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					“Celebrating the niceties in life & not only the necessities”

April 2007 Hello to all our Magical Fairies and Friends of Magical Moments MAGICAL MOMENTS – APRIL 2007 So, if January was joyous, February fabulous, March marvellous, then April was amazing! We celebrated April with treats and outings and continued to fulfil Wish Lists from the CSI (Corporate Social Initiative) and upliftment projects that we are co-ordinating. Here are some of April’s Magical Moments : TSHEPANG PROGRAMME – PRINCESS CROSSING – TEN-PIN BOWLING – TUESDAY, 10 APRIL Tshepang Programme is a project for orphaned and vulnerable children (OVC) at Princess Crossing in the West Rand. The programme is based in an informal settlement characterised by poverty, unemployment, illiteracy and alcohol abuse. The project offers hope and support to children who have been affected and orphaned by HIV and Aids and to those whose parents are terminally ill. The children are provided with a meal, life skills programme, counselling and homework supervision.

On Tuesday, 10 April, the last day of the school holidays, 13 boys aged 8-16 set off from Krugersdorp for a fun day of Ten Pin bowling at The Zone in Rosebank. This was their first time ever and they took to it very well. They were divided into two teams. They laughed and cajoled each other, competed against each other and team, encouraged each other and were proud of their successes. There were quite a few strikes too! Not bad for a first time - the two top bowlers scored 110 and 101 respectively. After two games of Ten-pin they each had a chance at an arcade game of their choice. For most of them, if not all, it was their first time to play and many opted for car racing games. Interesting driving skills! After all the excitement and fun, they were very hungry and after given a choice of three food outlets, it was a unanimous and very vocal vote for lunch at KFC. They thoroughly enjoyed their delicious lunch, followed by yummy ice cream and flake in a cone. All very special treats for them. The winning team was presented with their medals and were very proud of their achievement. The two top bowlers could choose their prize and both boys opted for school shoes. As they left for home, they were each given a party packet filled with treats – animated and content with their holiday outing. These children live in such harsh and difficult conditions, most in an informal settlement and there certainly is no money for this kind of frivolous entertainment. Many of the children also sometimes go without food. So today was very special for them. An abundance of food, treats, fun and laughter and even perhaps, upliftment of self esteem and self worthiness. A chance to be children. And possibly something to share with their friends at school the next day. Thank you so much to Marc (13) and Samantha (12) for giving these children an opportunity to play and have fun. Through your kindness and generosity you created a childhood memory to treasure and certainly an "Extra-Ordinary Day" - different from yesterday and different from tomorrow. On behalf of the children, thank you!

Key to Success Nursery School provides children from the nearby Slovo Park informal settlement with an education programme in the morning. The children come from financial impoverished homes and disadvantaged backgrounds; some are orphaned or are from single parent families or in many cases, unemployed families.

34 children were somewhat bewildered with the unexpected surprises at school today, but soon got into the spirit of things and were very excited with their new scooters and Easter treats. After photographs and blowing kisses, to the chants of “outside, outside”, they were very happy to be let out of the classroom to sit on the grass on a lovely autumn day to enjoy all their treats. Thank you to SSEM Mthembu for your generosity and for making the school’s wishes come true as part of your CSI “Making a Difference” campaign. Next wish about to be delivered soon …. Thank you to Standard Bank Sandton City for the donation of Easter eggs.
LITTLE GEMS NURSERY SCHOOL – EMMARENTIA – POTTERY CLASS – TUESDAY, 24 APRIL Little Gems Nursery School in Emmarentia provides children with an education programme in the morning. Most of the children come from underprivileged homes. Many children live with their grannies who are domestic workers in the area, some are orphaned. Some of the children are from Soweto and accompany an older sibling who is attending a nearby primary school.

We spent a delightful morning with 14 children at Little Gems Nursery School in Emmarentia. We were welcomed with embracing hugs and smiles as they rushed towards us. Imagine being greeted every day with so much love! Today was going to be a very special day – a pottery class, learning with fun. We rolled little balls, made shapes, banged clay and sang the pottery song. We first made faces and then unanimously agreed to make cell phones. As soon as we got “connected” (i.e. finished making the phones), the children were eager to chat on their designer “cell phones” and made a few calls to each other. Too cute. Their creative works went off to be fired and we all look forward to seeing the finished product. The much younger Magical Fairies sang songs, played games and the children were so entranced with them. Sue got smothered with hugs and love as the children climbed all over her and wrestled her on the grass. Everyone enjoyed their treat of flavoured milk and chocolate muffins and got an Easter egg to take home. Thank you to all the beautiful Magical Fairies who came along to potter and play, sing and give hugs and love – Sue, and our new and first-time Magical Fairies - Susie, Molly (13), Maisie (11), Kelsey (11) and Dana (13). You were all so magical! The girls had so much fun, they went back for the next two days to entertain and play with the children. This was such fun and the children really loved this treat, so we’re going back next month for another class.
REFILWE – LANSERIA – WISH LIST & JUICE & CRISPS – THURSDAY, 26 APRIL 2007 The Refilwe Community Project is situated close to Lanseria Airport, north of Johannesburg. The project services a community of approximately 50,000 severely disadvantaged people within a 20km radius, with most of these people living in small settlements throughout the area.

After a serious off-road adventure experience, we arrived at a small building (with additional building improvements currently underway) where almost 104 babies and toddlers are being taken care of during the day. We were greeted by just a hand full of little ones on the enclosed verandah, one cute little one in pink eagerly waving at us as we arrived. When the door opened into the little room, there were lots and lots of little faces waiting for us. It was quite overwhelming to say the least. Today was a wish list delivery and the children looked on curiously as the tables, chairs and mattresses were carried in. Once they were all seated outside on their new and colourful chairs, they were very happily engrossed with their treats of juice and crisps.

We blew kisses, learnt a new song and left these precious children enjoying their distraction for the day. Another wish is on its way, soon …. Thank you to SSEM Mthembu for your generosity and for making these wishes come true.
KHAYALETHU DAY CARE CENTRE – OLIEVENHOUTSBOSCH – WISH LIST & EASTER EGGS - THURSDAY, 26 APRIL 2007 Khayalethu Pre School and Day Care Centre is situated in a squatter camp in Olievenhoutsbosch, north of Johannesburg. The children are from severely disadvantaged and impoverished backgrounds.

We arrived to find the children sleeping. Well, some were pretending to anyway. The “class rooms” are located in three containers. One for the babies (lots of them) and the other two for the pre schoolers. There are currently 106 children in the day care. At midday, on a hot autumn day, these children were sleeping like “sardines in a tin” – alongside each other, some with arms or legs outstretched across one other. Those that were obediently lying awake and others pretending to sleep (shut their eyes as the care givers/minders approached), quietly came outside for a treat – Easter eggs. They seemed only too relieved to be let out of the hot containers, some dressed in woollen jerseys and fleecy sweaters, perspiration pouring down their little faces and backs. The treats added a little sweetness to a “sour and dour” environment. We only hope that the mattresses will be more comfortable for the children to sleep on each day and that the educational toys, plates, cups, spoons and other goodies on the wish list will be put to good use. Thank you to SSEM Mthembu for helping us uplift the lives of these children, who deserve so much better. Some good came out of this wish delivery – “Paying it Forward” at grassroots level - the father of one of the children who made us aware of this day care has been told that he does not need to pay school fees for the rest of the year. That’s feel good stuff hey?
In this month’s newsletter we have initiated our “Gratitude Wheel” where we would like to thank and acknowledge donations, financial and in kind. We have decided on a wheel because “what comes around, goes around” – and what comes in to Magical Moments from you goes out to uplift both the children and many others and so the wheel turns – continuously in motion, a circle of giving and receiving …. So, in April - to all the members of U-CARE (a donation membership plan) thank you for your continued generosity and support. Through your kindness and generosity many children will hopefully have a reason to smile. A quote learnt from Refilwe : “The world is not dangerous because of those who do harm, but because of those who look at it without doing anything”. – Albert Einstein And as always, remember to cherish your own Magical Moments and gifts - we are blessed with these treasures each and every day, sometimes we fail to notice them. The photos tell the story – use your imagination – just add sound. “Extra-ordinary days” – different from yesterday and different from tomorrow – days filled with fun and laughter, colour, treats and love. The “essence” of a Magical Moment. Enjoy the photos and share in the magical moments! With our hugs and kisses and Magical Wishes. Gavin and Ilana Friedman and all the magical children

“There is something very special in each and every one of us. We have all been gifted with the ability to make a difference. And if we can become aware of that gift, We gain through the strength of our visions The power to shape the future." [Excerpt from The Starfish Story by Loren C Eiseley]

"When the first baby laughed for the first time, the laugh broke into a thousand pieces and they all went skipping about, and that was the beginning of fairies." J.M Barrie - Peter Pan

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