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Embracing Social Media Best Practices by SupremeLord


									Social Media: Embracing a Sea of Change
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Social Media

• Online communications in which individuals switch roles fluidly between “audience” and “author.”
• Use social software to allow users to post, comment on, share or mash up content and to form communities around shared interests

Sociology + Technology

Social Media Ecosystem
Podcasts Video

Blogs / Wikis

Social Networks
Micro Blogging
Walled Garden




New Era

Decline of Mass Marketing

Return to Direct Participation

Ease of Group Formation





Campaign vs. Relationship

Search = Expertise

Social Media
12 Steps

1. Your Organization’s Objectives

2. Culture

• A desire to be closer to your stakeholders • A belief that conversation with them will build a bond of understanding • A tolerance for dissent – not everyone will agree with you • A willingness to act on what you hear • A senior Champion

3. Your Community

4. Monitor

5. Analyse

6. Social Media Objectives

7. Integrated Strategy

8. Technology

9. Interact

10. Enrich

11. Measure

12. Assess & Refine

12 Steps
1. Your organization’s objectives 2. Culture 3. Your Community 4. Monitor 5. Analyse 6. Social Media Objectives 7. Strategy 8. Technology 9. Interact 10.Enrich 11.Measure 12.Assess & Refine


Social Media

Essential Reading
• • • • • • • • Cluetrain Manifesto Naked Conversations Everything is Miscellaneous Here Comes Everybody The Long Tail The World is Flat Wikinomics The New Rules of Marketing and PR

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