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Child Life Wish List - PDF


									Child Life Wish List
Contact Erin Luft-Wiskus – (515)-241-6438 Arts/Craft Supplies Activities

Beads Washable paint (prefer Crayola brand 10 packs) Glitter glue Glitter Sticker Foam Shapes Foam Art (i.e. door hangers, frames…) Foam Beads Glue Sticks Coloring Books Play-Doh Washable Markers Crayons Disposable Cameras Photo Albums Journals (for boys and girls) Embroidery Floss (for friendship bracelets) Dry Erase Markers Sharpies Crayola Window Markers
Infant/Toddler Activities

Gameboy Advance SP, Nintendo DS and games PSP and games Hand held games (20 Questions, Connect 4, Battleship, Yahtzee, Hangman…) Game Cube games (rated E-Teen) Nintendo Wii Games (rated E-Teen) PS2 games (rated E-Teen) especially sports and racing themed New release PG-13 movies (DVD)
Misc. Items

Batteries (AAA, AA, C and D) Gift Cards (Best Buy, Toys ‘R’ Us, Wal-Mart, I-Tunes…)

Portable DVD Players Digital Cameras I-Pods/MP3 Players
Board Games

Lullabies CD’s Plastic infant toys/rattles Light-up/Musical toys (ex. Light Up Piano, Backyardigans Guitar, Baby’s Learning LapTop, Fisher Price Musical Stacker, Baby Einstein Color Kaleidoscope) Pop-Up toys (Fisher Price Pop Up Farm) Dora the Explorer Toys (nothing cloth-must be washable) Infant mirrors (attaches to crib side) Elmo Toys Peekaboo Block Toys (i.e. box, giraffe, fish…) Bath Toys Trains Bubbles Dolls (hard plastic) Cash Registers
School Age Activities

Guess Who Connect 4 Monopoly (traditional and electronic banking) Sorry! Or Sorry! Sliders Battleship Yahtzee Checkers UNO or UNO Attack or UNO Flash Decks of Cards Skip-Bo RACKO Mancala Backgammon Memory Catch Phrase Jr. Sequence Operation

Barbie Clothes Hot Wheels/Matchbox cars Chalk (anti-dust) Scissors Superhero Figurines (i.e.Hulk, Superman, Spiderman…) Bald plastic babies (needs to be all washable) Spongebob Toys (nothing cloth-must be washable) Disney/Pixar Movies (DVD) Fisher Price Doctor Kits Puzzles (24 and 63 pieces)

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