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					Toys Wish List
INFANTS & TODDLERS Fisher Price Waterfall Soothers Baby Einstein Sea Dreams Lullaby Sooth Preschool Day to Dream Soothers Specifically, Fisher Price Bouncers Tiny Love Developlay Activity Centers Baby Einstein Lights and Melodies Activity Centers Chicco Duo Play Gyms Exersaucers Infant Rattles (all-plastic) Crib Mirrors Bumbo Seats Boppy Pillows Infant Play Mats Take-Along/ Traveling Swings Sounds Books (English/ Spanish) Board Books (English/ Spanish) Musical CDs (English/ Spanish) Stacking Rings Shape Sorters Musical Toys Light-Up Toys PRE-SCHOOL & SCHOOL AGE All-Plastic Baby Dolls - Multicultural Barbie Dolls – Multicultural**** Barbie Doll Clothes **** Matchbox Cars ***** Remote Control Cars Magna Doodles **** I Spy Books – mini & regular **** Plastic Play Food Etch-a-Sketch Fisher Price Play Sets Fisher Price Little People Action Figures ***** Doll Houses/Doll House Furniture Doll House People – Multicultural Sound Books (English/Spanish) **** Little Tykes Brand Toys Fisher Price Brand Toys Playskool Brand Toys BRIO Trains & Accessories Little Tykes Child Sized Cars Plastic Animals & Dinosaurs **** Koosh Balls *** Pretend Medical Kits **** Bubbles **** ***** Underwear & Socks Clothing TEENAGE Brushes, Combs & Hair Accessories Art Kits **** Baseball Caps Sports Balls Diaries & Journals ***** Wallets, Purses & Backpacks Clothing Jewelry & Jewelry Boxes *** Make-up & Nail Polish *** Gift Cards (Target, Blockbuster, etc.) **** Travel Games Model Cars w/ glue – Levels 1 and 2 Photo Albums & Frames **** Fragrant Bath Products **** Perfume & Cologne Magazine Subscriptions Small Hand Mirrors *** Watches **** Underwear & Socks

GAMES Sorry **** Connect Four **** Guess Who? Clue **** Battleship (Board or Electronic) *** Operation **** Hungry, Hungry Hippo Trouble Life Bop-It Dominoes Puzzles: -wood puzzles for toddlers -25, 50, 100, 250 & 500 piece Teen Games: -Cranium -Jenga -Trivia Games, etc. Cards: -Playing Cards -UNO **** -Go Fish -Old Maid

ARTS & CRAFTS Crayola Model Magic Sculpey Clay Stickers **** Color Markers (Broad & Thin) Crayons (4, 16 and 24 count) Coloring Books **** Play-Doh *** Glue Sticks & Glue (8oz. bottles) **** Ink Pads Jewelry Art Supplies Craft Kits **** Paint by Number Crafts **** Foam Art Velvet Posters **** Individual Art Activity Kits **** Glitter Wands Birthday Wrapping Paper & Ribbons

ELECTRONICS Batteries: AA, AAA, C, D **** Disposable Cameras Digital Camera & Printer w/ ink cartridges Photo Paper Memory Cards for Digital Cameras CD Boom box w/ AM/FM radio Cassette Players Personal CD Players **** Music Cassettes & CD’s (English/Spanish): -Current Releases -Infant -Pre-School & School Age Keyboard with Playback Capabilities Electronic Organizers & Journals Wii Systems and Games**** Play Station 2 Systems & Games **** X-Box Systems & Games **** Nintendo DS Gameboy Systems & Games Hand Held Video Games****** Nintendo Game Cube Games Portable DVD Players **** Laptop Computers Portable Zip Drives VHS & DVD’s – (English/Spanish): -Current Releases (G, PG, PG-13) -Infant

When considering your donation of a new gift or toy, please remember that sixty percent (60%) of our patients are under the age of 3 and that Children’s Medical Center Dallas provides services to many teenagers, as well. (Shaded areas denote high need) ***indicates high volume use. Please note that only new stuffed animals may be accepted as donations due to infection control policies. Gift cards are also welcomed from Wal-Mart, Target and Toys R Us and will be used to purchase supplies and specific requests from patients. Your interest is very much appreciated!
To schedule your visit/delivery, please contact the Child Life / Child Development Office at 214-456-6280.