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Inauguration Day Speech of Barack Obama - What to Expect & the People's
by Faviano Torres

Excitement, joy, fear, happiness, all these and more are the mixed emotions the President -
elect Barack Obama is feeling before he delivered the much awaited and greatly expected
Obama inauguration day speech. The 20th of January will be the day that will mark the history
not only of the United States but the whole international community.

"Era of Responsibility," will be the speech written and rehearsed by the very first African -
American President - elect Barack Obama's inauguration speech. The speech has a touch of
history at the same time, the goal is to galvanize and strengthen the nation and the world to
work hand in hand in order to create and inspire wonderful things. This might be challenging
for him, but the greater challenge is ahead in making all his words come into a reality. In the
2004 Democratic National Convention, people where overwhelmed with the way Obama
delivered his very good address. It was well written, prepared, and delivered. There were great
expectations especially now that he won the U.S. Presidency.

The speech is expected to last from 15 to 20 minutes, the shortest in all Presidential
inauguration speeches which is mainly focused on responsibility. Aside from responsibility as
the main theme, there will also other things in which he will put emphasis on. It will all began
shortly after President - elect Barack Obama together with his wife First Lady Michelle Obama
to oath of office by the Chief Justice John Paul Stevens using the Inaugural Holy Bible of
President Lincoln.

Aside from being responsible global citizens, the Obama inauguration day speech which was
rehearsed by the President - elect in order to avoid mistakes and come up with fresh and
correct diction will also focus on cooperation, unity, and being helpful especially in this times of
economic recession, and financial crisis.

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