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					Chapter 3 – Arrival and In processing

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Your Arrival
If you arrive by civilian aircraft, you should first ensure your orders authorize you to fly in via a commercial carrier to Dusseldorf. This may require a waiver that is obtained at your home station. You and your family members are normally authorized a civilian flight. You should ensure that your orders allow you to report directly to the JHQ, the Dusseldorf Airport. This will enable you to bypass the 21 st Replacement Company at Rhein Main. If you choose to fly by military air, you will normally land at Rhein Main, process through the 21st Replacement Company, and then proceed on a three-hour vehicle ride to the JHQ. It is much simpler to fly direct to Dusseldorf and then report into the U.S. NSE. Follow-up inprocessing is conducted at Schinnen. Please ensure you keep your sponsor or the U.S. NSE informed of your plans. Details should include arrival date, time, location, number of personnel, pets, and baggage and any special assistance you require. -As long as you have made arrangements with your sponsor, he/she should be waiting for you just outside of Customs in the Dusseldorf Airport Arrivals terminal. If your sponsor is not there and you would like to call him/her: - If your sponsor lives in Germany, dial the German phone number (Example: If your sponsor’s phone number is 02451-5555, then dial 02451-5555) - If your sponsor lives in The Netherlands, dial 00-31-the Dutch phone number without the 0 (Example: If your sponsor’s phone number is 0455-111-111 then dial 00-31-455-111-111)

PCS Reporting Procedures and In Transit Emergencies
Sponsors bring new ARRC personnel to the U.S. National Support Element (NSE) to start in-processing on the first duty day after arrival. Be prepared to turn in training documents, PT Card, orders, etc. Central In/Out Processing Schinnen, NL Tel 0031-(0)46-443-7334/7333 Mon-Fri 0800-1630

Information on banks is in Chapter 6, Services. Dollars and Euros are the two major currencies used in the area. You can change money at any Community bank on military installations or in Schinnen at the finance office. $$-Save coins for phones, parking meters and/or vending machines as necessary for your use. $$-Banks charge a fee for over the counter conversions. The U.S. Dollar to the Euro exchange rate fluctuates daily. For additional Euro information and current exchange rates, visit the 266th FINCOM web page at

-Ask the Finance Office what your TLA (Temporary Lodging Allowance) is and how you get reimbursed. Your sponsor can help by making reservations that do not exceed the authorized amount. Ask the US Housing Office how often you must submit your lodging bill and how long you will be authorized TLA.


Chapter 3 – Arrival and In processing

Keep all your receipts for Finance. If you aren’t happy with where you are staying (because of size, price, or something else) speak to your sponsor or the US NSE to assist in finding a new location.

Long Distance Calling
-If you have a telephone credit card from AT&T, MCI, or Sprint, below are listed their toll-free access numbers: AT&T Sprint MCI Germany 0130-0010 0130-0013 0130-0012 Netherlands 06-022-9111 06-022-9199 06-022-9122 Belgium 11-0010 078-11-0014 078-11-0012 -Most of the German phone system are on the “pulse” system and not the “tone” system as in the US, so if you are using a pulse phone, you cannot do “touch-tone” services, so hopefully you can hold on for an English-speaking operator who will complete your call for you. This is not an endorsement for any of the companies listed; this information is provided only as a service to you. Calls to a US 800 number have a charge when called from outside the US. You can sign up for a calling plan which gives call back and direct dial service. It is usually cheaper.

Ration Card
- You will be issued a ration card for coffee, cigarettes and alcoholic beverage purchases. This simply gives you the authority to purchase these items at the PX or Geilenkirchen NATEX, as well as the British facilities.

Inbound POV Shipments
- Incoming and outgoing POV shipments are routed through the Vehicle Processing Center located at Schinnen, NL. All personnel assigned to the ARRC need to pick up or drop off their POVs at the Schinnen processing center. For information, directions and to check on inbound vehicles contact the Vehicle Processing Center for assistance at 0031-(0)46-443-2851. To pick up a vehicle at Schinnen, you must have in your possession the following: -keys -owner’s copy of the DD Form 788, POV Shipping Document -completed AE Form 2681 or a power of attorney if not picked up by owner -proof of identity and proof of vehicle registration -green insurance card

POV Claims
Treebeek, NL Tel Mon-Fri 0031-(0)45-522-6913 0800-1630

Any damages noted at the time of vehicle pick up must be recorded and verified at the time of pick-up. Call the legal office for further information.

Unaccompanied Baggage/Household Goods
-Delivery of Unaccompanied Baggage and Household Goods are to be coordinated through the Transportation office at Schinnen, 0031-46-443-7575/7481. Initial coordination should be made with this office as soon as you arrive so you can obtain an estimated earliest possible delivery date. Your sponsor will assist with this coordination. The following is provided for planning:


Chapter 3 – Arrival and In processing

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Delivery of Unaccompanied Baggage: under 600 pounds – 30 days. Over 600 pounds – 45 days. (unaccompanied baggage under 600 pounds will go by air. Over 600 pounds goes by ship) Household Goods from CONUS to Europe: approximately 52 days depending on where in the states the shipment originates. If you ship during peak season (Jun – Aug), it will take the complete 52 days. Shipping during non-peak season will drastically reduce the delivery time. Household Goods from the Pacific to the European Theater: 90 days. Automobile delivery has the same time line as Household Goods.

Household Goods Claims
- Personnel moving from CONUS have 70 days to file the notification of damage paperwork. Personnel moving from with in USAREUR must file notification forms within seven days of moving. Call the Legal Office for information and appointments. Claims Office Treebeek, NL Tel Mon-Fri

0031-(0)45-523-4791/6204 0800-1630


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