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									                                                                                              Ronald Reagan

                                                   Ronald Reagan
                                           40 President of the United States

                                                       Fact Sheet
Wife: Grace Jane Wyman / Nancy Davis
Vice President: George HW Bush
Sec. Of State: Alexander Haig
College: Eureka College
Party: Republican

Before Presidency:

                •    Radio Announcer 1932-1937
                •    Actor 1937-1965
                          o     Sergeant Murphy
                          o     Brother Rat
                          o     Dark Victory
                          o     Hell’s Kitchen
                          o     Knute Rockne – All American (Played the “Gipper”)
                          o     King’s Row
                          o     That Hagen Girl
                          o     Bedtime for Bonzo
                          o     The Girl from Jones Beach
                          o     The Winning Team
                          o     Hosted: Death Valley Days
                          o     Hosted: General Electric Theatre
                •    Served as a 2nd Lieutenant in the Army during WWII 1942-1945
                •    Governor of California 1967-1975


                •    Assassination attempt by John Hinckley Jr. 3-30-1981
                •    Social Security (ensured retirement systems solvency beyond 2050) 1983
                •    Grenada Invasion 1983
                •    Star Wars 1983
                •    US-Canadian Trade Pact 1988
                •    Iran Contra Scandal 1985-1989

After Presidency:

                •    Retired to Bel-Air, California
                •    He now had Alzheimer’s’ disease

States Added:

                •    None

                                                                                                                 Ronald Reagan


                •    1st President to be divorced
                •    1st & only professional actor to become president
                •    Oldest elected president (69)
                •    Lived longer than any other president
                •    Beat out John Wayne and Robert Young in Knute Rockne – All American
                •    When he left office, he was the most popular president since Eisenhower
                •    He broke the chain of presidential deaths of presidents elected in a year ending in “O”
                •    In retirement, he had his house number changed from “666” to “668”
                •    His father gave his the nickname “Dutch” because he would say that Reagan was his little Dutch Boy
                •    He was a lifeguard during his youth and saved nearly 80 people from drowning
                •    His father was an alcoholic and a shoe salesman
                •    The national debt doubled during his presidency (Over $1 Trillion)
                •    The First Lady started the “Just Say No” programs
                •    In college, he played football, track, & swam, but didn’t play baseball because of nearsightedness
                •    He accidentally gave a speech in Bittberg cemetery in Germany, where Nazi SS Soldiers were buried
                •    His autobiography is titled: Where’s the Rest of Me?
                •    He was originally a democrat and a great admirer of Franklin Roosevelt
                •    While being wheeled into the operating rooms after having an assassination attempt he asked the doctors,
                     “Please tell me you’re all Republicans”
                •    He wore number “33” when he played for his college’s “Golden Tornadoes”
                •    He kept a bowl of jelly beans on his desk and would munch on them during meetings

Inventions and Miscellaneous:

                •    Sandra Day O’Connor is the appointed as the first woman Supreme Court Justice
                •    IBM and Apple developed affordable personal computers (PC’s)
                •    The space shuttle Challenger explodes
                •    Michael Jackson becomes popular
                •    The Summer Olympics are held in Los Angeles (Soviets withdrew)
                •    The Vietnam Memorial is dedicated in Washington DC


                •    Dutch
                •    The Great Communicator

Supreme Court Appointments:

                •    Sandra Day O’Connor
                •    William Rehnquist
                •    Antonin Scalia
                •    Anthony Kennedy


                •    None


                •    “What I’d really like to do is go down in history as the President who made Americans believe in themselves

                                                  Summary of Life

            Ronald Wilson Reagan was born February 6, 1911, at his parents’ apartment in Tampico, Illinois.
His family moved to several small towns in Illinois during his childhood. His father was a store manager.
With his older brother Neil, Ron (nicknamed “Dutch” by his father) enjoyed exploring the countryside and
swimming in the summer and sledding and skating in the winter.

                                                                                            Ronald Reagan

         His mother taught him to read before entering elementary school. He was a good student in high
school and a star athlete, playing on the football, basketball, and track teams. As a senior, he was student
body president and appeared in school plays. Those experiences helped interest Ron in becoming an actor.
He continued his education at Eureka College (1928-1932), majoring in sociology and economics. He was
active in student government and on the football, track, and swim teams. Reagan received honors for his
performance in a play, Aria da Capo by Edna St. Vincent Millay. Upon graduation, he decided to accept a
job as a sports announcer at a small radio station in Davenport, Iowa.
         He married actress Jane Wyman on January 26, 1940. the couple had one daughter, Maureen
(1941), and adopted one son, Michael , in 1945. The marriage suffered because of work pressures and
differing political views. They were divorced June 28, 1948. Four years later, Reagan married Nancy Davis
on March 4, 1952. She supported him through his political campaigns. As First Lady, she initiated the “Just
Say No” program to attack the problem of drugs and alcohol in America. The Reagans have two children a
son and a daughter.
         After serving in the Army Reserve during World War II, Ronald Reagan was determined to enter
show business. He was a successful actor for Warner Bros. Studio and television host of the General
Electric Theater and Death Valley Days before entering politics. He served as Governor of California from
1968-1975, restricting the size and cost of the state government, increasing the income tax, and imposing
new requirements on welfare eligibility. Because he was a popular and effective governor, Reagan received
the Republican nomination for president in 1980. As president, Reagan was able to slow inflation and
created new jobs. He survived an assassination attempt in 1981. His administration regularly opposed acts
of terrorism around the world. The most serious controversy of his presidency involved the sale of arms to
Iran and the channeling of profits to the Nicaraguan Contras. Relations with the Soviet Union improved in
1985 under President Mikhail Gorbachev. The two leaders signed the Intermediate-range Nuclear Forces
Treaty in 1987. Both countries agreed to destroy hundreds of medium-and short-range missiles.
         On January 20, 1989, the Reagans retired to their home in Bel Air, California. The former
president currently has Alzheimer’s Disease.

                                         Practice Questions

    3.   He was on the football, track, and swimming teams in college but never could play baseball
         because of near-sightedness. He later broadcasted baseball games.
    2.   The oldest man ever elected president, he imposed trade sanctions against Poland and the Soviet
         Union after Poland declared Martial Law to silence dissent led by Lech Walesa.
    1.   He appointed the first woman Supreme Court Justice. The space shuttle Columbia was launched
         during his presidency.

                                                                                         Ronald Reagan

3.   His administration’s support for prayer in the public schools and its opposition to abortion aroused
     much controversy. His first secretary of state was Alexander Haig.
2.   He sought the Republican nomination twice before obtaining it As president, he caused
     controversy with a speech at the Bittberg cemetery in Germany. Because of a slip-up by his staff,
     the president was unaware that Nazi SS soldiers were buried there.
1.   Within two months of his inauguration, he was shot in the side by John Hinckley out side a
     Washington hotel. Press Secretary James Brady was seriously wounded in the head.


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