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Online White Elephant Party

Hosting Tips & Instructions
(5-Steps to More Fun)

Step 1
Send a direct email to all the invitees with a link to the AlbinoPhant application: http://apps.facebook.com/albinophant/ This will send them to the “Allow the Application” box on Facebook. NOTE: They can also find your invitation in their Requests section on their Facebook Home Page. Once they have allowed the application, they will be directed to the Home Page of AlbinoPhant where they will see the party information box.. (see Below) After they ENTER the party they will be directed to the RSVP box. They will click Attending and start the gift purchase process and join the party

Step 2
Tour your Host Dashboard. You get there through the My Parties tab… The Hub.

Step 3
Manage your party invitations by checking regularly in the Invitations History on your Host Dashboard. If people are taking extra time to RSVP and join the application you will need to reach out to them ether by email, Facebook message or by phone. The best parties are a result of a host that encourages their invitees to come and join the fun. This will take good communication with your friends and family to yield a success. Once they have joined and played, they will appreciate your efforts on their behalf. You may need to build in some extra time or add potential invitations using the Party Settings and Options area in your Host Dashboard.

Use your RSVP Management area on the Host Dashboard to extended additional invitations if any of your family or friends loses an invitation or hit the wrong button during the RSVP process.

Step 4
The Start-Now button is your tool to begin the game prior to your pre-selected start date. You will find the button on the GamePlay page for your party. You reach this page through your Host Dashboard.

The start-now button will begin the game immediately, so don’t push it until you have all your guests Joined into the party. The button is provided for you in the event that all your guest have joined early, or you have decided to go on without waiting. WARNING: Once you push start, all of the players not Joined, will be dropped from the party.

Step 5
Test the Comment Box so that you will become familiar with creating a fun conversation. You will find the box in the middle of the GamePlay page (see step 4 for entry instructions).

Link in a YouTube video or an image so that you can explain the process to those who might need some help. Add some color to the type or change the font or include a smiley! When you post a comment, your Facebook Avatar will appear on the left side of the stream so that everyone will know who said what in the party.

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