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									               The Autopsy
  The behind the scenes report revealing
    for the first time how a completely
  unknown internet marketer went from
        No product, No list, and No
  to a Million Dollar a year income, and
 became a household word in less than 90

               And How You Can too!

Confidential           Page 1         1/9/2007
                         Table of Contents

Part I - How I did it!

Before “The Death Of AdSense”………………………………………………………………..…. 5

Why I Started This Whole Game?……………………………………………………………..…. 6

If your going to go, you might as well go big…………………………………………………10

The Results? ………………………………………………………………………………………….… 16

Stone’ers, “Gurus”, Bloggers & other “Experts!” …………………..………………………..18

Argument is no Match For Experience (The Numbers Don’t Lie) ……………….….… 20

Part II - How You can Too!

The List Virus …………………………………………………………………………………………… 22

From just Awesome to Supercalifragilistic Expialidotious……………………………..… 26

Confidential                         Page 2                                 1/9/2007
                           Part I - How I did it!


Its been said that argument is no mach for experience, and we all know that hindsight is
in fact 20/20.

While my first report “The Death Of AdSense” spurred on huge arguments across the
internet, my experience in releasing it, and the subsequent massive income it generated
is indisputable!

In this report I’m stepping out of bounds, and breaking the rules of Internet marketing
once again!

The first time I broke the rules, I wrote and distributed, no, I paid to have distributed the
free report “The Death Of AdSense”.

I stepped outside traditional internet marketing by telling other internet marketers they
were being mislead by the so called “Gurus” selling them crap “How to get rich with
AdSense” products that I call history lessons.

I pissed a lot of people off, by simply telling the truth, my truth, and as it turns out the
truth that most internet marketers knew, but had yet to admit to themselves.

Now in this report I'm stepping pout of bounds again. I’m about to show you, behind the
scenes, exactly how a totally unknown upstart, came, saw and conquered the amazingly
fickle Internet Marketing Niche!

I pulled off the most talked about and now infamous marketing campaign of 2006!

In fact to date there are no less than a dozen copy cat campaigns that have been
launched, and while some have been successful, none of them have had the explosive
success that “The Death Of AdSense” campaign has enjoyed.

As a result of that single campaign you are reading this Free report, Click Flipping is now
a well know term in the industry and top name gurus are coming out with PPC to CPA
courses as fast as they can learn the process.

As for my personal goals within the Internet Marketing community, I still have no desire
to be a platform “Guru”.

My goals for 2007 are simple, help the Click Flipping Core group members grow their
new income streams, help the Life After AdSense members learn the basics and graduate
up the Internet Marketing Food chain, and help a few dozen savvy marketers build
empires using “The List Virus” method and software, just as I have done in 2006.

Confidential                                 Page 3                                     1/9/2007
This report will teach you the List Virus method, and allow you to see behind the scenes,
how I created a million dollar a year business out of thin air!

I’m even going to show you how you can do one better than I did and get paid to build
your list!

Like much of the information I share, it’s Free.

I believe that if I can create a win-win situation and show you how to earn income, you
will have income to spend when and if I have a product to go along with the method.

What a concept! Paying for your Internet Marketing “Stuff” With Internet marketing

I’m still not and never will be a “Guru” simply because that would indicate that I know it

Nothing could be farther from the truth.

What is true, is that I know how to enter a market from scratch, capture the attention of
that market, create a product for that market, and create a seven figure income in the

I chose Internet Marketing, one of the toughest hard core markets of buyers there is, as
my first and I’m about to do it again in another tough hard core market.

What I did works, it works fast, and done correctly will work anywhere, in any market!

You are about to see exactly how it works!

Confidential                                 Page 4                                 1/9/2007
                Before “The Death Of AdSense”

Before I tell you how this all took place it’s important to cover a few basic facts.

Before I released “The Death Of AdSense” I was a complete unknown in the internet
marketing world.

I entered the industry in 2003 and quietly grew my internet income from just over $5.00
for my first months AdSense check to over $50,000 per month three years later.

And yes, you conspiracy theorists, Google will cut you a check under $100 if it’s at years
end and if it’s 2003. They have since changed the end of the year flush of commissions.

I’ll cover more conspiracy theories about me in a later chapter but I digress…

I was happily sitting in the back of the seminar rooms soaking up 90% crap and 10% gold
and had no intentions of ever selling in to the internet marketing crowd!

In fact, when I first discussed the idea of providing a Click Flipping product to internet
marketers with a long time “Guru”, we joked that the whole idea of selling an internet
marketing product to internet marketers made us feel dirty!

The amount of Digital Incest that the industry has suffered since I joined in 2003 is

Even the possibility of me marketing anything to the Internet Marketing crowd did not
exist, I had no product, no list, and no JV partners!

It wasn’t until two events took place that I had to make a decision….

Confidential                                Page 5                                     1/9/2007
               Why I Started This Whole Game

By the beginning of 2005 I was already making over $25,000 a month, primarily from
my HomeGain lead business and was laughing all the way to the bank.

I was also still making a significant AdSense check although it had slipped just slightly
from it’s high point of just over $6,000 a month. This did not concern me in the least
since my other income growth more than made up for the drop.

Then late in the year a few major events changed everything!

Google made it’s infamous change to separate bids on their search network, and their
content network effectively taking all of the fun and most of the profit out of the AdSense

My AdSense check started to plummet!

To make matters worse, HomeGain was bought out by another company and my biggest
source of lead revenue dropped the amount they were paying for leads by 45%!

A double whammy!

At the time I though this was the end of the world, but as it turns out it was the beginning
of a massive growth in my business!

I was forced to re-think my business plan and not only replace the lost AdSense revenue
but also the 45% drop in payout from HomeGain.

I had also by this time become almost 100% dependant on PPC traffic, most of it from
AdWords as my natural rankings took a beating near the end of the year.

I know that a huge percentage of you are reading this and thinking I have no right to
complain because even if my income dropped from $25,000 a month to $8,000 or
$10,000 so few internet marketers ever make it to $2,000 or $3,000 a month!

That may be true but to me making money is just a game and the amount is the
scorecard. If your income drops you are losing the game, when it rises you are winning!

The question I faced in the fall of 2005 was “What can I do to not only replace my lost
income, but also grow beyond my previous record?”

I knew that chasing after the AdSense game was a losing proposition by the fall of 2005
and although the HomeGain leads no longer paid out as well, I really liked the lead
generation side of the business!

Enter Azoogle!

Confidential                               Page 6                                    1/9/2007
Early the course of wandering around internet marketing, I had stumbled across Azoogle
Ads and registered as an affiliate.

Jaime, one of the reps at Azoogle picked my account out of hundreds as one of her
accounts to manage, and God knows why as I hadn’t ever made over $500 with Azoogle
at that point.

I had the chance to have one or two conversations with Jaime and I remember telling her
that I was going to do big things with leads and CPA one day!

It was almost a year later that I finally had the light bulb go off!

“I only wish I had known then what I know now!”

Have you ever thought that to yourself?

Well as I started my frantic search to replace my income from HomeGain I logged in to
my Azoogle account and picked a mortgage offer, slapped up a site and turned on an
Adwords campaign!

I was only testing at the time and had no idea if I could re-create my HomeGain success
with Azoogle but by the end of the first night, I was amazed!

I was on the way over to Julie’s house to help her pack for a local move she was making.

If you have read any of the previous reports, you know that Julie is the girl that I later
taught the Click Flipping process to, and that had massive success with no internet
marketing background.

I decided to take my laptop over to Julies and keep an eye on things as I helped her pack

There is a feeling you get when you strike gold, it’s a good feeling, and making money
online was not new to me, I had good success with AdSense and to a much greater extent
lead generation through HomeGain.

But there is a completely different feeling you get when you strike gold for the second
time, and the third time and so on.

Now it’s not just a fluke or a lucky break; all of a sudden you know you have the keys to
the kingdom and the ability to re-create success on demand!

We took a break from packing, I logged I to my Azoogle account and sat in amazement as
I checked my stats!

The money was coming in so fast that each time I hit refresh on the screen it was Cha-
Ching all over again!

Before the day was finished, I had over $1,300 in lead income from Azoogle and it only
cost me a little over $450 in AdWords.

I didn’t realize it at the time, but these were my first Profit Pathways and I had stumbled
across a process that I would later call Click Flipping!

Confidential                                 Page 7                                   1/9/2007
I had in one single campaign more than replaced my lost income.
($1,300 - $450.00 = $850 in net daily profit or $25,500 per month)

I learned a few lessons that day that I will never forget. First I learned that no matter
how well you are doing there is always room for improvement, and you should never
become complacent even, with a huge income.

When I realized this I knew I needed a system to find, test and maximize bargain
keywords so that I could rinse and repeat the process in other non-real estate industries.

I won’t bore you with the details but it was at this point that I began developing the Click
Flipping process.

In a matter of a few months I was able to repeat the process again and again over a wide
range of niches and unrelated markets.

By the time I loaded up and tested my ringtones campaign and made over $1,100 profit
the first day, I knew my system worked, even with something as ridiculous as ringtones!

I lost sleep again just like I did back in the old days watching the business grow. It was an
exciting time and it was about to get even more exciting!

Now, back to the events that led me to release “The Death Of Adsense”.

At this point I still had no plans to ever teach this process to Internet marketers or even
create a product. I was now happier than ever just finding Profit Pathways and building a
massive lead generation empire!

Julie, on the other hand had the plan that at least one would-be internet marketer was
going to learn this and that I was going to be the one to teach it!

Having been there through the first night of Azoogle mania, she instantly saw the magic
and absolute fun I was having earning this kind of income.

As I developed and perfected the Click Flipping process, I taught Julie every step of the
way until she too was making a six figure income and had Profit Pathways of her own
cranking out passive lead income!

This was the first piece of the puzzle. I now knew that I could not only create the income
for myself, then re-create it, but teach others to follow the same path.

Even though I had successfully learned, duplicated and then taught the Click Flipping
process, I was still unsure about ever making any part of the system public.

I had multiple conversations with a few key friends about keeping the entire process
private and working together to in essence dominate lead generation for any given niche.

Then the plan changed….

Confidential                                Page 8                                    1/9/2007
The final straw that led to my release of “The Death Of AdSense” and the subsequent sale
of the Click Flipping concept to the public was the shameful and repeated pummeling we
all received during the last part of 2005 and 2006 from AdSense “Gurus”!

It went from a small trickle to an all out flood of product launches, based on old out
dated success stories and suddenly everyone and their mother who had ever made a
check with AdSense was a “Guru”.

You could almost feel the panic as the new would be gurus fought over who’s AdSense
course was the end all be all course and it became apparent that the last bit of really large
income from AdSense would not come from AdSense itself, but the fleecing of the masses
that had not yet seen the fact that AdSense was dead!

As you may know, I ran a survey after the last report, and the really scary data from the
survey suggests that a huge percentage of the people that bought the courses were
involved in internet marketing less than 6 months.

How evil is it to sell a $200 or $2,000 course to a brand new internet marketer, and use
the results and check copies from before the crash to support how great AdSense is?

About the time the “Template Wars” broke out I had had enough. The “Gurus” were
spouting off about how AdSense was still a huge money maker if… if you only built
quality content rich sites with a great user experience and original content…

So let me pose this question AdSense = Template??? It’s an oxymoron!

Yes, I had found a better way to make online income than AdSense or any contextual
advertisement for that matter, but over and above promoting that, the truth had to be
told about AdSense.

If I saved just one newbie from buying a $2,000 AdSense history lesson then it was all
worth it.

I’m sure I did based on the amount of hate mail and Blog posts I read after releasing
“The Death Of AdSense”, it seems that the ones selling the products lost a few to the
truth and were quick to discredit me!

I couldn’t justify the premise of “The Death Of AdSense” without also releasing the
solution to the problem, “Life After AdSense” that describes the Click Flipping process.

I made the decision to publish the reports, split them in two parts, and then do
something that has never been done before in Internet Marketing.

Not only was I going to give the information away Free, and describe in detail how Click
Flipping worked, but I was going to pay people to take the gift!

Confidential                               Page 9                                     1/9/2007
                       If You’re Going To Go,
                      You Might As Well Go Big!

I went to work writing the reports and I was in fact the author. The reports were mine
and not written by a ghost writer!

I based the reports 100% on my personal experience and told it like it was. You see I told
the truth, my truth, and my truth was that AdSense was dead!

At the time I wasn’t sure just how deep the wound was in the community, but soon after I
released “The Death Of AdSense” the emails started pouring in.

Turns out that even before I ran the survey I had massive confirmation fr0m the little
guy out there trying to make a buck that my truth was their truth as well!

In the beginning things were going to be, simple, and well… traditional!

Here was my original plan. Let’s call it

Plan A

     1)   Write a report about the changes in AdSense and then show Click Flipping
     2)   JV with a few partners to mail their lists
     3)   Give the report away
     4)   Build a huge list
     5)   Create a product based on the needs of the list
     6)   live happily ever after

Ho Hum! Boring!

This was, and I stress “Was” conventional pre-lunch wisdom.

After all, Rich Schefren had just built a huge list with his Manifesto’s parts
1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11….. LOL! By the way I’m a big fan of Rich.

So why did I not go with plan A?

I had the reports written and they were in the process of editing when I yelled stop the
presses! I was on a trip to my parents house up in St. Louis and the 10 hour drive each
way from Dallas gives you time to think.

What came out of those hours on the road alone with my thoughts was this. You and I
and the rest of the Internet Marketing crowd are a little raw.

We’ve “been there done that” so many times we have information overload, and to a
great extent we haven’t seen anything really NEW in along time.

Confidential                               Page 10                                   1/9/2007
It all starts to sound the same and we have become desensitized to the rants of sales
pages and must have, must do, must own, super secret, revealed for the first time etc….

I really wanted to get the word out about AdSense, and I wanted to go big!

And by Big, I mean Big!

If I was venturing out in to this market, and was going to promote something
controversial to that market that went against all the conventional “Guru” wisdom, I
thought I might as well go all the way!

No average “here’s your free report” campaign would do.

So I bucked up!

On to Plan B.

First, the reports had to be themed and more than just informative. They needed to start
a debate, start an argument, get people talking, regardless of their position, agree or
disagree, the more in your face the better.

Key To Success: Get people talking to each other about what you have to say!
Think Shock and Awe!

None of it was made up, it was all 100% my truth, but rather than put out some tired
report like “The secret to making huge money with leads” YUK, I decided to go with an in
your face title. “The Death Of AdSense”.

Just reading the title or the domain name, you get the point, it says it all! People were
instantly hooked, and in a lot of cases instantly pissed before they ever read the report!

That was Good News!

I can’t tell you the number of bloggers that posted comments about the report that
admittedly never read it! They were pissed before they even know what they were pissed

Key To Success: Any Press is Good Press

So I had an in your face title, that sparked emotion in the reader, next, let’s gross em out!

I hired Brent at ( to come up with some Killer (lol) graphics for the
first part of the report, “The Death Of AdSense” and the second part “Life After

Brent has an amazing talent at taking the clients vision and reflecting that back with
awesome images. We both looked at the last version of the Death cover and it made us

That’s when we know we had it right!

Confidential                               Page 11                                    1/9/2007
It was down right morbid! Again, we had people pissed at the graphics!

I got email after email telling me that it was in poor taste, or gross or disgusting, or
unprofessional LOL!

More fuel to the fire!

Key To Success: A picture is worth a 1000 words, or in this case opt-ins!

No amount of ad copy can take the place of a striking image, go the extra mile with your
list building campaign and hire a graphic artist they are very cheap! No Offense Brent,
your worth 10 times what you charge!

Next I put together some short and sweet in your face copy for the download site that
forced people to get in there and get the report. The curiosity by this point was getting
the best of the visitor!

Key To Success: Study other successful campaigns and mirror their
copywriting style.

So, here was some unknown guy declaring that AdSense was dead, with in your face copy
surrounding a skull and tombstone graphic!

It was like taking candy from a baby… but that is only a small part of plan B.

I knew that based on the content of reports that they had the potential to Go Big, if only
I had a huge list, and a bunch of JV partners to promote it!

I had neither, and I needed a way to get the word out without a list or JV partners… You
see the Plan A conventional wisdom would never have worked in this case.

Confidential                                Page 12                                    1/9/2007
Think about his for a second.

I come out with a report exposing the fact that AdSense is dead, and that the “Gurus”
have been lying to people for months selling crap courses and tools based on outdated
and misleading 2005 results and checks.

How many JV partners do you think were lining up to mail their lists about “The Death
Of AdSense” Yep, Nada, Zilch, Zero!

You see any JV partner with any substantial list at all was part of the problem. Most, if
not all, had in the past or were currently JV’ed with some “Guru” pitching the AdSense
crap de’Jour.

Yes, I had controversial information, yes I had great copy, yes I had killer graphics, but
like so many of us have experienced, without the traffic I had no one to read it, and worse
no JV partnerships to promote it.

What I needed was a Viral, Horizontal method to infect the entire community!

What I needed was the List Virus!

Horizontal Marketing is simple, its’ people telling people, not JV partners telling people!

How many lists are you on? 5, 10, 15? Have you ever noticed that you get the same
promotions from several “Gurus” each competing for your attention?

Once a Horizontal marketing campaign is launched, it only takes one JV partner to start
an avalanche of promotion!

Horizontal marketing has a sneaky little advantage in that when “Guru A” finds out that
more and more of his list is opting in to your campaign and that they were referred by
“Guru B”, they, out of the fear of loss go ahead and promote your offer!

I even had more than one high profile “AdSense Guru” mail their lists as a preventative
strike for a campaign called “The Death Of AdSense” LOL. Believe me this is powerful

I made one final decision and I called my friend Todd Thompson just like I usually do, in
a panic to ask him to help me write a script.

Todd is one of the top self made programmers I have ever met or heard about. He owns
several large internet companies and is extremely well versed in list building and list

I called Todd, and told him about my idea to make the Death campaign go viral.

He thought I was crazy but agreed that one of the scripts that he wrote and that we had
both been using for years could be used and modified to suit our purpose.

We highly modified some list building code to collect names from an opt-in form on the
Death Of AdSense website.

Confidential                              Page 13                                    1/9/2007
Next, the script was changed so that it would verify that the email address of the new
opt-in was valid by sending a confirmation email, and requiring that the new opt-in
confirm their email address.

Once they clicked on the confirmation link, they were then instantly taken to a link to log
in and get my free report.

So far it all sounds normal like any other opt in squeeze page that we have all seen
hundreds of times!

This is the part that changed everything and here is where we added the magic to the
system. As the visitor opted in to the site to get their free report, we automatically and
seamlessly created an affiliate account for them.

Then once they confirmed the link in their email they were taken to the download page
to get the report, AND to their surprise, instructions for how to earn $$$$ money by
giving the report away to their list!

They were instantly able to access banners, sample emails, signature files, and affiliate
links and in a matter of less than 60 seconds were perfectly positioned to be our new
mini JV partner.

Everyone that opted in was automatically made an affiliate/JV partner of the promotion.

Each time they referred another person that opted in and confirmed their email address,
in this case for this campaign we paid them 50 cents!

Yes, I paid people to give away my Free report.

Now, you may be asking yourself, and many did, what the hell was I thinking?

Key To Success: Use Horizontal marketing and a Viral tool to avoid the need
for JV partners.

In the weeks that followed the launch of the report, bloggers on both sides of the
AdSense argument made sure to tell their readers to watch the marketing of this closely.

The more cynical thought… that I would have a huge product launch waiting within days
of the first report… I didn’t. Some thought that there would be no second free report…
there was!

Other conspiracy theorists thought that I would never pay the 50 cents, or that because
the software displayed it as .50 cents that it was actually ½ of one cent LOL! Losers.

I paid everyone the full 50 cents!

Most people were just downright confused, because this was something truly “New” that
they had never seen before!

An unknown, giving away a report, and paying people to help give it away!

Confidential                               Page 14                                     1/9/2007
So, what was I thinking?

First let me pose a question to you. If you were advertising for internet marketers in
Google AdWords how much would you pay per click? .50 cents, $1.00, $2.00 or more?

How many of them would come to your page and opt-in 20% 30% 50%, then how many
would confirm their email address, maybe 60% 70%?

To gather a double opt in from an internet marketer in a traditional fashion could easily
cost you $2.00 each if not far more! And how many internet marketers are there
searching for a product, free or not, each day?

How fast could you build a list of say 30,000 names? A year, two years?

One more question, how much would you have to pay to have some of the internets top
internet marketers turn their list over to you?

The answer to that is never in a hundred years would any top marketer sell you their list!

So was 50 cents each expensive? Was it a good buy?

Did it work?

Lets take a look!

Confidential                              Page 15                                  1/9/2007
                                  The Results

The campaign started Sep/12/2006 at 7:40 PM and by Sep/30/2006 at 11:48 PM I
generated 34,270 opt-ins!

We had an average of 1,900 opt-ins per day and of that number a huge 74.9%
confirmed their email address!

I closed the affiliate program as of the end of September but continued to take opt ins
and the aftershock of the campaign continued up until I closed off the pages on
Nov/12/2006 at 7:37 PM with 37,915 opt-ins.

Within three days on September 15th we hit #424 on Alexa’s list of the most popular
websites on the entire internet! And this from a brand new domain that had never had
any traffic!

The entire Internet Marketing community had “The Death Of AdSense” on its mind and
the Blogs lit up like Christmas!

As of 12/01/2006 I have 1,170,000 results in Google for the term “The Death Of AdSense”,
1,220,000 for the term “Life After AdSense”, 1,260,000 for the term “Click Flipping”, and
16,600 for the term “Scott Boulch”.

So much for anonymity!

Confidential                              Page 16                                   1/9/2007
Now, back to what I was thinking.

First of all I had the money to spend on the campaign. I dropped thousands of dollars
paying for the opt-ins, and I would have paid even more!

Its been said that a good list is worth $1.00 per month, per name, and it’s true that I
acted on faith that I could monetize the list. That being said, I knew beyond the shadow
of a doubt that Click Flipping worked; that it was duplicatable and that I could teach it.

I wasn’t worried about coming up with a product, the more important questions was,
“What product does the market want?”

As it turns out this list has been worth far more than a dollar per name, per month!

The Campaign and the resulting product launches created a Seven Figure income in less
than 90 days!

Like Click Flipping itself, all I really did was buy traffic and Flip that traffic for a profit.

To all my new customers, clients and Core group members, don’t be offended by the
term Flip, this whole campaign should be one huge example of how Click Flipping works
at its most basic level.

So, those are the numbers, the cold hard facts of the campaign. Living through it was
much more interesting than the results!

Confidential                                  Page 17                                      1/9/2007
Stone’ers, “Gurus”, Bloggers & other “Experts!”

When I released “The Death Of AdSense”, I fully expected a backlash.

I know that stirring up the pot and exposing the truth about AdSense would create
violent opposition from the “Gurus”.

So many had made AdSense “how to” products their new cash cow, after AdSense itself
dried up, that there was an instant and violent opposition to my reports.

In it’s worst form, I had more than one individual physically drive by my mail stop
thinking that it was my home address. I’m not sure what their intent was but it is Texas,
so be warned LOL!

I had two underground forums actively plotting to hack my servers, and in fact had three
attempted attacks on my server, each one failed and we always had backups in any case.

Then there were the “Experts” with a softer brand of simple hate speech and

There was an organized effort to use misdirection to discredit me personally. Just as in
politics if they couldn’t win the argument based on fact, there was always personal

The line went something like this. Scott is just a “Black Hat” marketer that is upset
because Google de-indexed him when he got caught using junk sites and Black Hat

Humm… Seems that argument is relating to traffic to sites, when the real discussion was
the huge drop in AdSense payment per visitor, regardless of how the traffic was

It was classic misdirection that every magician uses to fool the public.

Some “Gurus” went so far as to contact other “Gurus” just to make sure they knew that I
was wrong, and to argue their side of the case.

There were a few that made an ass out of themselves arguing against my reports, when
they obviously hadn’t even read the premise! Again, this speaks to the power of a great
title, good copy and compelling graphics that create an emotional response.

Then there were the Ston’ers.

I call em “Stone’ers”, after Oliver Stone. One of the most well know albeit whacked out
conspiracy theorists out there.

Lots of the conspiracy crowd though that because I split the reports up in two parts that
part two would never be Free. They were certain that I would charge for the information.

Confidential                               Page 18                                  1/9/2007
Well the Stone’ers were silenced and proven wrong when I released the second report
“Life After AdSense” for Free.

To this day I get emails from people thanking me because the report was in fact Free and
was detailed enough for an experienced marketer to follow along and re-create the same
success! Many have and make significant income from just that report!

Just so there is no confusion I’m not complaining about the negative responses, in fact
they were the catalyst that lead me to the Critical Mass of the campaign!

I cover the negative responses first because of the Iceberg effect.

If you have ever heard the term, “that’s just the tip of the iceberg”, it comes form the fact
that what you see above the surface is only a small fraction of what lies below the surface.
What lies beneath can be a hundred times larger in mass than the tip, but the tip is all
you see!

The reports I released struck a nerve in the internet marketing community, and the ones
who disagreed with me were the loudest and most visible!

The louder the “Gurus” and “Ston’ers” whined and complained, the more press I got and
the more opt-ins and more traffic etc…

Key To Success: Once the Niche or community begins to debate your
premise, you will hit a critical mass and your campaign will take on a life of
its own growing on its own without any promotion on your part!

Congratulations, you are now Viral!

To an outsider it would appear that more people disagreed with the premise that
AdSense was dead, than agreed with me. Nothing was farther from the truth!

The bottom line however, is that below the surface, I had captured the attention and
addressed the need of thousands of internet marketers.

At the end of the second report “Life After AdSense”, I simply put up a survey that asked
the market what it had experienced with AdSense, and what it wanted.

What I was about to find out was just how correct the reports were, and just how many
people were ready for the truth to be told!

Confidential                               Page 19                                    1/9/2007
               Argument is no Match For Experience
                    (The Numbers Don’t Lie)

All Truth Passes Through Three Stages. First, It Is Ridiculed. Second, It
Is Violently Opposed. Third, It Is Accepted As Being Self-Evident.

I spent the better part of a weekend reading the responses from the survey that I
conducted at the end of the campaign.

Although I knew there were a lot of people hurt by the changes in AdSense, and a lot of
people taken advantage as customers of AdSense How To products, even I had no idea
just how deep the wound was in the market.

The responses from the average person trying to make a living online were the same,
they confirmed by the thousands that AdSense as a primary money maker was in fact

The survey, although gratifying after taking so much crap from AdSense “Gurus”, was
not designed to prove my point, rather it was designed to ask the market what it wanted.

I laid out a list of options to each survey participant and let them decide what I would do

First and foremost, the number one response I got was Automation! In fact it was the
number one first and second choice by a huge margin.

Having been in the process of automating my Click Flipping business already it was a
natural for me to release the software to a select few as a first product.

The Click Flipping Core group was born, ( and to this day is my
main focus. To date we have a large number of Click Flippers making significant income
and in some cases have far surpassed my success with the process.

I knew that the software and process would not be for the weak at heart or newbie. I
intentionally set the price higher than I could have and set the number of users lower
than the demand. Then I decided to include all the live seminars I conduct at no charge
to paid members of the Core group so they could master the process, not just have acess
to it.

Our first seminar is coming up this February 16th-17th and Core group members will walk
away with more than information, they will have a skill that lasts a lifetime in Internet

The next most requested product was a membership site for beginners and a group

Confidential                              Page 20                                    1/9/2007
I went to work assembling a team of top coaches to help new marketers learn the Click
Flipping process and ( was launched.

We are approaching 1000 members, and I get huge satisfaction hearing the success
stories of students that are making money for the first time in Internet Marketing, and at
a much higher level than the AdSense crowd.

Finally, there was a large percentage of the survey respondents that wanted to re-create
the huge success of “The Death Of AdSense” campaign, and in section II of this report I
will explain exactly how they are able to do that!

Key To Success: If you don’t have a product to sell, just ask the market what
it wants, then create it!

I used Survey Monkey ( to run the survey and for most
campaigns you will spend less than $19.95 a to run the entire process!

There is no better way to make sure you are monetizing your list correctly, than to ask
what they want!

Confidential                              Page 21                                  1/9/2007
                    Part II – How You Can Too!
                      The List Virus Version 2.0

Very early in “The Death Of AdSense” campaign, Todd and I started getting requests
about the software we were using to drive the campaign.

While it’s true that a good controversial topic, hard hitting copy and professionally
created graphics are all part of a successful viral campaign, the software itself was in the
end, the killer app that made it all come together and go “Viral”.

Whenever technology can take the place of individual skill, you have a system that can
successfully be repeated.

Each of you have the ability to generate huge opt in lists using the same technology that
Todd and I used to run “The Death Of AdSense” campaign with one major exception!

We were actually designing the code and the process on the fly, as we built the list. Todd
and I spent countless hours on the phone especially the first few days adding features to
the system and improving the performance.

In the months that have past since we launched the first version of “The List Virus”
( we have made massive improvements and have also created once
again something that the Internet Marketing community has never seen before, The List
Virus Version 2.0!

Now it is actually possible to get paid to build your list!

But before I get ahead of my self let me back up.

Do you really need a list?

You have heard it a thousand times from every speaker and at every seminar. “The
Money Is In The List!”

While I go around saying “The Money Is In The Money” preferring anything that is
profitable, a list is one of the only true ways to develop equity in your business.

After you develop a large focused list you can literally print money on demand simply by
sending and email.

Obviously I used the list that I built to launch and both massively successful launches creating a million dollar a
year business in less than 90 days start to finish.

But what about smaller lists and more targeted niche markets?

Confidential                                Page 22                                   1/9/2007
Well I used a list I developed for two “One Time” very simple email drops and generated
over $1,800 each time from a single email!

Our now long time friend Julie, used a list to generate subscriptions to a very
inexpensive affiliate membership site, and now generates over $1,750 per month in
passive income just from sending 1 email 1 time to the list.

In both cases we haven’t warmed up the list or properly used a follow up series of emails
to promote the main offer or subsequent offers, and still we made a significant amount of

It is truly just like printing money!

Julie now has an additional $21,000 per year on top of her six figure Click Flipping
income just from sending 1 email 1 time!

Do you need a list?


If you ever intend to build a recurring income, you need a list!

Once your list is mature and you have a relationship built with them, they will follow
your every move, then take your advice and purchase products based on your

Warning: The Devil is afoot!

There are some “Gurus” that have been very successful at building a list, and creating a
relationship with that list, that have sold their soul! They are no longer in the business of
whatever they were doing when they built their list. They now have become nothing
more than product pushers…

Do not be lured in to this business model as your list will eventually catch on and get sore
from pushing too much and too often and will let you know by clicking the remove link in

Key To Success: Build multiple lists in niche markets, and then choose your
product promotions wisely!

So how exactly do you go about creating a massive, profitable list in your own niche?

Simple, do what I did then or do what I’m doing now.

What I do now, having spent over 3 months perfecting the system, is far more profitable
and efficient!

Todd and I have developed The List Virus software to the point that we can actually
make money while we build massive lists!

Let me explain.

Confidential                               Page 23                                    1/9/2007
First of all its important to note that The List Virus software we developed is not an auto

Auto responders are used for list management and continuing promotions!

Let me ask you a question, do you now or have your ever used an auto responder? If so,
did that auto responder create thousands of names for you?

I know the answer is a resounding no!

You might have sent natural traffic to an auto responder, or used pay per click to get
people to a squeeze page, and filled up an auto responder. But make no mistake the auto
responder simply held the results of your marketing, it in itself did nothing to build your

The List Virus software is exactly opposite! It is the engine that creates massive lists,
then once you have your list built you can use an auto responder to do the grunt work of
mailing to the list!

Here was version 1.0 of the software!

My first concept and the one that worked so well for “The Death Of AdSense” was simple.

First we designed the software to act as a delivery mechanism so that we could offer our
opt-ins a free report, article, mp3, video, pdf, or any digital item that can be downloaded.

The best source for instant free giveaways is public domain or resale rights reports. They
are everywhere and they are very inexpensive or free!

Next we made the software act as a full blown affiliate management software, providing
every opt-in the opportunity to earn income from the promotion of the free giveaway!

We instantly gave them access to banners, sample emails, signature files, graphics, and
real time commission tracking to watch their earnings grow!

In the case of “The Death Of AdSense” I paid out 50 cents for every confirmed opt-in,
and while its true I sent out thousands of dollars in referral commissions, remember this
was a launch done in the Internet Marketing crowd!

Building a list in a true niche will most likely be much less expensive. Don’t be scared
away by my campaign, I was playing with the big boys on that one and willing to pay to
do it.

On normal niches I would probably test 5 or 10 cents per name if I chose to pay for

The List Virus software is set up so that the owner has full control over how long
commissions are paid, or if they are paid at all!

Hindsight is always 20/20 and after the dust settled, we took a look at how we could
have improved on one of the hottest promotions of 2006; we actually came up with some
interesting answers.

Confidential                               Page 24                                   1/9/2007
We asked ourselves some radical questions!

How could we get 100% confirmation rate on our opt ins?

How could we do the same promotion without paying a dime out in commissions?

How could we GET PAID to build our list instead of paying out commissions?

Believe it or not we found answers to all three and created something once again that has
never been seen in the Internet Marketing community!

That is of course until the “Gurus” copy us once again LOL!

The Answer is The List Virus Version 2.0!

Confidential                             Page 25                                  1/9/2007
                    From just Awesome to
               Supercalifragilistic Expialidotious!

We asked a better question and got a better answer, and a better system to build massive

How could we get 100% confirmation rate on our opt ins?

One of the most irritating challenges of any list building campaign is the failure of a large
percentage of the opt-in leads to confirm their email address.

Of course you will have a few losers that enter bogus information just to check out the
system, but what about the rest that just never seem to get the confirmation email or
worse, get it and delete it or never see it in their spam folders?

In a campaign where you are paying for opt-ins you certainly don’t want to pay for bogus
data, but the majority of those lost in the opt in process are real prospects that really
want what you have, they just don’t make it through the opt in process.

Todd has developed an ingenious method of double opt in that does not require the lead
to check their email account or click on a link in an email.

It’s an amazing leap forward not only from a technological standpoint, but also from an
ease of use standpoint for the one opting in!

I can’t get in to details about this proprietary method, as it will certainly be imitated and
may well become the new “Web 2.0” standard for list building.

What I can say is this, during “The Death Of AdSense” campaign we lost over 9,500 leads
that for whatever reason failed to complete the old style opt in process.

Having spoken to some other high level Internet Marketers a 30% or more loss is typical.

With Todd’s new method we are able to reduce that number to less than 5%-10%!

We also implemented some sophisticated anti-fraud filters that will block known
offenders and those trying to game the system, further increasing the effectiveness of the
opt in process.

How could we do the same promotion without paying a dime out in

Ok, so we have a cleaner system. But what if I want to build a huge list and don’t have the
money to spend to pay for opt-ins?

We have installed a set of toggles in the software that now allow you to turn on and off
various promotion options, one being the Incentive option.

Confidential                                Page 26                                    1/9/2007
Now when a visitor opts in to your site, they are given the opportunity to help spread the
word just as before but now the reward is not monetary.

The software will allow you to set a specific number of referrals, then when an opt in has
successfully referred say 3 people to your campaign for instance, the software
automatically unlocks a second free download!

Now you could offer a free PDF report for example to everyone that opts in and inform
them that if they help you by spreading the word and refer 3 others, you will give them a
free audio, or some other second download!

The software handles all of this automatically!

What if you want to give an offline incentive?

The software also has a coupon system, where you can allow users to unlock a coupon
code after referring a specified number of people that also opt in!

The coupon could be for virtually anything! Free shipping on a product order, free
admission to another one of your websites or members area, the possibilities are

Now the $100,000 question!

How could we GET PAID to build our list instead of paying out

Todd and I were going over some of the changes to the software one night and I threw
out an outrageous question.

How could we actually get paid to build these huge lists?

We kicked around a couple of ideas and then it hit me! CPA offers!

We now have what we call a CPA option built in to The List Virus software.

Lets walk through an example of how this works!

We start the campaign and visitors come to our List Virus opt in page where they read
about the Free giveaway and decide to opt in.

They enter their name, email address, and select a password as usual, then they are taken
to our new proprietary confirmation method to confirm their email address and upon
completion see the following message!

Congratulations! You are now verified!

Just one more step to collect your Free (whatever).

Please complete one of the following offers to gain access to your free download!

Staring them in the face is a list of free offers. These offers are no obligation and the
visitor must choose just one offer to complete.

Confidential                                Page 27                                    1/9/2007
Here is the best part, 99% of the time the free offer only requires their email address and
they have already committed to give us that in the beginning!

The offer is completed and they are taken to the page to download your free giveaway!


You just earned $1.00 or $1.10 or in some cases up to $1.50 because the system tracked
the CPA offer and issued you credit for the lead!

Now you can earn up to $1.50 or more every time someone joins your list!

Now think of this, if I had used this option in combination with paying out 50 cents for
referrals, instead of cutting a check for over $12,000 to build “The Death Of AdSense”
campaign, I would have made $24,000 in profit after paying out commissions!

The bigger your list the more you make!

Take just a moment and re-read the last section……

The List Virus can now be used to earn income, while building a list!

I mentioned my goals earlier in the report for 2007, as far as helping others earn income.

My personal goals for earning income in 2007 are equally as simple yet ambitious!

To continue to develop Click Flipping Profit Pathways, and maximizing those campaigns,

building dozens and dozens of huge niche oriented opt-in lists with the List Virus
software while getting paid to do so in the process.

We have made over 50 changes and improvements to the List Virus software and will be
launching the new version 2.0 shortly after this report is released.

One of the most significant changes we have made, will allow a much greater number of
marketers access to the system.

Due to some system modification and cost reductions, we have dramatically reduced the
price of The List Virus and made the decision to allow users to run multiple list building
campaigns with just one List Virus account.

We even integrated an option to survey your list in to The List Virus software!

A few closing thoughts…

I recently sent out an email to My Click Flipping Core group list and made the bold
statement that they will earn more in 2007 than they have their entire time in Internet
Marketing, and for reasons only available to Core Group members, they will soon see
that to be true.

For the rest of you reading this report I can make the same bold statement if….

Confidential                              Page 28                                    1/9/2007
If you choose to take your business to the next level and finally build that niche
dominating list that you have always wanted, you will not only earn more in 2007 than
ever, but you will also have a sellable business with equity!

The Pareto principal says that 20% of any given population will out-perform the other
80%, and this holds true in virtually any situation or example.

If developing wealth and life style is your goal, there is no better way than internet
marketing to a NON-Internet Marketing Niche!

Imagine being the one who captures the attention of the stay-at-home mom niche, or
opportunity seekers, or video game players, or fantasy football enthusiasts, or Golf

Here is one for you, just follow the popcorn trail!

Use The List Virus software to give away a free report called “Tiger Woods Sucks” that
you write up on the premise that he doesn’t really suck but uses eastern philosophy to
win at golf as opposed to natural talent, a simple 10 page report will do, the golf niche
has never been exposed to this method and will eat it up!.

Then use the CPA option to earn $1.50 every time they opt-in to your list for the free
report, and use the incentive option to give them a free sleeve of golf balls every time
they refer three of their golf buddies. (You’ll get address info out of that one as well!)

Done correctly you could Own the golf market in less than a few months and build a list
that could be monetized 1000 ways generating an easy six-figure per year income!

Pareto says that out of every 100 people that read this, only 20 will act on it. The sad
truth is that only about 3% of the ones reading this will act.

I can tell you this, if you don’t I will. My only limitation is time, and I intend on complete
domination of a long list of niches in 2007.

Does it surprise you that according to the Social Security Administration,
exactly 3% of the population becomes wealthy?

Will 2007 be your best year, or just another 365 days. I am living proof that you can
enter 2007 as a newbie, and exit 2007 as a millionaire!

It’s not that hard, or that complicated and I will leave a popcorn trail behind me for
anyone who chooses to follow and continue to give it away for Free.

Now it’s up to you. Do you want to come along for the ride of your life?

For more details on The List Virus Version 2.0 software… visit (
any time after Thursday January 11th.

Until then, Hunt, don’t bottom feed!

Scott Boulch
Nada Guru

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