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The sinking of the Titanic


The sinking of the Titanic is a breif essay on the history and the effects of the sinking of the massive Titanic.

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									The sinking of the Titanic For most people, the Titanic was just a ship that sank .For others; it meant Family loss, Heartbreak, feeling of failure & total catastrophe. Some people still do not know the story of the Titanic or their memory of it has faded, so let me remind you .On April 10th 1912 the Titanic Sailed from Southampton with 2,200 Passengers and crew. The Titanic was at sea for a few days Before it received warning of an iceberg early morning on April 14.By lunchtime, The Titanic Had received 2 more warnings. By the afternoon of that same day 3 more warnings were Received. Why the Titanic did not automatically change the course is unknown .By 11:40 that Night lookout spots iceberg and sends alarm! Only that was too late.

A few minutes later the, the Titanic hit the iceberg! The ice berg was spotted but it was spotted to late and from the angle that the crew was spotting it from, it looked smaller .What the Crew and captain didn’t know is that the bottom of an iceberg is about 5 times bigger than the Top! The Titanic was thought to be the most indestructible ship ever built. If one compartment of The ship was hit; it was thought that none of the other parts of the ship would flood. So shortly After midnight, water was gushing into the ship .but it didn’t just conceal itself in one compartment like it was supposed to it went through the whole ship!

At 12:25 SOS [save our ship] was sent to the nearby ship The Californian .It fails to Respond .The crew member in charge of receiving signals was off duty. So the other closest ship, The Carpathia, picked up the signal and radioed back to let the ship's crew know they were

on their way. But their response was too late. Since the titanic was not thought to be sinkable,
there were not enough lifejackets on board to save everybody just in case, so most people had to evacuate the ship by life boats. Either way, many people lost their live in this tragic event. Families were slit apart; husband/wife’s were lost &children were taken away from their parents. This is the unfortunate story of the Titanic.

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