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									September 2009 Vol. 26 / No. 1                                                                              Patience Merullo, Editor

                             Homelessness Affects Us All – A Panel Discussion
                                            Monday, September 21st at 7:30 p.m.
On any given night in America, anywhere from 700,000 to 2 million people are homeless, according to estimates of the National Law Center
on Homelessness and Poverty, 2008. Homelessness effects everyone, in some way.
Please join us on Monday, September 21, 2009 at 7:30 p.m. for a panel discussion on this topic. This education forum will be held at Elm
Brook Place, 124 South Road, Bedford, MA. (See directions on page 4.)
The Panelists are:
Sister Linda Beth from the Massachusetts Coalition for the Homeless (MCH). MCH is the country's oldest statewide homeless advocacy
organization. MCH's policy and organizational work involves the annual participation of over 700 volunteers, over 800 faith communities,
1300 service providers and regional advocacy groups, and hundreds of families and individuals who have experienced homelessness.
Jesse K. Vazzano, LICSW, Health Care for Homeless Veterans, Program Manager, Edith Nourse Rogers Memorial VAMC. This Program is
designed to end involuntary homelessness among veterans through outreach efforts and linkages to both VA and community resources.
Immediate assistance is offered and the underlying problems that led to homelessness is addressed. HCHV provides continuity of care for
homeless veterans through outreach, treatment, case management, and referrals for medical and mental health treatment.
A representative from South Middlesex Opportunity Council, SMOC, Framingham, an organization with decades of experience working
with homeless people that has a resource center that connects homeless people with an array of services with the goal of permanent housing.
A NAMI Family member who has dealt with homelessness.

 Save the dates for this fall’s                                                                           In Memory
 wonderful and exciting programs!
NAMI of Central Middlesex in conjunction with
the Parent /Professional Advocacy League (PPAL)
presents an educational meeting for the public on:
The Police Pocket Guide (PPG) - How to meet the challenges of dealing with youth
with mental health issues. Come see and hear about the Resource for Law
Enforcement and Other First Responders.
Presented by: Stephany Melton and Janet Hodges
October 19th 7:30 – 9:00
Temple Isaiah, 55 Lincoln Street, Lexington 02421
Ask your local police department: “Have you ever been in a challenging situation
with a youth with mental health needs?” If so, invite them along.
 The Soloist
 To be shown at the Lexington Flick
 1794 Massachusetts Ave, Lexington
 November 9th 7:30 – 9:30; doors open at 7:00 for live music and refreshments
 The Soloist is a 2009 film based on the true story of Nathaniel Ayers (Jamie Foxx),
 a musical prodigy who developed schizophrenia during his second year at Juilliard
 School. Ayers becomes homeless in the streets of downtown Los Angeles, playing
 the violin and the cello.
 This will be a fundraiser for the causes of homelessness and mental illness,                   Senator Edward M. Kennedy
 sponsored by NAMI of Central Middlesex, MA. Details to come in next month’s                   A True Friend to NAMI's Mission

 Support Groups for CONSUMERS (persons who have a mental illness):
 1. N A M I C O N N E C T I O N R E C O V E RY S U P P O R T G R O U P S (facilitated by NAMI-trained peers)
      Fitchburg: Sponsored by NAMI of at Boston University,
  a) by NAMI Greater Boston CAN, meetsNorth Central, meets at              b) Roxbury-Spanish group: Sponsored by NAMI Latino
      Messiah Lutheran Church, 750 Rindge Road, Fitchburg every               Metro Boston, meets at Primavera, 26 Washington Street
      Thursday night 7:00 - 8:30 p.m. Sheryl at 978-602-0089. (Meets          #2, Roxbury, MA 02119 on every Tuesday from 6:00 PM
      at the same time and place as the family group, but in a different      to 7:30 PM. Contact: 617-445-8017 (en Espanol)
                                          Framingham: Boston CAN, NAMI Boston University,
                                      c) by NAMI GreaterSponsored by meets atof Greater Framingham,
                                           Commonwealth Ave of Boston , MA the First United Methodist
                                      940meets 2nd ThursdayW., the month at 02215, every 1st and
                                          Church, corner of Book and Water Street, Framingham from
                                          7-9:00 p.m. Contact: Vanessa @ 508-877-4386.

 2. D B S A - B O S TO N (Depression Bipolar Support Alliance - formerly MDDA) meets every Wednesday from 7:00
     to 9:00 pm at McLean Hospital (in Belmont, MA) in the deMarneffe building cafeteria. Additionally, there are drop-in groups on Monday,
     Thursday, Friday, and Saturday from 1:30pm to 3:30pm in room 132 in the deMarneffe building cafeteria, Phone: 617-855-2795,
     Email:, Website: Family focused support groups, as well as consumer support groups are
     both available.

 Support Groups for FAMILIES & FRIENDS of those with a mental illness:
 1. N A M I FA M I LY A N D F R I E N D S S U P P O R T G R O U P S (facilitated by NAMI-trained peers)
  a) Bedford: Sponsored by NAMI Central Middlesex meets                    d) Newton: Sponsored by NAMI of Newton-Wellesley, meets at
     last Tuesday of each month, 7:30 - 9:30 pm, First Church                  the Newton-Wellesley Hospital on the second floor (usually
     of Christ, 25 Great Road (Route 4/62/225). Call ahead to                  Bowles Room #6) at 7:00 PM on the second Tuesday of
     use the elevator for handicap access, Susan Wingfield                     each month. Contact Eileen at 781-444-0750 or Jean at
  b) Fitchburg: Sponsored by NAMI of North Central, meets
                                                                           e) Stow: sponsored by NAMI Central Middlesex, 3rd
     at Messiah Lutheran Church, 750 Rindge Road, Fitchburg
     every Thursday night 7:00 - 8:30 p.m. Contact Diane or                    Saturday of every month,10:00 am, Fellowship Hall, First
     Guy at 978-345-1491. (Meets at same time and place as                     Parish Church in Stow near the intersection of Rt. 117 and
     the consumer group but in a different room.)                              Rt. 62. Call Chuck or Trish Woods at 978-897-2962 for
  c) Framingham: Sponsored by NAMI of Greater                                  more information and directions.
     Framingham, meets at the First United Methodist                        f) West Concord: Sponsored by NAMI Central Middlesex,1st
     Church, corner of Brook and Water Streets, Framingham                     Thursday of each month, *12:30 - 2:00 pm, West Concord
     on the second Thursday of the month, from 7:00 p.m. to                    Union Church, 1317 Main Street. (Use the Pine Street entrance.)
     9:00 p.m. Call Tina or Larry DeAngelo, 508-485-5385.                      Call 781-982-3318 for more information or directions.
 2. N A M I C A R E A N D S H A R E S U P P O R T G R O U P S (facilitated by NAMI Volunteers)
     The monthly Caring and Sharing meeting of NAMI Cambridge-Middlesex will meet at the Cambridge hospital, 1493 Cambridge Street
     in Cambridge. The location is in on the 3rd floor of the main building, in the Learning Center A (also called Conference Room A) on
     the third Monday of the month,7:30 to 9:30 pm. There is free parking, and it's on the T. If you want to attend and if you have any
     questions, please call Elizabeth at 781-646-0397. Or, you can find bus directions to the Cambridge hospital at this link:

 3. D B S A - B O S TO N (Depression Bipolar Support Alliance - formerly MDDA) meets every Wednesday from 7:00
     to 9:00 pm at McLean Hospital (in Belmont, MA) in the deMarneffe building cafeteria. Additionally, there are drop-in groups on Monday,
     Thursday, Friday, and Saturday from 1:30pm to 3:30pm in room 132 in the deMarneffe building cafeteria, Phone: 617-855-2795,
     Email:, Website: Family focused support groups, as well as consumer support groups are
     both available.

Information on Support Groups in other parts of Massachusetts:
To obtain information on consumer or family/friends support groups that meet in other parts of the state, conact the NAMI-Mass
office at 781-938-4048 or 800-370-9085 or check the website:

                                             NAMI of Central Mass Affiliate Helpline:
                                 Our affiliate helpline, 781-982-3318, is covered by trained volunteers.
                                  Leave a message and someone will return your call within 24 hours.
US Health Care Insurance Reform                                 Click the following links to view additional materials on
Unless you have been out of the country or hiding under a       health reform and NAMI’s principles and goals for reform
rock, you have probably heard that United States is in the      legislation.
midst of an action to bring health care reform to our popula-
tion. Many articles have been written over the last few
months. We would suggest that you stay informed, weigh 
all the options, don’t get involved in the hysteria surround-   Here are some additional links to sites on this subject that you
ing this subject, listen to all sides and find out what the     may find to be helpful and balanced:
hidden agenda may be of some of the rhetoric and let your
legislators know you viewpoints.
NAMI's basic message to Congress is:
1. Move this year on health reform legislation that
provides quality and affordable health care for all while
reducing the rate of growth in health care costs in the         Bill Moyers Journal for July 10
2. Ensure that mental illness treatment is included as part
of any required basic benefit package AND is covered at
parity relative to medical surgical benefits consistent
with Paul Wellstone and Pete Domenici Mental Health                    News from NAMI National
Parity and Addiction Equity Act of 2008.
3. Address medical co-morbidities experienced by                 NAMI’s 2008 Annual Report
individuals with serious mental illness through expanded         is now online @
access to primary care and early intervention services.          Take a look back at NAMI's accomplishments, happenings
NAMI also urges that any health care reform package              and benchmarks throughout the year as well as read some
should include:                                                  personal testimonials from wonderful people sharing their
• Adequate financing in order to guarantee that health           stories about mental illness and how they found NAMI.
reform lives up to its promise of delivering comprehen-
sive, affordable coverage                                        NAMI is Moving!
• Income-based standards for premiums, co-payments,              As of August 20, 2009 NAMI's new address will be: 3803 N.
deductibles and all out-of-pocket health care costs              Fairfax Dr., Suite 100, Arlington VA, 22203-1701. Please make
• Premium subsidies on a sliding scale up to 400 percent         note of this change and share it with all of your NAMI friends.
of the Federal Poverty Level along with limits on cost
sharing so health coverage is affordable for all American        NAMI Launches New 2009 "Puzzle Pieces"
families                                                         Public Service Announcement Campaign
• An expansion of Medicaid that strengthens and main-            NAMI announces the launches of a new 2009 "Puzzle Pieces"
tains Medicaid's role as the base of coverage for current        Public Service Announcement Campaign. NAMI's PSA initia-
mandatory beneficiaries                                          tive encourages people to connect with each other through
• Improvements to portability, enrollment, and renewal           NAMI to help themselves and others affected by mental illness.
to maximize coverage, minimize red tape, and provide             The PSA initiative includes TV, Radio, Web banner, outdoor
stability for all Americans                                      and print options. In addition to NAMI national's distribution
                                                                 effort, NAMI affiliates can engage through supporting the
• Regulations that prevent insurance companies from              effort by contacting stations in their media market areas who
discriminating based on health status, gender, and occupa-       have received the PSA and/or purchasing PSAs for a supple-
tion                                                             mental distribution.
• Guarantees that quality, affordable health care coverage       Listen and watch the new 2009 NAMI "Puzzle Pieces" PSA!
is available across the country and that individuals and         Engage in this effort to help make NAMI a household name.
families have options in selecting health plans                  For complete information, visit
• Financial support and incentives for primary commu-
nity based care - especially for children and adults living
with serious mental illness
• Adequate cost savings to improve long-range fiscal
stability                                                                    WHAT: NAMI's Fifth Annual
                                                                                        "Unmasking Mental Illness" Gala
• A strong employer responsibility requirement with
penalties for those employers who do not offer coverage                       DATE: Wednesday, October 14, 2009
based on total payroll rather than penalties tied only to                    PLACE: Andrew W. Mellon Auditorium,
employees who receive income subsidies                                               1301 Constitution Avenue NW,
Sufficient assistance for states so that federal health                              Washington, D.C.
reform does not impose an unnecessary burden on                              TIME: 6:30 pm Silent Auction and Reception
already strained state budgets, and that does not punish                           7:30 pm Dinner
states that have chosen to expand Medicaid and SCHIP
coverage above federal requirements.                                      TICKETS: $300. Please call Susan Gaffney at
                                                                                       703-516-7967 for more information
(continued next column)
Mass. DMH Commissioner Barbara                                         to DMH continuing care facilities, DMH will adhere to the 60
                                                                       percent bed conversion formula rec- ommended by Commission
Leadholm Reports on the Effects                                        (e.g. keeping four beds open for every 10 discharges). A phased
of the Budget Cuts This Year                                           approach is necessary to implement recommendations.
The Mass DMH is moving forward in developing plans and                 2. To move forward with the Commission's recommendations,
timelines around the DMH Inpatient Study Commission Report             DMH plans to consolidate forensic evaluation admissions and
and Recommendations. The recommendations cover a number of             will develop a plan to divert all forensic evaluation admissions to
interdependent areas of the Department including the accelerated       identified facilities. These may include Worcester State Hospital,
consolidation of Westborough State Hospital and the conversion of      Taunton State Hospital and/or Solomon Carter Fuller Mental
inpatient beds at Quincy Mental Health Center to community             Health Center.
placements.                                                            DMH will review and prioritize all other recommendations
Below is the initial plan developed over the past several weeks.       within a one- to three-year timeframe. For more information, see:
The work required to implement the Commission's recommenda-    
tions has just begun and the milestones contained in the plan are
on an aggressive schedule. Many details still need to be worked
out. We are, however, mindful of the $13 million FY2010 budget 
deficit that we must address while concur-rently sustaining our
commitment to creating a mental health system that embraces
Community First, recovery and consumer choice.
As we work on the specifics of planning and implementing the           DMH Area Board Meeting Report
recommendations. The anxiety of uncertainty contributes to staff       by Erna Greene
feeling additional stress. We are hopeful that frequent communi-       The meetings scheduled over the summer of the DMH area board
cation supports you in your work. During these challenging times,      were cancelled due to the activity needed to address the budget
it is even more important that we remain focused on meeting the        cuts. The next meeting will be held in September. Contact me at
needs of the adults, children, adolescents and families who rely       781-777-2328 if you are interested in going.
on us.
The Department of Mental Health's Plan
for Implementation of Inpatient                                           Directions to Elm Brook Place Clubhouse
Commission Report Recommendations                                         124 South Road, Bedford, MA (781) 687-0993
published July 27, 2009                                                   From Route 95/128 North or South:
The Department of Mental Health has reviewed the DMH Inpa-                   Take EXIT 31B Northwest towards Bedford
tient Commission Report and has begun initial planning on the                Travel West on Routes 4/225 (The Great Road)
Commission's recommendations.                                                Turn left on Loomis Street at a traffic light just before
                                                                                the CVS store on the left
The Commission was presented with three challenges: DMH has                  At the junction of South Road, (a very large/wide
an immediate structural deficit of $13 million. There was a sig-                 intersection with a traffic light) turn left
nificant reduction to community services after the FY09 9C cuts.              Elm Brook Place clubhouse is the third building on your
There are an estimated 200 of 788 adults in DMH inpatient units                  left (a two-story cream-colored stand-alone building)
who are ready for discharge to community services without place-          From the West of Bedford
ment available in the community.                                              Travel East on Routes 4/225 (The Great Road) into
DMH Action on Commission Recommendations:                                        Bedford Center
1. After careful review, DMH has accepted and is developing an                Turn right on South Road at the first traffic light on the
implementation plan for the Commission's recommendations. It                     corner of the large white First Church Unitarian that is
is creating placement opportunities for approximately 200                        set back on the town green
patients who are in DMH continuing care beds and whose                        South Road passes through an intersection with a traffic
recovery has progressed so they are able to transition to the                    light,
community within the next 120 days. Existing community                        Elm Brook Place clubhouse is the third building on your
capacity will be utilized toward this goal. In addition, DMH will                left (a two-story cream-colored stand-alone building)
accomplish this by accelerating consolidation of Westborough              Parking: Along the right side or behind the building, if
State Hospital and converting 16 inpatient beds at Quincy Mental          there is space, or in the lot across the street (entrance on
Health Center to community placements; and for every inpatient            other side of the bike shop.)
bed, creating 1.3 community placement opportunities.                      Entrance: Use the front entrance of the building
These recommendations support DMH's Community First Plan
to strengthen and expand its community mental health system,
and create flexible, recovery-based and person-centered services
supporting consumer choice within budget realities.
DMH's acceptance and implementation of the Commission's recom-
mendations regarding Westborough State Hospital and Quincy                             This Bridge and past issues
Mental Health Center is guided by the following principles:                           can be viewed on our website:
Consumers are discharged in a thoughtful way to the community,      
supported by appropriate and responsive services. Movement of
individual clients within inpatient facilities is minimized. To min-
imize disruption of admissions (continued top of next column)

            Education and Training Courses this fall, sponsored by NAMI-Mass

Recovery Support Group Training Program
NAMI Connection support groups are for people with lived experience, meet once a week for 90 minutes and
offer a structured group process designed to encourage, support and empower consumers. Connection sup-
port groups are open to people with any diagnosis and are forming all over the country as a new community
peer service.
NAMI-Mass is looking for consumer volunteers to attend a free three day training to become support group
facilitators. This is a wonderful opportunity for you to learn new skills and give back to others who will greatly
benefit from this weekly recovery group!
WHEN: A weekend in November, dates to be announced
WHERE: To be announced
WHO: People living with mental illnesses who want to help others
TO SIGN UP: Contact Laura Blockel, NAMI-Mass Connection Consultant at 508-344-9971. She will call you
back to tell you more, answer any questions you may have, and do a preliminary interview. See or for more details or information on the program.

Families need help to cope with mental illness. That is why the free Family to Family ((F2F) Education Pro-
gram has drawn over 115,000 participants nationwide since 1995. The 12 week course is taught by trained
volunteers who are also family members caring for individuals with severe brain disorders, i.e. mental illness.
Course participants gain a greater understanding of mental illness, learn coping skills, and are empowered
to advocate for better treatment and services for their family member. The local class being held this fall is
in Concord, starting: Tuesday, Sept. 15, 2009, From: 6:30-9:00PM for twelve weeks. Contact: Dee at 978-
697-3441 or or Tom at 978-618-7521 or for information.
Information on Family-to-Family classes in other parts of Mass. can be found at or by
calling NAMI-Mass at 781-938-4048. The next series of classes will be scheduled in the spring of 2010.

NAMI Basics is the new signature education program for parents and other caregivers of children and adoles-
cents living with mental illnesses. The NAMI Basics course is taught by trained teachers who are the parent
or other caregivers of individuals who developed the symptoms of mental illness prior to the age of 13 years.
The course consists of six classes per program. Classes may be offered weekly for six consecutive weeks, or
may be offered twice per week for three weeks to accommodate the hectic schedules of parents.
If you are a parent of a child diagnosed with a mental illness prior to age 13 years and are interested in
becoming a teacher for our new Basics class, join us for a weekend training . The weekend training is free
of charge.
The course starts Friday, October 16, at 3:00PM and finishes Sunday, October 18 at 12:00PM
Contact Cara Falconi, NAMI Massachusetts Program Director for Children and Adolescent Programs
400 West Cummings Park #6650, Woburn, MA. 01801, phone: 781-938-4048 email:
NAMI-Mass Annual Convention                                         Walk For Suicide
in Springfield October 24th                                              Prevention
The always exciting, informative, and educational NAMI-MASS           Sponsored by
annual convention will be held on October 24th, from 10 a.m. to
4:00 p.m. at the Mass. Mutual Auditorium on Main Street. The        Did you know that in the United States, a person dies by suicide
convention allows us to meet old friends, make new friends,         every sixteen minutes? Suicide is the third leading cause of
have a great lunch to celebrate our year’s successes, learn some    death among fifteen to twenty-four year olds and the second
new things and rejuvenate ourselves in the company of others        leading cause of death among college students. In this country,
who are sharing the burdens of dealing with mental illnesses.       approximately twenty million people suffer from serious
An application for reservations can be found at:                    depression and one million people attempt suicide each year. and will be published in next month’s              However, most Americans remain unaware that suicide is a
Bridge. The registration fee is $40 or $15 for consumers or         major national health problem that takes an enormous toll on
persons with limited financial means.                               family, friends and the entire community.
Our affiliate will be offering 12 scholarships—six each to Potter   On September 12th 2009 you have an opportunity to help the
Place members and Elm Brook Place members.                          See A New Sun Foundation, a local, Littleton based 501-c
Our affiliate will also be hiring a bus to leave from Elm Brook     organization raise funds to continue their work of funding
Place at 7:30 a.m. and return at 5:30 p.m. Parking in Bedford is    education for schools and communities throughout Massachu-
available and there will be no charge for the bus. However,         setts and beyond. SANS provides funding for quality evidence
seating is limited and only the first 45 persons who contact us     based programs for Middle and High Schools through Screen-
will be able to use the bus. Please contact Nancy Willett at        ing for Mental Health’s SOS® Program and the American
781-275-5133 or Please provide               Foundation for Suicide Prevention’s new DVD “More Than
your full name and phone # or email address. If phoning,            Sad”. Other suicide prevention organizations SANS works with
please speak clearly and slowly. A confirmation phone call or       are: NAMI, Massachusetts Coalition for Suicide Prevention,
email will be sent to those applying for the seats.                 AFSP, Screening for Mental Health, Massachusetts Coalition
                                                                    for Suicide Prevention Northeast District, New Hampshire
                                                                    Youth Suicide Prevention Assembly(conference funding) and
                                                                    others through the coalitions mentioned above.
Everything You Wanted to Know about
SSDI & SSI Work Incentives, But were                                Now is the time to walk with us on our journey to prevent
                                                                    suicide. Join us September 12. Registration at 8:30AM, walk
Afraid (or Did Not Know) to Ask                                     starts at 9AM. Two and one-half miles starting at Fay Park in
Are you looking for work as a peer specialist?                      Littleton and returning to Fay Park. Registration and pledge
• Are you worried that by working you will lose all of your         forms are easily obtained from our website
benefits? Or...                                                     There is a $5.00 registration fee. Register now, start getting
                                                                    pledges. Registration and funds can be mailed to See A New
• Are you currently employed as a peer worker or peer special-
                                                                    Sun Foundation, PO Box 1344, Littleton, MA 01460 and/or
ist? Or...
                                                                    brought the day of the walk. Make it a daylong event, after you
• Are you a mental health provider who is hiring & wants to         walk attend the FAIR on Fay Park and celebrate life.
retain peer workers or peer specialists?
If you answered "YES!" to any of the questions above this
training is for you!                                                Volunteer Publicist
Training Dates:                                                     Needed by NAMI-CMSX
This training will be held in Boston, the Northeast & Holyoke,      Are you a recent grad of Family to Family? Are you a long time
Sept. 29th, 30th & 31st. Locations to be determined. For ques-      NAMI member who’s drifted away? Perhaps you’ve got a little
tions or to RSVP, call The Transformation Center at (617) 442-      free time? Would you like to do something that would make a
4111.                                                               HUGE difference in our ability to reach people to provide infor-
The Transformation Center thanks Work Without Limits - UMASS        mation, support, and work for change?
Medical School for their support with this training.                Our affiliate has a desperate need to find someone who could
                                                                    head up our publicity efforts. We need someone who can pub-
                                                                    licize our events and get us some positive press coverage. If
An Interesting Resource                                             you have a relationship with local media, or would be willing
                                                                    to work on building one, we would really love your help. This is the largest consumer                 could be a one person effort or a position coordinating the
mental health site, providing comprehensive, trusted                efforts of several people.
information on psychological disorders and psychiatric              If you’ve wanted to find a way to get more involved, without
medications from both a consumer and expert point of                necessarily making a large time commitment, this could be just
view. They have an active mental health social network              the position you’ve been looking for! We have people with some
for support, online psychological tests, breaking mental            experience who can help you get started. Please consider this
health news, mental health videos, documentary films,               opportunity.
a live mental health TV show, unique tools like their
                                                                    For more detailed information, please contact Ivy Pompeii or
"mediminder" and more.                                              Claire Boudreau. Contact information is on last page.

                                                                                       Members’ Corner
                ice cream social                                                   Sincere sympathy to affiliate member
                a roaring success                                                 Cindy Webb of Littleton and her family
A rainy weather forecast changed our place, but not our enthu-                      on the passing of her husband Fred.
siasm, as we celebrated the end of our affiliate’s year with a cele-               Sincere sympathy to affiliate member
bration of ice cream sundaes, songs, and a special award last June.               Jodi Newman of Stow and her family on
Co-president Nancy Willet created a wonderful plaque and pre-                       the passing of her husband Edward.
sented it to our infamous walk manager, Tom Scurfield, who took                     Best wishes for a speedy recovery to
all the ribbing in good spirits.                                                   affiliate member Trish Woods of Stow.
Claire Boudreau, our song leader led the group in singing “Singing
in the Rain” to start the night’s music and get us in the proper                   Best wishes for continued progress in
spirit in spite of the outside weather. We then sang several verses                rehabilitation to Alan Burt of Lincoln.
to the tune “Hey Lada, Lada, Ladie” telling of our affiliate’s
accomp- lishments during the past year. The evening’s music
ended with wonderful jazz music provided by keyboarder and
affiliate mem- ber John Little.
                                                                       N.Y. Kendra's Law a Success for Treating
                                                                       Mental Illness, New Study Shows
                                                                       Long-term benefits of providing assisted
                                                                       outpatient treatment found.
                                                                       New York's Kendra's Law to provide assisted outpatient treat-
                                                                       ment for people with severe mental illness is effective in a wide-
                                                                       range of measures, and provides long-lasting benefits the longer
                                                                       someone with a mental illness is in the program, a comprehen-
                                                                       sive independent evaluation conducted for the state by Duke
                                                                       University Medical School finds.
                                                                       "The clear fact is that Kendra's Law is an effective mechanism to
                                                                       engage people with the most severe forms of mental illness in
                                                                       outpatient treatment," said Rosanna Esposito, Interim Acting
                                                                       Executive Director of the Treatment Advocacy Center. "Kendra's
                                                                       Law reduces hospitalizations, arrests, substance abuse and other
                                                                       negative consequences of mental illness, while it greatly increases
                                                                       treatment. The law is working just as intended; to increase treat-
                                                                       ment and to keep people safer."
                                                                       Kendra's Law was enacted in 1999 after Kendra Webdale was
                                                                       tragically pushed to her death in front of an oncoming New York
                                                                       City subway train by a man with an untreated mental illness. The
                                                                       incident galvanized the mental health community and state law-
                                                                       makers to develop a better way to provide outpatient treatment to
                                                                       people with severe mental illnesses who have had multiple hospi-
                                                                       talizations or violence due to noncompliance with medication.
                                                                       Key findings of the report include:
                                                                       • Hospitalizations were reduced by more than one-half among
                                                                          people receiving 12 months or more of assisted outpatient
                                                                       • The likelihood of arrest in any given month was reduced from
                                                                          3.7 to 1.9 percent for AOT participants as compared to before
                                                                          they were in the program.
                                                                       • Suicide or other attempts of people on assisted outpatient treat-
                                                                          ment to harm themselves decreased by more than half;
                                                                       • Nonadherence to medications among participants decreased from
                                                                         47% to 33% after six months of AOT.
                                                                       The 107-page study also indicates the positive outcome of assisted
                                                                       outpatient treatment extends after the person is taken off the order,
                                                                       with the largest long-term improvement coming from people in
                                                                       AOT for 12 months or longer.
                                                                       "This independent evaluation proves that Kendra's Law works
                                                                       and should be made permanent in New York. It is a model to be
                                                                       replicated in other states," Esposito said.
   Scenes from year-end ice cream social
                              This and past issues of The Bridge can be viewed on our website:

                                                  CALENDAR OF UPCOMING EVENTS
                             September 8: Start of NAMI Family-to-Family class in Concord. See article on page 5.
                             September 21: @ 7:30: A panel discussion on “Faces of Homelessness”. See article on page 1.
                             September 23: SANS walk, Littleton Ma. See article on page 6.
                             Sept. 29, 30, & 31: Peer Specialist training sponsored by the Transformation Center. See page 6.
                             October 2 - 4: NAMI Connection Support Group Facilitator Training. See article on page 5.
                             October 14th: NAMI’s Fifth Annual “Unmasking Mental Illness” Gala. See article on page 3.
                             October 16 - 18: NAMI Basic teacher training. See article on page 5.
                             October 19: @ 7:30: The Police Pocket Guide Program. See article on page 1.
                             October 24: NAMI-Mass annual convention. See article on page 6.
                             November 9: The Soloist to be shown at the Lexington Flick 7:30 – 9:00. See article on page 1.

                                          SEE PAGE 2 FOR DETAILS ON AREA SUPPORT GROUPS

   Deadline for the next Bridge is:                           Send to:                                Please remember that all submissions
                                                                                                      must be emailed as attachments in
   Monday, Sept. 21th, 2009                                           the Microsoft Word (.doc) format.

                                           Affiliate Officers & Board of Directors
    Co-President                                         Ivy Pompei                     978-667-4543     
    Co-President                                         Nancy Willett                  781-275-5133     
    Vice President                                       Gail Rosensweig                781-275-0523     
    Secretary                                            Lynda McCumber                 978-250-1509     
    Treasurer & Support / Resource Coordinator           Claire Boudreau                978-772-0402     
    Auditor                                              Ralph Fleischmann              781-862-2807     
    Community Education Outreach Coordinator             Judy McKendry                  978-897-9541     
    Legislation Coordinator                              Rita Sagalyn                   978-371-4905     
    Programs Coordinator                                 Billie Drew                    781-862-5062     
    Board Member At-Large                                Francine Stieglitz             781-862-9171     
    Board Member At-Large                                Pam Andrews                    617-484-7938     
    DMH Board Area Meeting Reporter                      Erna Greene                    781-777-2328     
    Walk Coordinator                                     Tom Scurfield                  978-618-7521     

        Special thanks to Joe McKendry for creating the bridge drawing on this newsletter’s cover!

                                               NAMI of Central Middlesex Membership Form (Jan.1 through Dec. 31)

Name:______________________________________ Telephone: (____)_____-______ Email:______________________________

Address:______________________________________________ Town:_____________________________Zip Code:___________

    I prefer to receive the affiliate newsletter, The Bridge, via                Post Mail       Email (preferred by NAMI: saves cost/time/paper)

New members, please tell us briefly how you heard about NAM I ______________________________________________________
                         Check only one membership choice:
                            Individual / family membership         New        Renewal   $30.00
                                                                                                           Please make check payable to:
          Open door membership for people of limited means         New        Renewal   $3.00              NAMI of Central Middlesex
                                    Consumer membership            New        Renewal   FREE               Mail to:
                     Affiliate Newsletter (The Bridge) only        New        Renewal   $10.00             Claire Boudreau
               All membership and donation amounts Extra donation: (thank you!) $ ______                   55 Littleton Road, Unit 24-B
      (except $10 for newsletter alone) are tax-deductable.                                                Ayer, MA 01432-1760
                                                                       Total enclosed $ ______

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