A study of 31 teacher leaders Ann Lieberman Linda

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					  how teachers
  learn to lead
  A study of 31 teacher leaders
Ann Lieberman & Linda Friedrich
    The new social
  realities of teaching

From individualism to community
From anecdotes to accountability
From technical to inquiry learning
From “my” class to “our students”
From isolated to committed colleagues
Learning leadership:
acquiring an identity

 Austen Reilly and gendered classes
 Ronni Michelin becomes a VP in a high
 school in the Bronx - 3 voices
Learning to handle conflict:
   Making it Productive
 Christy Wegmann a middle school social studies
 teacher defies the district and wins.
 Mimi Dyer tries to change too many things and
 her peers vote her out of being Dept Chair. She
 learns for the next position.
  Learning to Collaborate:
inside & outside the school

 Liz Davis in D.C. builds alliances and involves the
 students. They get new books and a new building

 Paul Epstein has been a co-director of his W.
 Virginia writing project and conquers his fear of
 being a developer in his own school.
 Learning from practice:
    reflecting on old
  and new knowledge
Anne Aliverti learns how to mentor teachers in
Wa. - even those outside her area of expertise

Kim Larson works for the state dept. in
Nebraska and draws on what she learned in the
NWP - study groups, etc. online
teacher leaders learn

 to collaborate with fellow teachers
 to work successfully with their peers
 to create new leaders where possible
 to follow the lead of those they mentor
 to be gofers when necessary
 to lead while empowering teachers to learn
supporting teacher leadership
  providing time

  announcing your support for teacher

  creating structures that allow for teachers to
  work together

  recognizing that improvement must be long
  term, consistent and practiced w/support.

  understanding the tension between uniformity
  and flexibility