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					MOD/423 (256) 2009/2010




8.1A PRICE SCHEDULE-. Tenderers are required to submit PRINTED prices in the price schedule. Hand written will not be accepted. Tenderers may obtain a soft copy of the price schedule from our web Page ARMED FORCES MEDICAL SERVICES TENDER NO. MOD /423 (256) 09/10 PROCUREMENT OF OPTHALMIC EQUIPMENT TO THE ARMED FORCES
ARMED FORCES MEDICAL SERVICES TENDER NO. MOD/423 (256) 2009/2011 PROCUREMENT OF OPTHALMIC MACHINE EQUIPMENT SCHEDULE VII – PRICE SCHEDULE ITEM NO 1. ITEM DESCRIPTION (a) SLIT LAMP Type: Galilean magnification changer with converging binocular tubes Magnification Selection 5 steps by drum rotation Eyepiece 12.5× Magnification Ratio (Field of View) 6×(35.1mm), 10×(22.5mm), 16×(14.1mm), 25×(8.8mm), 40× (5.6mm) Slit Illumination Slit Width: Continuous from 14mm to 0mm (at 14mm, slit becomes a circle) Slit Length: Continuous from 14mm to 0mm (at 14mm, slit becomes a circle) Slit Angle: 0 to 180 degrees with horizontal scanning capability Filters Blue, Red-Free, Amber UV Cut (Normal Use), IR Cut (Normal Use) Illumination Lamp: 6V, 20W halogen lamp Base Longitudinal Movement: 90mm Lateral Movement: 100mm Fine Base Movement: 15mm Vertical Movement: 30mm QUANTITY REQUIRED (b) UNIT PRICE (c) TOTAL PRICE BRAND NAME (d) COUNTRY OF ORIGIN (e) REMARKS (f)


Chinrest Vertical Movement: 80mm Fixation Target: Red-LED Power Input (Primary): 100-120V, 220-240V AC Frequency: 50/60Hz Power Consumption: 160VA Dimensions w/ Table: 550mm × 399mm × 558mm w/ Unit Table: 440mm × 379mm × 558mm w/ Table and Chinrest : 329mm × 306mm × 415-445mm Weight w/ Table: 17kg w/ Unit Table: 16kg w/ Table and Chinrest : 9.5kg 2. OPERATING MICROSCOPE Specifications Viewing System: Binocular, stereoscopic, convergent angle 10° for viewing comfort Image erection by high resolution prism system Eyepieces: Tube inclination 45° High field number 22 for wide field of view High eye relief 24.6mm and reversible eye cups for ease of use by spectacle wearers Magnification: Zoom, 4.2x to 25x continuous. Manual with sterilisable cover Working Distance: 180mm (7") from auxiliary objective Field of View: 53 to 9mm depending on the magnification Refractive Correction: By focusing 01

and 5D left eyepiece for anisometropia Papillary Distance: 50 to 76mm, eyepiece tubes interlocked for ease of adjustment Focusing: Fine focus range 25mm Mould Protection: Anti-fungus pellets (three year protection) Video Camera Option: (needs to be specified at time of purchase) Coaxial video system available as an option Foot Control Option: (needs to be specified at time of purchase) Optional focus control (variable speed) Light intensity IP67 rated (full immersion) sealed switches Manual knob controls remain available Lamp: Coaxial, direct optical delivery system 12V 50W quartz halogen, rapid change lam Internal UV and IR filters Intensity Control: Continuous Main Input: 110V, 220-240V universal input 5 metres detachable, most earthed mains plug types available Lamp Soft Start: Ramped voltage switch-on to increase lamp life Circuit Breaker: External resettable circuit breaker on mains power supply Battery Input: 12V DC, 5 metres cable with battery clips Automatic battery cut-in if mains power fails Arm: Elbow and angle-poise

movement in horizontal and vertical directions Variable friction locks Head Tilt: +5° to -45° Vertical Tension: Adjustable gas spring to set lifting force Clamp: Opening 75mm (3"), throat 100mm (4") Mount Side: Left or right hand Materials: Specially selected to prevent rust and corrosion Dimensions: Vertical pillar to head optical axis, maximum 930mm (37”) Head vertical movement 320mm (13") BINOCULAR INDIRECT OPHTHALMOSCOPE Specifications With all pupil features 3. Brilliant adjustable halogen illumination Stereo optical system Cobalt Blue and Green filter Compact and light weight Instrument Simple control for adjusting the headband PD adjustable from 50-75mm Wide angle diffuser Accessories Three Pencils Fundus chart –a pad 50 sheets Scleral Depressor Transformer with power cord DOUBLE Aspheric Volk Lens Spare Halogen Lamp Co-observation Mirror Carrying Case Net Weight: 3kg


LENSOMETER Specifications Type External reading type Target: Corona and cross, Rotatable 3600 Vertex power range (0.25 Diopter step):0 to + (or) – 10 Diopters (0.50 Diopter step) :+ (or) – 10 to 25 Diopters Cylindrical axis 00 to 1800 (10 steps) Prismatic power: 0 to 5 (1step) Acceptable Lens Diameter: 20 to 80mm dia Tiltable angle: continuously variable from 300 to 900 Eyepiece focusing range:0 to 5 Diopters Eyepiece focusing range:0 to 5 Diopters Accuracy: Accurate centering and marking of lenses Power requirement: AC 220-240 volts Optional 110V-130V Ac Net Weight (packing): 7kg Standard Accessories: Contact lens holder Two spare bulbs Dust cove ASPHERIC LENSES Specifications a) 90 D Volk Lens A small 26mm diameter ring design for dynamic fundoscopy Double Aspheric optical design Good small pupil capabilities Clear aperture b) 20 D Volk lens Double aspheric Clear aperture 01 01





Image Magnification: 3.08x Working Distance: 50mm Large Ring: 50mm Static Field of View: 46/60 degrees CHALAZION MICROSURGICAL SET Specification Iris scissors, straight/sharp 4-1/2 ’’ Stevens tenotomy scissors, straight/blunt 4-1/2’’ Castroiejo-Kalt Needle holder 5-1/2’’ Meyhoefer Chalazion Curette Graefe fixation forceps with catch 41/8’’ Graefe fixation forceps without catch 4-1/8’’ Lester conjunctival forceps, NonMagnetic toothed 4’’ Bonaccolto utility forceps, cross serrated at the tips 1.2mm jaw 2x Halsted mosquitoforceps,straight 5’’ Desmarres chalazion forceps, large 3-1/2’’ Jaeger lid plate, stainless steel Desmarres lid retractor, 16 mm Self-retaining retractor, delicate sharp 3x3 prongs 1-1/2’’ Castroviejosors (Right) MICROSURGICAL EYELID SURGICAL SET Indicate qty and cost of each item Specifications Bishop Harmon Irrigator Towel Clamp x 2 Hartman Mosquito Forceps (Straight 3. 3/4 inch) x 2 Hartman Mosquito Forceps (Curved 3. 3/4 inch) x 2 Stevens Tenotomy Scissors, Standard Blunt, Straight 1 Set


1 Set


Eye Scissors Pointed Tips, Standard, Straight Bard Parker Blade Handle No. 9 Westcott Tenotomy Scissors; Blunt, Curved Westcott Stitch Scissors Barke Ptosis Forcep (27mm) Castroviejo Needle Holder Delicate, W/O Lock Kalt Needle Holder with Lock Jaeger Lid Plate Castroviejop Caliper 20 mm Scale, Straight Desmarres Lid Retractor (Size -1) Desmarres Lid Retractor Size-2) Graefe Muscle Hook (Size 1), Small Graefe Muscle Hook (Size 2), Medium Gutheri Fixation Hook MeyerHoefer Chalazion Curette (Size 1) MeyerHoefer Chalazion Curette ( Size 2) Bishop- Harmon Iris Forceps, 1x2 Teeth Conjunctiva Forceps 1 X 2 (9cm) Fixation Forceps; 1 X 2 teeth (11.5cm) Castroviejo Suturing Forceps W/ tying platform (0.12 mm) McPherson Tying Forceps, Long Handle, Straight Hunt Chalazion Forceps, Rund Large Baird Chalazion Forceps, Oval Small Francis Chalazion Forceps Desmarres Chalazion Forceps Ernhardt Lid Forceps Bard Parker Blade No. 15 (1 pkg. of


100) MICROSURGERY LACRIMAL SET Indicate qty and cost of each item Specifications Towel Clamp x 2 Bishop Harmon Irrigator (Cannula+ Bulb Halstead Mosquito Forceps (Straight) x 2 Halstead Mosquito Forceps (Curved) x2 Kerrison Ronguer Nasal Speculum Beyer Ronguer DCR Mallet Bard Parker Handle No. 9 Bard Parker Blade No. 15 (1Pkg.of100) Lacrimal sac self retaining retractor Lacrimal Cannula Straight x 2 1 Set Lacrimal Cannula Curved x 2 Lacrimal Dilator, Double End Periosteal Elevator West Lacrimal Chisel, Straight Pigtail Probe, w/ Suture holes Jaffee-Knoll Iris Hook Lacrimal Probe (Set of 4) Dressing Forceps serrated Bishop-Harmon Tissue Forceps Willis Utility Forceps, Serrated Castroviejo Suturing Forceps1 X 2 0.12mm Rake Retractor x 2 Stevens Tenotomy Scissors Willis Utility Scissors, Serrated

Needle Holder, Extra Delicate Jaws, Straight W/O Lock Westcott Stitch Scissors APPLANATION TONOMETER Merge with slit lamp as accessory to ensure compatibility Specifications Measuring Range: From 0 to 80mmHg in 2mmHg Increments Accuracy: +0.5mmHg Diameter of the pneumatic face: 3.06mm Area of applanation: 7.354mm2 Probe carrier line separation : 430 Measurement : 47mm Wide x 30mm Deep X 85mm Height Weight with accessories: 800gm (approx) Standard Accessories Calibration Bar Prism Mount Base (For Head mount model only) Tonometer base Plate (for Base plate model only) Compatibility: Both for zeiss & Haag – Streit Model Slit Lamps Guarantee: at least one year TRICHIASIS SURGICAL SET Indicate qty and cost of each item Specifications Bard Parker Blade Holder No.9 (for No.15 blade) Bard Parker Blade No. 15 (1 pkg. of 100) Halstead Haemostatic Forceps, Straight 5 ¾ ”, Lock x 2 Lester Conjunctival Forceps Straight(x2 (4”) Iris Scissors (4 cm) Castroviejop Needle Holder, Extra Delicate Jaws, without Lock 01



1 set

Gallipot (Lotion Bowl) Kidney Dish x 2 MICROSURGERY ENUCLEATION SET Indicate qty and cost of each item Specifications Lancaster Speculum Bishop-Harmon Iris Forceps; 1 X 2 Halstead Mosquito Forceps Stevens Tenotomy Scissors, Standard, Blunt, Curved Enucleation scissors, Medium Curved Graefe Muscle Hook Wells Evisceration Spoon LEA’S VISUAL ACUITY CHART Specifications Lea’s symbol mass test Hand held chart Testing distance 3m Instructions included REFRACTION BOX Specifications Deluxe illuminated Trial Set and Reduced aperture lenses fitted in metal rims Up to + & -20Sph, 6Cyl, Up to 12 prism 7 std accessories Attractive leather brief case Trial frame GLAUCOMA MICROSURGICAL SET Specifications Bishop Harmon AC Irrigator Towel Clip 01 1 Set




1 Set


1 Set

Halstead Artery Forceps (Straight) x 2 Halstead Artery Forceps (Curved) Lancaster Speculum Eye Scissors Blunt (Straight) x 2 Bard Parker Blade Handle No. 9 Westcott Tenotomy Scissors, Blunt Vannas Scissors, Straight Barraquer Iris Scissors Utility Forceps, Serrated, Straight Bishop Harmon Tissue Forceps Colibri Forceps, 1 X 2 Teeth Castroviejo Caliper, 20mm, Straight Castroviejo Suturing Forceps with tying platform, 1 X 2, (0.12mm) McPherson Suture Tying Forceps Cyclodialysis Spatula, Double End Harms Trabeculotomy Probe (Left & Right) x2 Rycroft AC Cannula Air Inj/Irri. (Set of 4) Holth Corneoscleral Punch Bard Parker Blade No. 15 (1 pkg. of 100) Needle holder, Extra Delicate Jaws, Without Lock Troutman Needle Holder, with Lock Moorfields Suture Forceps Corneoscleral ScisTroutmanCastroviejosors (Left) Corneoscleral ScisTroutman NEAR VISION CHART Specifications Size: 18 X 23 cm (7X 9 in) 01 Letter sizes from 6.3M to .32M in Times Roman Font


Notations testing standard of 40 cm (16 in.). English reading card with sentences of equal length and difficulty 40 cm (16 in) cord attached to maintain proper viewing distance
Note: a) In case of discrepancy between unit price and total, the unit price shall prevail.

c) d)

Quantities shown in the price schedule May vary at the time of placement of firms orders
Any additional services can be included as an ANNEX The tenderer can quote an equivalent of the brand name

Declaration “I/We certify that I/we have not made and will not make any payments which can be perceived as inducement to enable me/us win this tender.” Name of Official………………………………………………………………………………………………………… Designation ……………………………………………………………………… Signature of tenderer and Stamp/ seal of company ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………