An Invitation to Sociology by ethiomelaku2


A Breif Introduction to Sociology and The aspects that run around it.

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									An Invitation To Sociology
Melaku Michael

Melaku Michael
The first steps to understanding Sociology are to understand that many people have many different perspectives. A perspective is a particular point of view. Many of you know that babies appear brighter and better looking to their parents than they are to others, this is all due to their personal perspectives we might have our own views of that baby and its appearance but that is your own perspective which leads directly into the sociological aspect of the study and that is, that many people tend to have different appeals and or views to things that either affect them or that have a control over them. For example: A sociologist might ask “why do employees tend to think that their bosses are mean, rude, or stupid. Well to answer this he would have to go into a sociological perspective, in order to do this the sociologist will have to put himself in the employees shoe and then realize that the boss does have a controlling affect on the employee to some extent, this could easily reflect the negative attitude in the workplace. But a good sociologist will go deeper into the problem and ask ok do all employees hate their bosses and if not than what group of employees hate their bosses and which group does not. Sociologist can only base these reasoning’s on individual patterns of the human idea of work. These patterns are called the social structure which is the patterned interactions of people in social relationships. Conformity: One main goal and aspect of sociology is that humans have a natural tendency to associate with others of the larger

crowd or the ones that make the person feel accepted. In the example of the employee and the boss the employee may have never had a “bad moment” with the boss or could have never even seen the boss, but since the employee does not want to seem like the odd one in the group he will conform with the other employees into the belief that the boss is a bad person. Another example is why do teens smoke at such an early age? --- Do they have a need to smoke? --No. --- Do they smoke to get rid of stress? --No. ---Do they do it for the cause of feeling accepted into the group? --Yes.

Sociological Imagination: The American Sociologist Wright C. Mills in 1959 called the use of personal sociology as the sociological imagination. The sociological imagination is the ability of individuals to see the relationship between events in their personal lives and events in their society. An example: This is a personal problem for you: Think now of anything that is worrying you. Then trace it to the wider society and ask the question of how did this public issue develop.

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