Top Secret Bulletproof Budget Plan for Better Recession Busting (Part 2) by toriola1


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Top Secret Bulletproof Budget Plan for Better Recession Busting. (Part 2) By MJ Jensen

Top Secret Bulletproof Budget Plan for Better Recession Busting. (Part 2) This article is a continuation of a two part series on a simple but effective budget plan to fight debt. 7. Fun Stuff. This is the items you do for entertainment or relaxing. Could be a night on the town, fast food when running to the next sports practice, travel, or other items that may actually make life worth living some days. It is vital that you don't think of this category in a negative light, it is important; just make sure to keep track of your spending. In fact, like food diet don't' work if you take out ALL the tasty food, money "diets" won't work if there is no room to treat yourself, reward yourself for the hard work in all the other categories. 8. Insurance, All types of insurance, health, life, homeowners, renters, auto or any other forms of insurance. 9. Miscellaneous, This is what doesn't fall under everything else. The most important item to put here is your personal debt. This includes your payments to debt such as credit cards or personal loans. 10. Tired of working for the man expenses, This is for the category of expenses to apply to your business, savings or investment expenses. These folder and catagories help to keep you organized when tax time rolls around. You're not done yet. Setting up your plan is just the first step. The next important step is to track your money from the moment you spend it. So copy down the categories and put them in your pocket or purse. Every time you make a purchase check that receipt to make sure the charges are correct. Then pull out the list with categories, find which category the debt is from and write the category on the receipt. When your home at night, gather all your receipts and file them in the correct category folder. Now go and balance your account, yes do this every night. After a while it will only take a few minutes
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Presented by Daniel Toriola
out of your day. This will not only give you a clear understanding of your debt load, it helps you develop a plan to eliminate debt and start living life with less stress. It also gives you a sense of oneness with your money, a sense of power. Because you will start to see exactly where all your money goes. Too many of us don't know because we're too stressed out at the thought of finding out. If you start doing this budget plan your have a clear picture of your cash flow and debt. But debt will not stop if you don't quit buying that big screen television or visiting that expensive spa every month to de-stress yourself from all that credit card debt you accumulated. You have to start paying the debt down, and then when your rainy day fund is large and you are not buried in debt you can take that dream vacation. In the mean time don't forget you have the category of Fun Stuff and those are micro mini vacations. Learn to enjoy and savor your moments out, even if it's fast food. It isn't going to be easy, but it is going to be very, very rewarding and empowering. When you start paying off that debt, start with the small debt first, apply all you can to it. When that debt is paid off, take all that money and apply it to the next highest debt, plus that debts amount you're paying. Before you know it there will be light at the end of the tunnel. You'll feel weight lifting off you, weight you may not even realize has been holding you down. Hang in there, watch your money and make your money work for you, high debt only means your money works for the mortgage company and works for the credit card companies, not you. You earned that money; the banks just want to separate you from your money. Quit letting your money work for the credit card companies, the mortgage company and put it to work for you. Start saving and investing today. This might seem like a boring tedious process, but these steps have been proven put many people on the path to wealth and freedom so take heed and start today.

MJ Jensen has studied Real Estate from the Homeowners perspective for over 20 years. He provides tips on mortgage problems, and understanding debt and credit solutions for consumers. You can visit his site at

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Presented by Daniel Toriola
Top Secret Bulletproof Budget Plan for Better Recession Busting. (Part 1) By MJ Jensen

Top Secret Bulletproof Budget Plan for Better Recession Busting. (Part 1) Every day the media is telling everyone we are in a recession. Some experts are even saying to hold on because the United States could face a full blown Depression, the likes of which our country has not seen since the great Depression of the 1930's. Unemployment going up, people are losing their jobs by the thousands every month. The cost of gas has doubled in less than four years and the oil companies are getting rich off us. The Housing market is in the biggest slump in over Forty Years and Homeowners are facing foreclosures at the highest rate in over 100 years. What does the current recession have to do with a Bulletproof, Budget Plan? Most consumers are currently buried in debt; the savings rate in the United States is at an all time low of 2 %. This means the majority of us are buried in debt because of many factors, among them: cost of mortgage, health problems, job loss, rising fuel costs or spending habits left unchecked. Many of us have not set-up a rainy day fund or kept their debt to income ratio low. Most consumers in the United States are living off their credit cards and that is train ride is heading for an almost guaranteed wreck. So what can you do to protect yourself from this debt train wreck? Start by getting control of your debt right now. The best way to start is to set-up a budget plan to understand your current debt to cash flow ratio. This alone can start saving you money, just understanding your debt and refusing to spend money on stupid things. So let me show you the top secret, bullet proof, fail safe, budget plan. First thing you're going to do is set up ten files in a folder or file cabinet. These ten folders are where you keep the receipts from your expenditures. Now label these folders as follow. 1. You, pay yourself first. Did you hear me? Pay yourself first always, this is where the rainy day fund will come from. Stop letting your money work for other people, make it work for you. This is your future retirement fund. 2. Giving, this is where you put the charitable donations to your religious organization, charitable organization. 3. Taxes, enough said, nobody likes them, but you have to pay them. 4. Home, Whatever your home it may be, house, condo or apartment. This is usually your largest expense. 5. Living Expenses, This could be utilities, food, clothing, remodeling or updating your home, or other expenses involved in maintaining your current living conditions. 6. Transportation, This includes auto, fuel, parking, subway or bus fares, auto repairs or auto

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Presented by Daniel Toriola
payments. The rest of the budget plan is continued in part two. You will find how to use this plan to start your recession busting budget plan today.

MJ Jensen has studied Real Estate from the Homeowners perspective for over 20 years. He provides tips on mortgage problems, and understanding debt and credit solutions for consumers. You can visit his site at

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