loan)

Employment Details
Higher Education Funding Council for England Northavon House Coldharbour lane Bristol BS16 1QD Email: Further information:

Personal Details
Date of Birth Citizenship Contact Details Interests Further Information 9 September 1956 British Email: Walking, exhibitions, travel, sport, food and cooking, friends and family.

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