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									Welcome to Noah’s Ark Resource Centre Together we achieve potential through play
Noah’s Ark is a not–for–profit community organisation that has been operating in Canberra for over 30 years. Our mission is to enhance early childhood outcomes for families in the ACT and surrounding regions. We seek to support the development of children inclusively and to provide equity of access to appropriate resources and services. We are dedicated to serving the needs of families and their children, particularly those with special needs. At Noah’s Ark we are committed to a policy of inclusion. We offer several programs aimed at enhancing the developmental opportunities of all children, regardless of cultural, physical or intellectual differences. We recognise the value of diversity within our community, encourage acceptance of differences and foster a sense of belonging in every individual. The growth and development of our special needs support team over the last two years has led to an increase in participation in our programs by children with additional needs. This aspect of our service will continue to be a major focus for us moving forward. Noah’s Ark recognises the value of early intervention services and aims to deliver programs that will help prevent the isolation many parents of young children experience. We strive to foster an environment that encourages parents to build strong support networks and to increase awareness of available services. During 2005, our membership base has continued to grow to include hundreds of families and children’s services across the ACT. During the year we were able to commence the delivery of our Playschool and Play & Learn programs from premises in Palmerston, thereby realising our goal to improve the accessibility of our service to families in Northern Canberra. Our playschool program for three year olds was the first of its kind in the ACT and was developed to provide an environment in which pre-preschoolers can foster their developmental skills through a play-based program that also

encourages their independence by attendance without a parent. We wish to provide a nurturing and stimulating environment for all, ensuring that children have the opportunity to develop to their full potential at their own pace. Our facilitated Play and Learn sessions are also unique in Canberra and are an excellent opportunity for little ones to learn valuable socialisation skills in a creative and stimulating environment. This is largely a child-centred program with a strong focus on positive parent/child interaction. It also provides parents and carers with the chance to meet and build lasting friendships and support networks, learn new skills and share information. Our one-on-one Conductive Education sessions for children with multiple disabilities continue to offer valuable early intervention support for some of our very special clients. This year we have seen some remarkable progress from the children, with several making the successful transition to mainstream early childhood settings. This created some vacancies in the program and has allowed Gabi to welcome several new families to the Centre. In July, we were successful in gaining a small grant from Healthpact to develop our ‘Music with Mili’ program. Healthpact provides funding to projects aimed at encouraging the development of health and well being in the ACT community. We are fortunate to have had Mili Cifali on our team for several years. Mili is a very talented music teacher with a strong belief in the benefits of music to early childhood development. Since the inception of ‘Music with Mili’ over 200 children have had access to the benefits of Mili’s talent and conviction and have grown through participation in her program. Our Toy Library remains a central feature of Noah’s Ark Resource Centre. We currently hold approximately 8,500 items of quality educational resources. Our toys and equipment promote the creative, imaginative, cognitive and physical development of children. The collection also includes therapy and gross motor equipment and a specialist book section providing child development and special needs information for adults and children.

Our mobile library has been an iconic part of our service over the last thirty years. Several thousand children and their families throughout the ACT and Southern NSW have benefited from this program. Hence, it was with much regret that the Management Committee made the very difficult decision to cease this operation at the end of 2005. Unfortunately, the mobile was not financially viable and threatened the long-term sustainability of the organisation. Noah’s Ark is staffed by a group of dedicated employees and volunteers committed to ensuring the Centre continues to meet the needs of its members and the wider community. Management Committee as at 2005 AGM (29th May, 2006) President: Danny Murphy Secretary: Rosemary Semecky Acting Treasurer: Kim L’Estrange Public Officer: Lynn Hart Fundraising Officers: Kim L’Estrange Members: Susie Wise; Amanda Wallace Staff 2005 Executive Officer: Wendy Martin Program Manager: Jan Brennan Library Staff: Barbara Mills; Sandra Burkett; Carol Harris; Amanda Overheu; Vanessa Attridge Mobile Unit Staff: Peta Buchmayer; Gordon McCauley; Vanessa Attridge; Playschool Staff: Wendy Scott; Julie Mitchell; Justine Angus; Nea Wods; Milena Cifale; Maree Richards; Michelle McCartney; Sandra Burkett Play & Learn Staff: Marina Castro; Sandra Burkett; Nea Woods; Justine Angus Special Education: Juanita Moore; Vanessa Attridge; Lyndall Millburn; Michelle McCartney Conductive Education: Gabi Monus Bookkeeper: Lyndall Millburn Casual: George Uilelea Cleaner: Ceda Kostadinovic of 3 Sparks Cleaning Service

Staff as at 29/05/06 Executive Officer: Wendy Martin Program Manager: Jan Brennan Library Staff: Carol Harris; Amanda Overheu Playschool Staff: Julie Mitchell; Nea Woods; Carol Harris; Milena Cifali; Maree Richards; Lyndall Millburn; Janet Bradly Play & Learn Staff: Marina Castro; Janet Bradly; Justine Angus (maternity leave) Special Education Support Staff: Juanita Moore; Lyndall Millburn; Anita Miller Conductive Education Teacher: Gabi Monus Bookkeeper: Lyndall Millburn Casual: George Uilelea Cleaners: Ceda Kostadinovic of 3 Sparks Cleaning Service Volunteers Our gratitude to the following individuals and agencies who continue to provide valuable support and give generously of their time throughout the year: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints – for ongoing volunteer support in our Toy Library Annette Welch and Lauren – for their help with toy cleaning and regular visits to our Playschool children Tanya Boulton and Linda Waldron and their carers - from the Community access Program for many hours of assistance with toy cleaning Dennis Rove- for his voluntary maintenance work on our wooden toys and other odd jobs as the need has arisen Aldis Briedis – for hours of maintenance work on the Centre Lorette Renton – for valuable assistance in the Library Edna Sturman – for many years of dedicated service and valuable fundraising Tiko Milovanovic – for continued service above and beyond the call of duty

Donations We would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge the following organisations for their very generous financial donations and support in-knid during 2005:

Financial Report The annual accounts for the 2005 reporting period (1 Jan –31 Dec) were audited by Ole Madsen & Co Chartered Accountants. The Statement of Financial Position for 2005 shows an operating loss of $37,933, which is comparable to the loss of $34,370 recorded in the previous year. After adding back non-cash items the loss is $27,031 against a loss after addbacks last year of $29,737. Given the significant decrease in current assets recorded over recent years, the Management Committee acknowledges that losses of this magnitude are not sustainable. However, the decrease in cash reflects the deliberate strategy of the Committee to invest in infrastructure and leasehold improvements to ensure the long-term viability of the organisation. It is worth noting that this strategy is now coming to fruition and the first quarter of 2006 has seen us achieve an unprecedented profit against record growth of programs generating income through fee for service. Contributing to the loss recorded in 2005 was a decrease in government funding of 10% due to the cessation of the funding agreement with the NSW Department of Community Services for the operation of the NSW Mobile Service. This was partially offset by an impressive increase in income generated through fee-for-service of 10%. Expenses remained consistent with the previous year, a reflection of the tight financial management exercised and a deliberate attempt to control those expense lines we are able to influence. The most significant increase in expenditure was a 31% rise in insurance premiums.

At the conclusion of the reporting period, cash held at financial institutions had decreased by only $2,290. The operating loss is reflected in a decrease in total assets of 18% and an increase in total liabilities of 103%. The net change to our Equity was a decrease of 46%. Total equity as at December 2005 was $43,314. Management strategy over recent years has focused on investing capital and human resources in reform, growth and development to ensure Noah's Ark remains a relevant, competitive and viable service moving forward. We are confident that we will be successful in achieving these outcomes and that our organisation will emerge as a leading service provider in the early intervention sector. Executive Officer’s Report

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