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handmade vol 19 index


									handmade vol 19 index
Beading • Trimmed tassels by Helen Dafter – tassels with beading in gold, cream and beige colours 19/6 Cross stitch and canvas • Butterfly fish by Robin Coombes – bright cross-stitch fish motif suitable for beginners worked into a cushion 19/7 • Christmas bouquet by Kylie Stubbles – Australian native flower cross stitch 19/4 • Christmas cross stitch – Christmas tree cross stitch framed 19/12 • Cross stitch cushion by Rosemary Dunn – cushion featuring tartan cross-stitch design 19/11 • Delicate snowflakes by Susan Joy – snowflake cross-stitch design worked on a red gift bag, table runner and napkin 19/12 • Don’t write in it by Raelene Beazley – framed cross stitch with a humorous message 19/5 • For the love of patchwork by Susan Joy – framed cross stitch featuring quilt block designs 19/10 • How tall am I now? by Rosemary Dunn – cross-stitch growth chart 19/6 • Quite a mess by Susan Joy – quirky framed cross-stitch verse 19/8 • Radiant rose by Kylie Stubbles – rose cross stitch 19/7 • Red hot by Kylie Stubbles – tapestry recipe-folder cover featuring three chillies 19/3 • Share the spirit by Raelene Beazley – traditional Christmas cross stitch 19/4 • The fabric of our lives by Sarah Ricketts – framed cross-stitch verse 19/1 • Treats for two by Kylie Stubbles – cross-stitch designs for cards featuring a candy cane and a Christmas pudding 19/4 • Turtle fun by Susan Joy – cross-stitch turtle design 19/9 Dolls and bears • Ambrose by Melody Daly – red and cream check teddy bear 19/12 • Angelique the Christmas angel by Helen Routsis – naive fabric Christmas doll with decorated frame and raffia wings 19/12 patt 20/1 • Arnie by Philip Rofe – small teddy bear 19/5 • Blossom by Leanne Triggs – small teddy with felt vest and matching hair ribbon 19/9 • Brigid’s bear by Melody Daly – small teddy bear that’s safe for young children 19/3 • Christmas trio by Lotta French – Frosty the Snowman, gingerbread doll and matching stocking in a naive style 19/2 • Danny Boy and Miss Molly by Rose Patchwork Cottage – triangular-shaped cloth doll and patchwork teddy 19/1 • Elaine by Melody Daly – doll dressed in pale blue and white and embellished with daisies 19/5 • Flora by Muriel Thompson – doll with floral bag 19/7 • Friends forever by Linda Douglas – Christmas trio including Angelica the choir angel, Santa and Rudie the Reindeer 19/4 • Georgina by Melody Daly – cloth doll with hat 19/10 • Heart strings by Judy Gray – two small dolls joined by a heart saying ‘sisters’ 19/6 • I love Christmas by Melody Daly – traditional teddy and cropped bear with Christmas embellishments 19/4 • Max a honey-loving teddy by Melody Daly – small teddy with blue felt vest embellished with bee buttons 19/8 • Noel the Christmas teddy by Melody Daly – teddy bear with Santa hat and coat 19/2 • Sara bear by Sharone Peacock – yellow teddy bear with check fabric upper body and matching hair ribbon 19/11 • Susie by Muriel Thompson – teenage cloth doll wearing jeans 19/11 • Tobias by Melody Daly – golly doll 19/1 Decoupage • Aloha! by Sharone Peacock – large platter with painted and decoupaged hibiscus and frangipani platter 19/10 • Cool box by Sharone Peacock – bright painted and decoupaged treasure box featuring surfboards, shells and frangipanis 19/11 • Keeping it cool by Michelle Woodcock – painted wine cooler decoupaged with napkins 19/9 • Simple serving by Michelle Woodcock – decoupaged serving platter featuring wine glasses and grapes 19/8 • Tiles of blue by Pauline Bright – decoupaged tile box with a Frenchprovincial theme 19/1 Embroidery and stitchery • A warm welcome by Mary Wright – framed naive stitchery with bird buttons 19/1 • A native season by Gloria Stanley – Christmas table setting with embroidered Australian native flowers 19/4 • An Irish blessing by Ann Dimmer – wallhanging and three small cushions in green fabrics featuring green stitcheries 19/6 • Angel heart by Lesley McConnell – primitive-style garland with angel, hearts and Christmas trees 19/4 • Baby bear by Annette Johnson and Ruth Marshall – embroidered towel and muslin wrap 19/1 • Beautiful chrysanthemum by Helen Dafter – ribbon-embroidered yellow handbag with matching ribbon flower brooch 19/10 • Bert the bear by Julie Lembit – naive framed stitchery featuring a bear and a beehive 19/7 • Button blossoms by Nikki Tervo – framed embroidered flower stitcheries with terracotta buttons and country print borders 19/3 • Cascading blooms by Frances Carleton – framed small flower embroidery with flowerpot buttons 19/10 • Christmas door delights by Helen Dafter – cream and gold embroidered and beaded door decorations 19/12 • Christmas flame by Ann Dimmer – Christmas stitchery wall-hanging with candle and holly appliqué 19/12 • Country stitches by Lesley Hiller – stitchery of a woman holding a cat, mounted on an old fence paling 19/8 • Daisy’s country Christmas by Joan Watters – elaborate embroidered cushion featuring a cow, sunflowers and a Christmas tree 19/4 • Dandelion angel by Lesley Hiller – matching stitchery, appliqué wall-hanging and doll 19/1 • Down by the garden gate by Vicki Porter – small framed embroidery 19/1 • Elegant seashells by Joan Watters – natural-toned embroidery of seashells 19/5 • Eggstra special yule by Jenny Bishop – country Christmas stitchery featuring chickens and chicken-print fabric 19/12 • Flannel flowers by Ruth Marshall – ribbon-embroidered chatelaine 19/9 • Floral dimensions by Jan Hudson – three-dimensional silk ribbon roses with lace 19/7 • Friendship cushions by Lesley Hiller – matching country-style cushions with stitchery centre panels 19/5 • Garden of plenty by Jocelyn Kemp – cushion with embellished printed panel and Prairie Point edge 19/9 • Geraniums from Geelong by Joan Watters – ribbon-embroidered cushion 19/5 • Ginger kisses by Sharon Hawkins – gingerbread-man stitchery on a countrystyle wall-hanging 19/12 • Gingerbread house by Julie Lembit – redwork Christmas stitchery 19/12 Glitzy glasses case by Bev Tully – • ribbon-embroidered glasses cases 19/3 • Gum tree cottage by Joan Watters – elaborate cottage-garden embroidery worked on a cushion front 19/8 • Hang up your love by Julie Lembit – angel stitchery hanging heart cushions 19/11 • Heart-warming by Ruth Marshall – flannel cushion with heart-shaped embroidery embellished with beads 19/7 • Ho! ho! ho! by Joan Watters – cushion with Santa embroidery and ruffled red check edge 19/2 • Honey for the heart by Lesley Hiller – rustic wall-hanging with a bird, bee and flower embroidery design 19/11 • Hop to it by Leeanne Pitman – cushion featuring a bunny and egg embroidery design 19/8 • I love chooks by Lesley Hiller – framed stitchery of a woman holding a hen 19/5 • Jingle all the way by Helen Dafter – antique-look bellpull with ribbon embroidery and lace 19/2 • Kind words by Lynley Mitchell – mini bolster cushions with embroidery and appliqué 19/1 • Lavender blue by Joan Watters – ribbon-embroidered cushion 19/1 • Lucy ladybug by Julie Lembit – simple stitchery worked on a cushion 19/1 • Melt your heart by Wendy Doyle – primitive Christmas stitchery featuring a snowman and muted check borders 19/2 • Never smile at a crocodile by Julie Lembit – library bag with crocodile stitchery 19/1 • Perennial sampler by Helen Dafter – pink cushion with ribbon-embroidered perennial flowers 19/6 • Pink clown by Jan Bergman – pink cushion with clown embroidery 19/6 • Pretty in pink and purple by Ruth Marshall – embroidered handtowels with a floral bow design 19/10 • Rainbow bright by Becky Peters – black handbag with rainbow ribbon embroidery 19/5 • Ring o’ roses by Nicola Kestrel – ribbon embroidered floral cushion 19/7 • Rose true by Helen Dafter – pale blue ribbon-embroidered book cover 19/3 • Rustic wall-hanging by Helen of Hugs ‘n Kisses – angel redwork stitchery ‘framed’ in patchwork and finished with a tassel 19/4

• Silly Jilly by Lesley Hiller – rustic stitchery and verse featuring a woman sitting in pumpkin patch 19/9 • Silk spring flowers by Roslyn Boxsell – framed ribbon embroidery featuring a vase of flowers 19/5 • Sisterly love by Leeanne Pitman – verse and heart embroidery worked on a cushion 19/9 • Shimmer shell by Michelle Stacey – small stumpwork embroidery of a seashell 19/5 • Sketches for stitches by Julie Lembit – naive stitcheries worked into small cushions 19/11 • Stepping out by Veronica Wilkinson – ‘his and her’ shoe bags with an embroidered lady’s shoe in blue and pink and a green golf shoe 19/3 • Starry lights, snowflakes bright by Lesley Hiller – two country stitcheries with a Christmas theme 19/4 • Stitched with love by Mary Wright – small simple stitcheries with novelty buttons and appliqué 19/3 • Stitches for baby by Kylie Stubbles and Pietrina Falla – birth sampler and baby blanket in blue tones 19/1 • Strawberries for sale by Debbie von Grabler-Crozier – framed green strawberry stitchery 19/10 • Welcome friends by Nikki Tervo – small simple framed stitchery featuring ceramic buttons 19/5 • Yuletide ribbons by Roslyn Boxsell Designs – framed ribbon embroideries featuring a Christmas tree and candle 19/4 Painted work • A bear’s Christmas by Annette Johnson – country-style painted jars 19/4 • Angel watering-can by Karen Jenkins – folk art painted watering-can 19/11 • Beautiful swirls by Janet Eadie – blue writing desk decorated with fabric paint 19/11 • Bee the change you want to see in the world by Jenny Moffett – bear and bee painted wall plaque 19/11 • Beach babes by Janet Eadie – bright painted platter featuring three women standing in the ocean 19/5 • Bird house brushwork by Christine Lamey – painted bird house utensil holder 19/3 • Breakfast in bed by Janet Eadie – bright painted breakfast tray 19/10 • Bunny love by Debbie von Grabler-Crozier – painted Easter bunny plate 19/8

• Button bears by Jenny Moffett – folk art painted box featuring two bears and button embellishments 19/6 • CD house by Jill Christian – painted CD tower with teddy bears 19/3 • Chalky creation by Trixi Symonds – painted blackboard and duster 19/1 • Christmas treats from the tree – triangular box painted with a Christmas tree image 19/2 • Clever chicks by Debbie von GrablerCrozier – chicken-painted pine ware including building blocks, plaque, key ring and box 19/9 • Country chic by Ann Bruce – painted canisters with stencilled chickens 19/8 • Country Santa by Jill Christian – wooden Santa cut-out painted country green and cream 19/2 • Flower power on the wall by Karen Kiely – framed heart-shaped mirror with bright painted flowers 19/3 • Flowers under glass by Karen Kiely – glass bread board with painted flowerpots 19/3 • Forever friends by Jenny Moffett – framed picture of two girls 19/1 • Frangipanis by Marilyn Wentzel – painted frangipani bowl 19/5 • Gingerbread coasters by Sharon Hawkins – gingerbread-like painted heart-shaped coasters 19/12 • Glitzy baubles by Janet Eadie – polystyrene balls painted with purple and silver dimensional fabric paint 19/2 • Juicy! by Lynne Cohen – watermelon painted teapot and platter 19/3 • Lighting up the tree by Karen Kiely – framed glass-painted Christmas tree window decorations 19/2 • Lizard king by Janet Eadie – blue box painted with a lizard and embellished with beads 19/6 • Lovely labels by Annette Johnson and Sharon Hawkins – painted items using free labels included in the magazine 19/8 • Merry motifs by Susan Clarke – gift boxes stencilled with Christmas designs 19/4 • Moroccan glow by Karen Kiely – bright painted glasses for tea-lights 19/9 • Provincial apples by Karen Kiely – apples painted on a platter 19/7 • Pudding anyone? by Nola Kaney – ceramic teapot painted to resemble a plum pudding 19/12 • Pull-along toy cart by Judy Allen – clown and teddy bear painted on a toy cart 19/6 • Simply Santa by Karen Kiely – painted Santa plaques 19/2

• Starlight, star bright by Janet Eadie – painted glass votive with blue and silver stars 19/2 • Strawberry wood by Debbie von GrablerCrozier – strawberry-painted pine ware set 19/10 • Stop by the Highlands by Susan Campbell-Wright – Scottish dancers and piper painted on wooden doorstops 19/11 • Sweet retweet by Cheryl Bradshaw – large painted bird house 19/8 • The circus comes to town by Janet Eadie – wooden crate painted with a clown design 19/6 • The gift of lavender by Cheryl Bradshaw – lavender-painted sachets, soap, candle and box 19/10 • Twinkle, twinkle little Santa by Frances Carleton – wooden stars painted with a Santa image 19/2 • Violets on terracotta by Alison Archbold – folk art violet-painted terracotta bowl 19/9 • Welcoming roses by Karen Kiely – folk art painted welcome plaque 19/7 Knitting and crochet • Baby’s crochet jacket by Patons – blue baby jacket with white edging, matching bootees and ball 19/7 • Country crochet by Panda – traditional crochet jug covers with button edging 19/6 • Crochet coathangers by Patons – crochet hangers 19/7 • Crochet dog draught-stoppers – crochet sausage dog draught catchers 19/7 • Cute and cosy by Patons – Christmastheme tea-cosies 19/12 • Easy scarf and bag by Patons – bag and scarf knitted with Feathers and Fireside yarns and embellished with beads 19/11 • Fireside favourites by Patons – knitted mantlepiece stockings in cream and beige 19/4 • Grandma’s flower garden by Pam Hair – crochet flower-motif rug 19/8 • Handy cases by Patons – small crochet handbags 19/7 • Lady’s scalloped-edge jacket by Patons – crochet jacket and matching shoulder bag 19/7 Plaid for two by Jo Sharp – mother and • daughter plaid knits 19/11 • Pretty girl’s halter top and hair clips by Patons – knitted halter top and matching crochet flower hair clips 19/9 • Snuggle up by Jo Sharp – women’s sweater and beanie and man’s v-neck sweater and striped scarf 19/10 • Sweet pea by DMC for Radda – little girl’s pale green top and hat 19/1

• Tea-cosy delights by Patons – three crochet tea-cosies embellished with ribbon 19/7 • Winter wonderland by Jo Sharp – knitted cushions and cable throw 19/12 Mosaic work • Mosaic starfish by Pauline Bright – mosiac look-alike letter holder and pencil caddy 19/9 • Shimmering rock pool by Christine Stewart – mosaic terracotta bowl 19/9 Mixed media • A delicious spread by Debbie von Grabler-Crozier – strawberry quilt, swag and doll set 19/11 • A stitch in time by Debbie von GrablerCrozier – cross-stitch egg cosy, painted quilted trivet and quilted basket liner set 19/9 • Angel of peace by Lesley McConnell of Faeries in My Garden – wall-hanging featuring country Christmas panel and embroidered borders 19/3 • Aussies abroad by Debbie von GrablerCrozier – cushion, small quilt, folk art plaques, pot-holder and plastic bag tidy in matching Australiana designs 19/3 • Balsa brood by Debbie von GrablerCrozier – painted blackboard with handcarved balsa wood chickens 19/9 • Calico Christmas by Lotta French – matching angel and Christmas stocking with stencilling 19/4 • Cinnamon glow by Sharon Hawkins – terracotta pot votives decorated with cinnamon, dried apple and fabric strips 19/12 • Christmas pines by Sharon Hawkins – fake pines in terracotta pots decorated with cinnamon sticks and dried apple 19/12 • Cosy cup of tea by Nikki Tervo – blue and white check tea-cosy with small cross-stitch embellishment 19/3 • Country pleasures by Leeanne Pitman – embroidered, appliquéd and quilted bag with the phrase ‘simple pleasures are life’s treasures’ 19/3 • Country times by Lynley Mitchell – Christmas cut-outs attached to fence palings with a matching angel decoration 19/4 • Daisy chain by Deidre Morgan – yellowstriped cushion with appliqué leaves, Suffolk Puff flowers and embroidered lettering 19/8 • Easter cheer by Debbie von GrablerCrozier – table runner with embroidered centre and egg border, and matching Easter bunny doll 19/8

handmade vol 19 index
• Fish for tea by Janet Eadie – decoupaged platter and matching stencilled tablecloth in lime green and blue, fish motifs supplied 19/1 • From the heart by Bev Tully – felt needlecase with buttons, embroidery and other small embellishments 19/3 • Gentle radiance by Sharon Hawkins – candle-holder centrepiece made with faux berries and leaves 19/12 • Gifts for grandma by Chris Lamey – kids’ project featuring a simple stitchery and a wooden box decorated with novelty buttons 19/6 • Have a shabby Christmas by Kylie Stubbles – fake flower wreath with ribbon and butterfly embellishments 19/3 • Have yourself a merry little Christmas by Debbie von Grabler-Crozier – matching appliqué cushion, stitchery, Santa doll, plaque, swag and decorations with a naive country theme 19/2 • Hearts sublime by Kylie Stubbles – cross-stitched, ribbon-embroidered and patched heart decorations in candy pinks and muted green 19/3 • Hip heart wreath by Sharon Hawkins – dried fruit heart-shaped wreath embellished with fabric, raffia and cinnamon 19/12 • I love buttons by Debbie von GrablerCrozier – naive set with doll, wall-hanging, cushion, plaque, picture and key rings, all using buttons, painting and stitching 19/6 • I’m dreaming of a … by Jenny Bishop – silver wreath with stuffed fabric snowman and poinsettias 19/2 • Ivy times by Frances Carleton – painted ivy tassel with green fringe 19/3 • Jolly jocks by Jenny Bishop – garland of three snowmen 19/4 • Love is … by Wendy Doyle – wallhanging showing three flowers in pots using quilting, painting and appliqué 19/3 • My mother, my friend by Vickie Shaw – painted photo album and matching cushion with crayon and embroidery 19/10 • Mr and Mrs Claus by Debbie von GrablerCrozier – Christmas decorating items including Mr and Mrs Claus dolls, painted stocking, tree skirt, pine-needle stars and painted tray 19/4 • Potty about place cards by Sharon Hawkins – painted terracotta pots used as place cards and decorated with cord and faux leaves 19/12 • Santa’s little helpers by Jan Bergman – appliquéd and embroidered Christmas garments for children 19/2 • Sea shells by Wendy Doyle – blue wooden plaque with seashells and rope attached and stencilled lettering 19/5 • Service with style by Janet Eadie – painted terracotta plates with ribbon detail 19/2 • Shimmer and shine by Janet Eadie – Christmas cards using metallic paint and foil, featuring a candle, tree and giftbox 19/2 • Sweets for my sweet by Janet Eadie – Christmas lolly wreath 19/2 • Stars to shine by Sharon Hawkins – small fabric stars with silver beading and fake gems 19/2 • The sweetest thing by Deborah van Dyke – lolly jar lids decorated with painted modelling-clay candies 19/10 • Tiny trinket boxes by Yvonne Fitzell – small painted boxes with threedimensional painted paper flower and butterfly toppers 19/10 • Topiary style by Attic Crafts – painted and embroidered topiary tree framed 19/11 • Trim the tree by Karen Kiely – modellingclay Christmas decorations in angel, tree and star shapes painted gold and silver 19/2 • Twice as nice by Christine Lamey – painted and embroidered bear panel framed with matching painted bear plaque 19/11 • Under the water by Pauline Bright – bright diorama and matching stencilled table runner 19/5 • Watermelon summer by Debbie von Grabler-Crozier – project set including mini wall-hanging, doll, clock, bowl and trivet, all with a watermelon theme 19/5 Potions and candles • Christmas tree candles by Lyn Cohen – snow-capped Christmas tree candles 19/2 • Finishing touches and All aglow about apples by Sharon Hawkins – decorating ideas for candles using apples, dried fruit and cinnamon 19/12 Quilting and appliqué • A chat and a cuppa by Lesley McConnell – quilt featuring appliqué teapot and cup and saucer 19/7 • A little country wedding by Yvonne Reid – pale blue patchwork ‘wedding’ quilt 19/8 • A loving couple by Nicky Iwers – appliqué and quilted wall-hangings on hessian featuring an angel and Santa 19/12 • A mother’s love by Leeanne Pitman – quilted wall-hanging with motherly sentiment and embroidered panels 19/10 • An apple a day by Leeanne Pitman – mini quilt with pieced centre panel and appliqué apples in country colours 19/7 • Angels of the season by Leeanne Pitman – red, green and white country cushion and small quilt with angel appliqué and piecing 19/4 • Angels of the season by Julie McKenzie – red patchwork quilt with embroidered Christmas angel panels 19/12 • Arrows of fun by Becky Peters – bright triangle-pieced quilt 19/9 • As sweet as can bee by Therese Rankmore – quilted and appliquéd cushion with beehive and flowers 19/11 • Baby bluebird by Leeanne Pitman – naive bluebird design appliquéd on baby garments 19/3 • Bird house bliss by Lynley Mitchell – quilted wall-hanging with bird house appliqué 19/8 Buttons and lace by Lynley Mitchell – • quilted bellpull wall-hanging embellished with old-world lace and buttons 19/6 • Bright spinach quilt by Joy White – bright quilt made with vegetable-inspired Kaffe Fasset fabrics 19/6 • Buzzing around by Debbie von GrablerCrozier – quilted table centre with appliqué bee and flower border 19/8 • Country angels by Julie McKenzie – mini quilt with angel and heart appliqué 19/11 • Country bear by Julie McKenzie – patchwork quilt with a large bear appliqué centre 19/8 • Check please! by Frances Carleton – quilt made with assorted check and tartan fabrics 19/11 • Chicken charm by Vickie Shaw – appliqué cushion featuring a mother hen and chicks 19/10 • Crazy for colour by Ann Bruce – crazy patchwork glasses case 19/10 • Crazy Christmas by Lesley McConnell of Faeries in My Garden – large crazy patchwork stocking 19/2 • Craftaholic’s shopping bag by Judy Hansen – large quilted patchwork bag with appliqué panel featuring a woman holding shopping bags 19/6 • Daisy daisy by Lynley Mitchell – country patchwork and appliqué table runner 19/1 • Dinner for two by Leeanne Pitman – Christmas pieced heart appliqué placemats and coasters 19/12 patt 20/1 • Faded roses by Judy Gray – floral patchwork quilt with Prairie Point edge 19/7 • Fantastic flannels by Honeysuckle Cottage – country-style quilt made of flannel fabric 19/1 • Festive finishing touch by Cecile Whatman of Unique Stitching and Designs – Christmas table runner with simple appliqué panels and pointed ends 19/2 • Fill your pockets by Therese Rankmore – appliqué wall-hanging with pockets to display Christmas cards 19/2 • Fly away by Leeanne Pitman – appliqué butterfly and dragonfly wall-hangings 19/1 • For the kitchen by Gladys Manning – appliqué teapots and cups framed 19/8 • Friends care by Judy Gray – small pieced wall-hanging with a teddy bear appliqué 19/9 • Ginny giraffe by Frances Carleton – wall-hanging featuring a large giraffe appliqué 19/9 • Hark the herald by Joy White – appliquéd and quilted wall-hanging featuring a large angel in the centre 19/2 • Henny Penny by Leeanne Pitman – appliqué chook cushion 19/1 • Holly berry by Kerrie de Vries – quilted tree skirt with holly appliqué 19/4 • Homely patchwork by Joy White – framed 12-square panel with appliqué houses 19/7 • Honey bunch and Who’s been in the honey? by Leeanne Pitman – matching appliqué cushions and quilted wallhanging featuring bees, beehives and paw-prints 19/8 • Hung with care by Joy White – large quilt featuring Christmas stockings that can be filled 19/4 • I love ewe by Debbie von Grabler-Crozier – appliqué table centre and swag with sheep theme 19/5 • I spy by Therese Rankmore – children’s patchwork quilt made with assorted fabrics 19/11 • Jingle bells, Santa’s elves by Frances Carleton – printed panel quilted and embellished with ribbons, buttons and bells 19/4 • Kid’s crazy quilt by Judy Hills – quilt-asyou-go quilt featuring Winnie the Pooh motifs and scraps 19/6 • Little squares of happiness by Nikki Tervo – small quilted patchwork wallhangings featuring ceramic buttons 19/9 • Melting hearts by Leanne Siegert of Farmgate Cottage – appliqué quilted throw in soft country tones 19/3 • Mini Baltimore by Linda Douglas – mini nine-block Baltimore quilt 19/5 • Moggies and me by Lesley Hiller – appliqué work of a woman with cats framed 19/11 • O Christmas tree by Leeanne Pitman – cushions with Christmas tree appliqué 19/12 • Oh Christmas tree by Robin Coombes – quilted wall-hanging with large Christmas tree and stars in red and green 19/2

• Patchwork carryall by Yvonne Reid – large quilted bag with pansy appliqué and matching pincushion, needlecase and scissor keeper 19/9 • Passion for purple by Rowena BarnesCoote – simple purple and cream pieced quilt with appliqué motifs 19/9 • Peggy’s butterfly quilt by Debbie von Grabler-Crozier – green and mauve quilt with butterfly appliqué 19/9 • Pretty in pastels by Leeanne Pitman – quilted patchwork table centre and matching teacup mats 19/10 • Pinafore blooms by Joan Watters – appliqué flower design for a girl’s pinafore 19/3 • Pins and things by Ann Bruce – patchwork glasses case and pincushion 19/8 • Pouch full of fun by Trixi Symonds – quilted noughts-and-crosses pouch 19/11 • Puff patches by Therese Rankmore – quilted puffy Christmas tree decoration 19/4 • Ribbon roses by Bev Tully – ribbon roses for gift boxes 19/3 • Rose heart by Giggle Buttons – small quilted wall-hanging featuring rosepatterned fabric and a large red ceramic button 19/6 • Roses are … by Kerry Swain – quilted wall-hanging with a rose appliqué design 19/10 • Roses are red by Deidre Jones – floral appliqué cushion with Suffolk Puff flowers 19/5 • Santa on the roof by Joy White – whimsical Christmas appliqué wallhanging featuring Santa, sleigh and reindeer 19/2 • Simon’s patch by Mary-Anne Day – quilted wall-hanging with appliquéd scarecrow and garden 19/5 • Sits and sews by Nicky Iwers of the Country Quilt Co – appliqué and patchwork tote bag 19/1 • String of yuletide charms by Therese Rankmore – appliqué and quilted Christmas swag 19/4 • Stripes of pink by Joy White – pretty pink and green floral quilt 19/5 • Sugar and spice by Judy Gray of Rose Patchwork Cottage – cot quilt with Prairie Point edge 19/1 • Sweet heart by Julie McKenzie – large mauve patchwork quilt with Suffolk Puff heart in the centre and button and appliqué detailing 19/6 • Table class by Ann Bruce – quilted patchwork table runner in muted tones 19/8 • The old schoolhouse by Maria Murdaca – mini patchwork quilt with house centre 19/10

• Top the table at Christmas by Rosemary Hyde – patchwork table runner with Christmas appliqué 19/12 • Tweety treats by Jenny Bishop – Christmas stocking with appliqué bird house and hearts 19/4 • Warm fuzzies by Lesley McConnell of Faeries in My Garden – small appliquéd stitcheries using felt and osnaburg 19/3 • Wildcats by Trina of Anirt Designs – quilt made from bright novelty cat prints and finished with cat quilting 19/5 • Wild thing by Jan Harvey – large waterlily quilt with three-dimensional frogs attached 19/9 Sewing • A present for Katelyn by Bev Tully – fabric name plaque with a teddy bear fairy and embroidered name 19/11 • A table of hearts and stars by Sharon Hawkins – gingham and osnaburg tablecloth with matching napkins 19/12 • Button trees by Sharon Hawkins – small country Christmas wall-hangings with button embellishments 19/12 patt 20/1 • Chair cheerers by Sharon Hawkins – gingham and osnaburg heart and starshaped chair hangers 19/12 • Cloth country by Cloth Kids Australia – boy’s tracksuit and girl’s pinafore outfit 19/8 • Cooler with wheat by Jan Bergman – wine bottle and platter coolers filled with wheat 19/11 • Country comfort by Lynley Mitchell – country-style pieced pot-holder made from scraps 19/3 • Felt butterflies by Jan Quigley – felt chatelaine with bright felt butterflies and flowers and matching needlecase 19/10 • Felt fantastic by Kylie Stubbles – three pincushions made from bright-coloured felt 19/3 • Finishing with felt by Leeanne Pitman – felt gingerbread, stocking and tree Christmas decorations 19/2 • Flowers from the heart by Julie McKenzie – pretty floral cushions with Prairie Point edges and button hearts 19/6 • Hang your heart by Sharon Hawkins – strings of stuffed rustic hearts embellished with buttons and Suffolk Puffs 19/12 • Hessian gift bags by Leeanne Pitman – small hessian Christmas gift bags with little stitchery panels 19/4 • Hunting time by Leeanne Pitman – Easter theme tote bag 19/8 • Lilac ballerina by Jan Bergman – lilac ballet bag and hanger embellished with sequins 19/7

• Monster pillow fight by Judy Hansen – bright patterned children’s boxer shorts, pyjama bag, robe and three large cushions 19/5 • On safari by Jan Bergman – picnic set including cutlery carrier, serviette holder and tablecloth 19/3 • Over the moon by Leeanne Pitman – pencil roll and library bag in space-theme fabric 19/6 • Pastel perfection by Julie McKenzie – floral ‘shabby-chic’-style handbags 19/10 • Red poinsettia by Susan Clarke – small bag with a drawstring in poinsettia fabric 19/4 • Rose noel by Jan Bergman – green, red and gold table setting including runner, serviettes, serviette rings, candle-holder and ribbon roses 19/4 • Running with elegance and Classic Christmas linen by Kylie Stubbles – cream linen table runner, placemats and napkins with gold beading 19/12 • Santa please stop here by Cecile Whatman – large patchwork sack 19/4 • Soft snowflakes by Jan Bergman – three cream and tartan cushions with positive and negative cut outs 19/11 • String of hearts by Lynley Mitchell – rustic stuffed hearts with calico star patches on twine 19/4 • Sweet as candy by Leeanne Pitman – coordinated cushions in pastels 19/1 • Sweet scents by Lynley Mitchell – small scented cushions with lace and button embellishments 19/6 • Toddler set by Cloth Kids Australia – toddler’s overalls and long-sleeved T-shirt 19/11 Scrapbooking, stamping and papercrafts • All wrapped up – giftwrap decorations including toppers and paper designs 19/3 • Angel heart by Suellen Bottecchia – red, blue and yellow cards and badges stamped with angels 19/1 • Beach treasures by Bev Fischer – starfish stamped set including card, paper and boxes 19/3 • Beary special by Bev Fischer – cute bear stamped cards 19/9 • Bubbles by Be Creative – scrapbooking layout using circle cutouts 19/5 • Christmas quilt by Tracey Russell – patchwork-quilt-style scrapbooking layout 19/5 • Colour explosion by Suellen Bottecchia – stamped handbag cards with exploding inserts 19/3

• Dear mum by Bev Fischer – assorted Mother’s Day cards 19/10 • Down on the farm by Be Creative – country-theme scrapbooking layout featuring buttons and earthy colours 19/6 • Fair greetings by Bev Fischer – assorted simple cards for selling at fairs and fetes 19/11 • Floral fantasy by Bev Fischer – purple and yellow floral cards 19/1 • Get cracking by Suellen Bottecchia – Christmas bonbons, invitations and place cards 19/12 • Heartfelt gifts by Suellen Bottecchia – stencilled giftbox and card set 19/10 • Holiday memories by Veronica Neal – scrapbooking layout with beach theme 19/9 • Hoppy Easter by Bev Fischer – three Easter bunny cards in pastel colours 19/8 • Jolly gingerbread by Bev Fischer – stamped gingerbread garland, baskets, cards and wreath with stamped reindeer 19/4 • Life’s a beach by Bev Fischer – set of five beach-themed cards 19/5 • Love bears by Bev Fischer – red and white Valentines cards featuring several bear and heart stamps 19/6 • Mosaic of memories by Samantha Dorn – scrapbooking layout featuring mosaiclike squares 19/4 • Once upon a time by Libby East – scrapbooking page for a newborn 19/1 • Precious keepsake by Samantha Dorn – rust-coloured Mother’s Day layout embellished with buttons 19/10 • Pretty pressies by Suellen Bottecchia – stamped and embossed card, Chinese box, chocolate box and miniature handbag set 19/10 • Renaissance iris by Amanda Clarke – stamped, painted and framed iris image 19/6 • Stamp your greetings by Bev Fischer – stamped Christmas cards in red, blue and silver with snowman, reindeer, Santa hat and snowflake images 19/2 • Star bright by Frances Carleton – papiermaché Christmas tree lampshade 19/12 patt 20/1 • Starlight stationery by Pauline Bright – star-themed stationery set, kids’ project 19/6 • Taronga Zoo by Susan O’Keeffe – scrapbooking layout using tearing and twine 19/5 • The Blue Mountains by Susan O’Keeffe – pages using squares as a feature 19/5 • Yuletide by Jayne Mercer – Christmas layout using free paper in Handmade 19/5.

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