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The Dangers of Barack Obama
by Adam Bloomfield

Currently, Barack Hussein Obama is on track to be the next president of the United States.
With voters becoming increasingly frustrated at the Bush administration, people are calling for
a change in party in the oval office. Unfortunately, this change may take its form in the most
left-wing president in United States history.

Calling Obama's political stance liberal is an insult to standard liberals. His political views are
more akin to a black panther left-winger. Let's review some of his more outrageous positions:


Obama is a socialist through and through. He wants to raise taxes, primarily on wealthier
Americans. While many may think “oh, this doesn't affect me," the tax rates he wants to
implement are highly punitive, especially against small business owners. In addition to letting
the Bush tax cuts expire, Obama wants to uncap the social security payroll tax. Small business
owners will effectively be paying over half of their income in taxes to the federal government.

This clearly reduces the incentives for small business owners to invest and grow their
businesses. With more struggling small business comes fewer jobs and economic stagnation.
This is ok to Obama though. Obama believes in restoring ‘fairness’ to the
system. If everyone is poorer, that's ok as long as the rich-poor gap has been ever-so-slightly

Foreign Policy

Obama took a lot of heat for arguing that he would meet with hostile foreign leaders without
preconditions. Many chalked this up to a novice error. The heart of the matter is that, as a
left-winger, he has a very pacifist view towards the world. Since he and other left-wingers are
puppy dogs at heart, they assume everyone else is too. They believe countries like Iran and
North Korea can be made into friends with a friendly chat over brunch. It's a belief that their
hostility is the result of our hostility towards them, rather than something on their side.

Unfortunately, this naive view can backfire big time. The most clear case was the
accomodations Western nations made to Hitler, allowing him to invade countries and expand
his power just prior to the outbreak of World War II. A soft stance towards a country like Iran
may feel nice, but what do we do when they develop nuclear capabilities and sell them to

Race Issues

While a sensitive topic, this one needs to be addressed. How can Obama explain his friendship
with left-wing preachers like Jeremiah Wright and Michael Pfleger. Obama called Wright a
close personal friend and mentor and gave him $27,000 in charitable contributions in 2007.
While many have seen Wright's anti-American tirades on television, those fiery sermons just
scratch the surface. Wright believes the US government purposefully created the AIDS virus to
destroy inner city blacks. How on earth can Obama stand by and support a man that is so

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clearly demented?

Pfleger is very similar to Wright. Obama was able to secure over $200,000 worth of earmarks
when he was in the United States senate. Like Wright, Pfleger blames all of society's ills on
white people. If these views are accepted by Obama, will he view all of the world's problems as
rooted in American whites?

While America may want a democrat to be president, voting strictly based on party can be
dangerous in this election.

The author is a fan of websites dedicated to stopping Barack Obama such as

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