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					The elder scrolls iv :oblivion

Oblivion was out in 2007 but still new updates happen each month. There a plenty of downloads still available on the xbox live market. The best download is a castle you have to go to it and there’s a battle going on you have to go up and kill all the bandits and you will see a dead guard on the ground you search his body and you will find a dead you take the dead and the key and walk threw the gates. All the guards will be there you walk up to the guard in the middle and give him the dead and he will make you king. The house can be update in a shop the imperial city. This game is coming 2nd on the charts right now.

Halo wars

Halo wars is like halo 3 but you are looking down on the map you have to make a army and send them in to war. You can get Spartans, warthogs, mongooses and scorpions you can also get the elites with you and when you made you base you can send you army in you can make a city and fight online with other players on xbox live.


Fable is a very life like game you can have a family buy homes, rent out houses, sell house you grow old. You can also get a dog and name your dog and a long your way on a road your dog might find a dig spot and will dig it up and find you stuff but the only way this is possible is if you have a shovel to dig it up.

Halo 3

Halo 3 is a very futuristic game in it you can get flying vehicles and human vehicles you can also be a alien called a arbiter and in the levels you can get skulls witch give you cool armour if you get them all you get achievements. This game may be 2 years old but it is coming 3rd on the charts right now.

Call of duty 5 world at war

Call of duty 5 came out just before Christmas and is a very popular game which is on the top ten charts at the moment and is still played world wide. One of the most popular things about it is Nazi zombies and team death matches. Nazi zombies is great fun and quite hard but when in a group of three it gets easier. The best guns to have is a Ray gun or Browning or a Trench gun which is only good for close up shots.

Just last week they released a new map for Nazi zombies and 4 weeks ago they released new death matches maps.