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					BROOKWOOD SCHOOL DISTRICT 167 REGULAR MEETING – JUNE 8, 2009 BOARD ROOM - ADMINISTRATIVE & DIAGNOSTIC CENTER I. CALL TO ORDER The regular meeting of the Brookwood School District 167 Board of Education was called to order by President Arthur Taylor at 7:30 p.m. Following the Pledge of Allegiance, roll call was answered by: Pettis, Brunson, Taylor, and Birmingham Absent: T. Campbell and C. Melendez 4 Present 2 Absent

II. OATH OF OFFICE Michelle Snoddy took the Oath of Office and was sworn in as a Brookwood School District 167 Board member. President Arthur Taylor appointed Cynthia Pettis Secretary Pro-tem in the absence of Carol Melendez. III. CITIZEN'S COMMENTS IV. APPROVAL OF MINUTES The May 11, 2009 regular meeting minutes and closed session meeting minutes were approved. The June 1, 2009 special meeting minutes and closed session meeting minutes were approved. Brunson/Pettis Regular/ Closed/ Special Meeting Minutes Approved 5-0 Oath of Office Secretary Pro-tem



APPROVAL OF BILLS AND PAYROLL Bills totaling $317,158.27, the May actual payroll of $849,343.75 and the June payroll as per agreements were approved. Brunson/Birmingham Bills/ Payroll Approved 5-0


REPORTS A. Superintendent's Report--See attached.


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President's Report 1. Arthur Taylor congratulated Dennis Scott on his 34 years in the district and wished him well in the future. Committee Reports None

C. D.

Board Member Comments 1. D. Birmingham commented that she understood that the agreement with BMO Capital Markets was that there would be no cost to the district unless we had a successful referendum. Page 3 of the agreement stated there would be legal costs connected to the bond issue. Ms. Birmingham wanted to know exactly what these costs would be in order to know if it is worth going for the referendum in 2010. She felt that 2010 may be too soon since the economy isn’t improving. None

VII. READING OF COMMUNICATIONS VIII. CLOSED SESSION The Board went into closed session at 8:55 p.m. to discuss personnel, negotiations, and discipline. Brunson/Pettis The Board returned from closed session at 9:50 p.m. Brunson/Pettis

Into Closed Session Approved 5-0 Return From Closed Session Approved 5-0

IX. RECOMMENDED ACTION A1.The resignations of Cindy Buxbaum effective June 1, 2009 and Danielle Jordan effective June 10, 2009 were approved. The retirement of Leonard Rayski effective August 21, 2009 was approved. Robin Powell was hired as a secretary for Hickory Bend School effective August 1, 2009 at a salary per the Unified Staff Association contract for 2009-2010. Brunson/Birmingham C. Buxbaum, D. Jordan Resignations; L. Rayski Retirement; R. Powell Hired Approved 5-0

A2.Jessica Robles was hired as a bilingual teacher for Longwood School for the 2009 -2010 school year at a salary of BA+15, Step A of the 2009-2010 GEA salary schedule. Brunson/Pettis REGULAR MEETING – JUNE 8, 2009 Page 3

J. Robles Hired Approved 5-0

B. The second reading of revised board policy 7810 – Education of Children with Disabilities was approved. Brunson/Pettis C. The second reading of revised board policy 8725 – Discipline of Students with Disabilities was approved. Brunson/Birmingham D. Collective Liability Insurance Cooperative (CLIC) was approved for Brookwood School District 167’s liability insurance and student accident insurance coverage for the 2009-2010 year at a total premium of $45,557. Brunson/Pettis E. A Resolution of the Board of Education of Brookwood School District 167, Cook County, Illinois Ascertaining the Prevailing Rate of Wages for Laborers, Workmen and Mechanics Employed on Public Works of Said Village was approved. (See attached Resolution) Brunson/Pettis F. The Agreement Between Brookwood School District 167 and the Glenwood Education Association for 2009-2010, 2010-2011, and 2011-2012 was approved. Brunson/Birmingham

2nd Reading Revised Policy 7810 5-0 2nd Reading Revised Policy 8725 Approved 5-0 Liability Insurance Approved 5-0

Prevailing Wage Rate Resolution Approved 5-0

GEA Agreement 2009-2012 Approved 5-0

Comment: D. Birmingham stated she appreciated all that the teachers have done. We are headed towards dire times and so many teachers go above and beyond the call of duty. S. Brunson commented that we have great teachers and a great Superintendent. G. Administrative, Pupil Personnel Services, and classified administrative staff salaries for the 2009-2010 school year were approved as follows: J. Charleston, Admin., PPS, Classified Admin. Staff Salaries

$108,160; S. Price, $96,720; B. Lindsay, 2009-2010 $102,960; O. Nowels, $80,000; R. Patterson, Approved $88,400; S. Bragg, $92,560; J. Larson, 5-0 $70,040; B. Chapin, $52,909; A. Crews, $48,121; D. McField, $49,271; T. Moore, $47,000; J. Johnson-James, $57,700; J. Blackman, $54,600; C. Luczak, $30,576; G. Marino, $23,218; C. Anderson, $78,624; A. Davis, $48,984; J. Machnikowski, $33,280; L. Shander, $43,680; A. Ooms, $38,480; and D. Young, $64,168. Brunson/Pettis REGULAR MEETING – JUNE 8, 2009 Page 4 Comment: D. Birmingham commented that she is in favor of raises, the next three years look grim, and she appreciates how everyone goes above and beyond. H. The December 18, 2006 closed session meeting minutes were approved to remain closed. Brunson/Pettis 12/18/06 Closed Session Minutes Remain Closed Approved 4-0 1 Abstain Public Utility Easement Agreement Approved 5-0

I. The Public Utility Easement Agreement with the Village of Glenwood was approved. (See attached agreement) Brunson/Birmingham

IX. ADVISORY Monday, July 13, 2009 -July Board of Education Meeting

X. CITIZENS COMMENTS Eunice Blanchard asked why the closed session has to be in the middle of the meeting and not at the end of the meeting so everyone doesn’t have to wait around. Agenda items are discussed in closed session but action on the items must be done in open session. If there is no action to be taken after the closed session, then it can be moved to the end of the meeting. Eunice Blanchard stated she was having trouble hearing what the Board members were saying and asked if they could use microphones. Mr. Taylor responded that

they were not aware of this problem and will speak louder in the future. Dennis Scott thanked Mr. Taylor for his comments and for looking out for the students in District 167. Addie Mix asked if the Board has committee meetings. The Board has one meeting a month unless there is a need for a special meeting.


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XI. ADJOURNMENT The meeting adjourned at 10:29 p.m. Brunson/Pettis Meeting Adjourned All AYE

Deborah M. Young Recording Clerk

___________________________ Secretary

____________________________ President


J. Charleston, P. Hollich, D. Young, B. Lindsay, J. Larson, R. Patterson, S. Bragg, M. Plott, A. Marino, G. Marino, P. Bartusiewicz, E. Geron, M. Snoddy, R. Childs, B. Janosz, N. Nordengreen, C. Luczak, P. Tessling, D. Peterson, S. Mangan, S. Miller, S. Milier, S. Shedwell, D. Scott, A. Mix, L. Thomas, B. Divie, C. Drennan, D. Morgan, L. Dawson, H. Dawson, C. Malone, E. Avant, E. Blanchard, R. Hawthorne, A. Johnson, B. Philips, I. Sanders, S. Newsom, R. Hauser, T. Moore, L. Tatum, K. Welsh, J. Robles, and J. Blackman.

BROOKWOOD SCHOOL DISTRICT 167 Superintendent’s Report June, 2009 1. The Superintendent introduced teachers involved in the 21st Century Technology Academy which was formed to take technology to a new level with our students. The following teachers presented some of their class projects: Pam Bartusiewicz, Reba Childs, Shannon Mangan, Deanna Peters, Dennis Scott, and Margaret Tessling. 2. The Superintendent reported that there is an agenda item this evening to approve the public utility easement agreement with the Village of Glenwood. This easement is in front of Brookwood Junior High School. The sign and landscaping will be restored to its original condition. The area will be restored in a reasonable time frame and they will try to not touch the sign if at all possible. The work will probably be done next spring and summer to avoid interruption of the school day. 3. Timel Moore, social worker, gave a year-end update on PBIS (Problem Based Intervention System). Mr. Moore is the district’s external coach. 4. The Superintendent presented Certificates of Election to Deborah Birmingham, Shirley Brunson, Cynthia Pettis, and Arthur Taylor. 5. The Superintendent reported that a new sign for the District Office has been ordered. The District’s logo and address will be on the two-sided sign and it will be lit at night. There is no address on the current sign. 6. The Superintendent commented on the letter from Preferred Meal Systems, Inc. regarding the reduced-sugar cereals that are being served. 7. The Superintendent commented on the New School Board Member workshop that is being held on June 13th for a half-day at

Governors State University. 8. The Superintendent asked Board members if they would like to receive a recent NSBA publication, “Key Work of School Boards.” 9. The Superintendent reported that the State of Illinois passed a budget for the 2009-2010 year which is 50% less than this year’s budget. The following programs are in danger of being cut: Pre-K, Bilingual, Reading Improvement Block Grant, and teacher and principal mentoring programs. 10.The Superintendent asked the Board if they would like to present a plaque to Mr. Blakey’s family in honor of his 26 years of service to Brookwood School District 167.

BROOKWOOD SCHOOL DISTRICT 167 CLOSED SESSION MEETING June 8, 2009 Closed Session Minutes Present: P. Hollich, C. Pettis, S. Brunson, A. Taylor, D. Birmingham, and M. Snoddy

Closed session began at 8:55 p.m. A discussion ensued regarding student 08-09E and an eight-day suspension. The parent requested a hearing. The summary of the hearing will be in the board packet in July. The suspension has been served. In July the Board of Education will decide whether or not to uphold the suspension. The Superintendent highlighted some of the changes in the GEA contract:  Early dismissal days have been moved from Wednesdays to Fridays.  Advanced notice to the teacher is needed for a classroom visit.  Must have a request to remove things from a file.  Two parent/teacher conferences.  Stipend for 2009-2010 is $27.00, for 2010-2011 $27.00.  Vacancies will be posted on the web site.  Review and revise the evaluation instrument for teachers.  Addition of dock status definition in contract.  Insurance benefits.  Three year contract: 2009-10 4% 2010-11 3% 2011-12 2%

Administrative salaries discussion:  New money $4,796.  Full reimbursement of doctoral tuition.  Principals 4% increase.  Cap suggested for reimbursement of doctoral tuition. Closed session ended at 9:38 p.m. Respectfully submitted: ___________________________________ Secretary Board of Education _________________________________ President Board of Education