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					My Favorite Food Pizza Jahaan My favorite food is pizza. Pizza is the best of all the food in the world. Most kids like pizza. Pizza is yummy and tasty. Pizza is the best in the best. Pizza is wonderful. Pizza feels slimy and soft. It’s cheesy with deluxe cheese on it. Tomato sauce is it which makes it slimy. The taste of pizza is yummy and amazing. Its tomato and cheese flavor. It’s off cause taste nice and with mushroom. Last of all is how does it look like. It looks like the nose and canine teeth of the human body. It looks like cheese and the shape of the triangle. Last it looks like a tip of the arrow and Africa .that was a lot huh well see you next time.

My Favorite Food


My favorite food is spaggeti bolongges. It smells fresh and Hot. It is very

interesting also its perfect and they make is very interesting.

The Spaggeti bollonges taste good and nice. And very excellent and very


It feels very Hot and it is very nice and yummy and cool.

The Spaggeti ballonges is very good if you eat it is going to be very nice if you eat it if you don’t like it is okay.

My Favorite Play Place Kaashvi My favorite play place in the whole world is my home. My room is where I play with my friends. My mom’s room is where we play family games. We like to play dark room in guest room. My first favorite play place is my room. My room is small and cozy. It’s also very comfortable. I love eating snacks with my friends. The colorful room smells like a baby because there is a baby in the house. My friends love coming to play in my room. My room is small but really colorful. I love my room because it’s my special room. In my mom’s room I feel cold and pleasant. It’s incredible in my mom’s room. It smells like perfumes. I love watching T.V in my mom’s room. I play board games and cards with my parents. My mom’s room looks big and bright. It’s also nice and neat. I feel amazing being in my mom’s room. In the guest room I miss my grandparents which are in India. In the guest room I can see cars and plants. I also have drinks, biscuits and cookies with my friends. The guestroom has a toilet a bed and a desk. I play dark room and hide and seek in the guest room with my friends. I feel amazing being in the guestroom.

City Sidewalks Clara My city sidewalk was in Vancouver. You could feel the fresh air by emotions and by touching. I can smell really nice things such as the sugar of the popcorn. You could taste the delicious ice cream on the sidewalk. I will tell you all about it on the other paragraphs. When I was on my amazing city sidewalk I felt cozy. It was really tiring walking from the place to place on the steep sidewalk. I felt happy because I rode bicycles on the sidewalk. When I was walking on the clean sidewalk at night it made me really sleepy. The dry sidewalk there was so rough. It was really chilly on the rocky sidewalk at night. Magnificent Vancouver had really nice views. You would want to go there and never get bored of it! My city sidewalk smells like fresh air! I smelled flowers near the sweet smell of maple tree. I could smell the large ice bergs by how I feel cold. You’d smell seafood by the food on the road. You would probably smell these stuff if you went there. When I was on my city sidewalk they sold food on the road. I got a grape juice, green tea and water bottles from the machine on the sidewalk. The burger that I ate was really tasty. They sold popcorn with sugar. The ice cream had three different flavors. I ate chips but mixed with hot dogs. The food was really yummy on Vancouver’s sidewalk. I wish I could go there again someday.

City Side Walks Kevin My city I’m talking about is Beijing. After I talk about that then I’m going to call this yummy, because it is what I taste. After that I feel unlucky. Then I’m going to write how it smells. Then were going to move on to hearing. When were done we move on to seeing. I taste many things in the Beijing side walk. I smelled sandwiches and there’s salmon fish inside the sandwiches. Then I tasted pig pork and meat. After that it tasted bapao. After I taste bapao I taste noodles. Then it tastes chicken. Let’s move on to unlucky. I feel few things at the Beijing side walk. I feel thirsty because it’s really tiring. I was scared because a car almost crash me. Also I felt hungry. Then I felt angry because there’s no side walks. I really felt bad and unlucky. That is all I have to tell you how it feels in the Beijing side walk. It smells terrible at the Beijing sidewalk. It only smells good at the morning. But it smells bad at the night. At the afternoon it smells smelly. At the afternoon I felt dirty. Sometimes it’s stinky at the night. So many pollution come. Also it smells horrible. Let’s move on hearing in Beijing. The hearing was noisy in Beijing. I heard loud music. The next thing I heard was singing. Thirdly I heard shouting. Then I went some where and I heared lots of clapping. After that I heared tapping and motorcycles in the same time. That’s the paragraph of hearing. Let’s move on to seeing in Beijing. I saw a road and many motors are at the road. I also saw a long street going to Shanghai. Then we walked down and saw my favorite’s meat. I saw bicycles. I saw very much pollution. That’s every thing to say about my city side walks.

City Side Walk Chelsea Singapore was the best place for me it has a beautiful garden. The sidewalk is cool. When its morning times it is so fresh outside. It feels so relax. It got good foods. It look very fabulous in the sidewalk. There is no dog or cat that means no pup dog or cat. It has a perfect sidewalk it is better than Indonesia sidewalk. There is no traffic. They don’t throw trash on the sidewalk they throw trash in the garage. In the morning it got a fresh air. We can jog or run we can also road a bicycle. In Singapore it just has a little pollution. It is a little bit cold because there are many winds. It feels so good in Singapore. There are no people sailing foods there. We can also relax there. I want to play again but I can’t I have to go back home in Jakarta.

The City Sidewalk


Sydney is a very good place to go. Because I felt different kind of things there. I even smell good things there and also bad stuff. There were things that I see and don’t see. I smell good things at Sydney because it has fresh air. The birds’ faeces were so gross and smelly too. But the flowers smells great than ever! I smelled coffee from the café shop and gas / oil from cars. The fruit also smells super juicy. That’s the thing that I smell at old Sydney. I felt healthy and super exited there! I also felt extremely happy too. I felt interested in the opera house. I felt hungry and tired because I walked all day. That’s the thing that I feel! I saw cool stuff there. Like the opera house and the cruise. I saw so, so many birds and boats. I saw many buildings there at the city. I saw bondi beach with my family. I felt the soft sand. That was what I saw at Sydney.

My Favorite Food


My favorite food is pizza. It is easy to eat. We need many things to do

when we make pizza. It tastes good.

My pizza tastes sweet. It is very yummy. I eat spicy pizza. Some pizza is

rough. I always see orange color pizza.

I like cooking pizza in Paparons. We need 30kg of water to make it little

bit soft. I put beef because I like beef so much. We put mushroom and cheese

to make the pizza delicious. My mom always put pepper and tomatoes to be


We have big shape and small shape. Usually people eat big shape but

they eat the thin one. I love thin pizza, too.

My Favorite Food

Khushboo My favorite food is pizza. It is really yummy, i’m going to tell you how it looks like, taste like, smalls like and feels like. It feels like mushroom in the middle. We also eat pizza with tomato sauce to make the pizza taste good. It’s also crispy in the side of the pizza. I love pizza. If we buy some pizza it will have many tastes. Some pizza are very very cheesy. Some are with mushrooms, pepperoni and vegetable. Some are also hot and yummy. When I smell pizza I will be very hungry. It smells spicy, smells re tomato and cheese. Some pizza looks small. Sometimes they are also medium. The shapes of the pizza are sometimes circle and triangle. I love pizza very very much.

My Favorite Play place


My favorite play place is Kidzania. In Kidzania you can get money by working. There are atm’s in Kidzania. You can become a Pilot. Also you can become a Police man and many other jobs. Being a Pilot in Kidzania is a lot of fun. You have a job to be a Pilot in the flight simulator. It is just like flying a real plane. Before you start you have to pick a destination. You can’t let the plane crash or else you will lose. In Kidzania you can also become a Police man. Your job is for your team to catch a robber. People that stay behind at the Police station work the camera’s. You use walkie talkies to contact the people at the Police station for information about were the robber is. You chase the robber all over Kidzania. Once you catch the robber you take the robber back to the robber back to the police station and put him in jail. There are a lot of atm’s in Kidzania. You can just take out 20 Kidzos at a time. You need tom have at least 50 Kidzos if you want to put your Kidzos inside the bank.

My Favorite Food


Actually I have many favorite foods, but among all food, I like vanilla ice cream the most. Vanilla ice cream tastes like milk. I suppose they put sugar because it tastes very sweet too. They make it very good. If I bite it my teeth are frozen for a while and it doesn’t feel good. My favorite food is vanilla ice cream. Vanilla ice cream looks yellow and white. It looks very little. Vanilla ice cream is my favorite and it’s tasty. It is sometimes shaped circle. And it looks very thin to me. Vanilla ice cream feels very hard after it’s frozen. Vanilla ice cream feels very bumpy and rough. It feels very cold if I touch it for a long time it is very cold it will burn my hand. And vanilla ice cream is very watery. Vanilla ice cream smells like milk. It smells like a very cold ice cream. It smells like the flavor. Vanilla ice cream does not smell very good it smells bad. If I smell vanilla ice cream is very cold and smell I smell it makes me cough.

My Favorite Play Place Rafi
My favorite play place is in my own house, because it has six fun activities. My house is cold but the area that’s cold is in my room. Also my house looks big inside small outside. Its colors are: light brown, white, and a little orange. My room is colder than what it used to be in about three months ago. Now even I wear blankets. This time my “A.C” is two times colder than the first one. I think when Junior comes to my house later he will be very, very cold in my room. My room has in fact looked smaller and get colder. You’ll be very comfortable to sleep in my room. My house is fun is fun because I have six games. It includes PS3, Wii, PS2, darts, game boy, and D.S. In PS3 I played three games. One of them is call of duty 3. It is about army things. There is also Tony Hawk’s project 8. It’s skating. This game is actually was teen ranked not for eight year old, It is grand theft auto4. If you know what Wii you don’t need to know more facts in case you want more. Wii is like real. Mostly all of you know the following electrical objects. PS2, Game boy, and D.S. So will you play these things at my house? My house looks small outside. But inside the “small house” it is HUGE, well not necessarily. I have three living rooms. My house is Balinese. It has many plants. Its color is white, orange and light brown. My room is in the second floor.

My Favorite Food

Jason S. B. My favorite food is pizza. Pizza is originally from Italy. Italy is in Europe. I like pizza because of its taste. I also like pizza because of its look. Pizza has a very unusual feeling that I like. Pizza tastes so delicious. It is very hot and it is cheesy. When you take a bite, it is very yummy. Pizza also looks eye-catching. Even when it is being delivered to you, you can see the smoke coming from the pizza. It’s smoky. Pizza is circle in shape. There are a lot of toppings on top of it. Pizza is cut into several triangular pieces. When you hold the pizza, you will find it easy to hold. If the pizza is just baked, it is so delicious because it is still warm. Pizza is so cheesy, however it has a rough surface. That is why pizza is my favorite food.

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