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					Bonus Opportunity
After reviewing your test from Unit 18, I can see that this material has been especially tough. As a result, I am giving you the opportunity to earn back some of the points from your test. Please complete the two problems shown below in their entirety. Please show all work to receive credit for any answer given. Please complete your work in a MS Word document (or .rtf file) and submit to the dropbox labled “Unit 18 Bonus Opportunity”. 1. Statistics taken from the National Hurricane Center (1900-2006) show the intensities of the Hurricanes striking the US Mainland. a. Complete the probability distribution below: Intensity # of Hurricanes P(x) 1 72 2 41 3 52 4 14 5 3 b. Either with an excel spreadsheet or your calculator, find the mean, variance and standard deviation of the probability distribution. c. Find the probability that a randomly selected hurricane from the list above is at least a category 3 hurricane.

2. From statistical records kept since Mr. Johnson has been teaching the Online Statistics course, only 20% students have NOT received credit for the course. a. Find the probability that in your class of 32 students that exactly 25 students will be successful. b. Find the probability that at least 28 of the 32 students will receive a passing grade. c. Find the probability that NONE of the students in your class will fail. d. Find the probability that at least one student will not be successful.