Baby Lock Palette 5

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					Baby Lock Palette 5.0 slightly used! Ultimate Creative Embroidery Software
   Advanced auto-digitizing Powerful stitch editing Full-featured customizing

Compatible with all Brother, Bernina Deco (.pes), Baby Lock, Simplicity, and White Embroidery machines. Create unique embroidery from your own artwork or customize an existing design. The Baby Lock Palette 5.0 creative system has all the digitizing and design editing capabilities you need to take your creativity to a new level. Automatic Digitizing – Create beautiful designs from clip art or scanned images automatically Editing – Alter designs to create exciting new embroideries Customize – Personalize your designs to fit any embroidery project. Major Features:
            Wizards for easy auto-digitizing or manual digitize designs Multiple Stitch variations including radial and spiral fill stitches Realistic preview to view work all during the creation process Film window for selecting objects and changing the sewing order Numerous built-in hoops to choose from or create your own Powerful stitch editing tools True type fonts to create all types of lettering for your design Photo stitch & Cross Stitch Wizard Convert file formats (supports PES, DST) Preview and find designs quickly with Design Database Thread Display-Select embroidery thread from the most popular brands Write the PES data to the included Brother blank memory card

   Photo-Stitch – Turn your favorite pictures into attractive designs Cross-Stitch – Produce embroidery with the quality look of hand stitching Thread Display – Select embroidery thread from the most popular brands

    One CD-ROM One Blank 4MB Card #BLEC-BC4 Instruction Manual One Palette 5.0 USB Card Writer Box

System Requirements:
      IBM PC with Pentium processor or 100% compatible (133MHz or higher) Windows 98, ME, XP, or 2000 Minimum 32 MB RAM (64 MB or more is recommended) 100 MB Hard Drive space SVGA Monitor (800x600), 16-bit color or higher USB Port Version 1.1

  

CD-ROM Drive (required for installation) Mouse or compatible pointing device Printer supported by your system (for printing pattern information)