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					PlanPlus Web Advisor Training Curriculum

Choose the Program that’s Right for You
The PlanPlus Web Advisor Training program is designed to allow individual users to choose the curriculum that is most appropriate to their business model and operating style. Two advisors in the same environment may find that they will select somewhat different program options based on their objectives relative to the services they wish to provide to their clients and the benefits they hope to achieve through their use of the Web Advisor. Below we have outlined all of the training modules available to users of the Web Advisor. These individual modules in many cases have prerequisites that must be done in order to prepare you for the learning in each component. Once you have reviewed these training modules, be sure to review the suggested training tracks that start on page 4 of this document. These training tracks are designed to help you identify the modules you should plan to do in order to accomplish your personal objectives. We hope that this program helps you make use of the Web Advisors effectively in your practice.

Earning CE Credits
Now Advocis members can earn CE credits by watching Web Advisor e-Learning content and answering a few brief quiz questions. In order to obtain the CE Credits, you must complete all modules and quizzes for a 'training track'. For example, "Investment Management - The Fundamentals" is a training track, composed of modules 101, 102, and 103. To view the various training tracks, scroll down to page 5 of this document. Each quiz is between 4 and 7 questions, depending on the length of the module, and is based on the content in the corresponding e-Learning material. PlanPlus will score your responses and upon completion of an entire training track you will be notified of any CE Credits earned.

Training Modules
ID # 101 Description Navigation and Orientation Components • Process Flows – Minimizing the Learning Curve • Navigation Panel and Menu Bar i. Training Centre ii. Users Guide iii. E-learning Modules iv. FAQ’s v. Quick Tips vi. Fact Finders 102 Creating an Investment Policy Statement Using Summary Level Asset Entry • Using the Investment Policy Process Flow • Getting Results Fast using Summary Data Entry • Standard and Custom Portfolio Selection • Document Options 40 Min. 101 Length 30 Min. Prerequisites None

Training Curriculum PlanPlus Web Advisor

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ID # 103

Description Interpreting and Presenting the Investment Policy Statement • • • • • • • •

Components Document Options The Full Investment Policy Statement The Executive Summary Investment Policy Statement The Investment Policy Overview The Contrast between Current and Target Portfolio Risk and Return Compliance and Litigation issues and how to Protect Yourself Future Planning Transition Statements Document Editing Tips

Length 45 Min.

Prerequisites 101 - 102

104A 104B

Creating a Personal Financial Strategy

• The Context of a Personal Financial Strategy vs. a Single Need Retirement Analysis • Life Goals vs. Single Need Planning – The Benefits to you and your Client • Using the Client Assessment Process Flow • Multi revenue and multi goal planning.

70 Min.

101 - 103


Interpreting and Presenting the PFS

• Setting the Stage for the Relationship using the Introduction • The Current Situation vs. the Modeled Scenario and quantifying the benefits. • Making use of the Action Plan as the focus of your client meetings.

35 Min.

101 - 104


Creating an Investment Policy Statement Using Detailed Asset Entry

• Detailed Accounts and Holdings • Underlying Asset Allocation from the Product Master • Integration to Your Back Office • Supplementary Document Content with Detailed Asset Entry

45 Min.

101 – 103


Turning your Strategic IPS into a Tactical Implementation Document

• Favourite Products • Preferred Portfolios • Security Selection • Supplementary Document Content with Security Selection • Target Portfolio Push Back

45 Min.

101 - 103 201


Understanding the Life Goals Analysis

• The Life Goals Summary • The Long Term Cash Flow Report • Understanding the “Sweep” Approach • T1 Tax Embedded into the Calculation

40 Min.

101 - 105


Advanced Planning Techniques (Part 1)

• Sale of a Business • Sale of a Cottage • Residence Downsize • Inheritances

15 Min.

101 – 105

Training Curriculum PlanPlus Web Advisor

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ID # 205

Description Advanced Planning Techniques (Part 2)

Components • Defined Benefit Pension Plans • CPP Integrated Pensions • Indexed vs. Non Indexed Pensions

Length 25 Min.

Prerequisites 101 – 105


Advanced Planning Techniques (Part 3)

• Defined Contribution Pension Plans • Money Purchase Pensions • Group RRSP’s • Employer or Government Matches on Savings

10 Min.

101 - 105


Advanced Planning Techniques (Part 4)

• Tiered Retirement Lifestyles • Goals that are Scenario Specific (Needs unique to Death or Disability) • Life Goals Prioritization to Get the Results you Want in the Auto Modeling Process

10 Min.

101 - 105


Advanced Planning Techniques (Part 5)

15 Min.

101 - 105


Advanced Planning Techniques (Part 6)

• Changing Savings Patterns - Future Savings vs. Current Savings • Return Reduction Feature to make your projections more conservative • Lifecycle Portfolios

20 Min.

101 - 105


Creating an Integrated Financial Plan

• The differences between Life Goals Planning and Integrated Financial Planning • Detailed Asset Entry Information Necessary for Integrated Financial Planning • Identifying Estate Distribution under the Terms of the Will and using the Will Screen to summarize.

30 Min.

101 – 105 201


Interpreting and Presenting the Integrated Financial Plan

• Structure and organization of the Integrated Financial Plan (IFP). • Using the “Executive Summary” within the IFP effectively • A Review of the components common to the Personal Financial Strategy • The Estate Distribution Components of the IFP. • Critical Illness and Long Term Care Calculator integration to the IFP.

30 Min.

101 – 105 201 210


Introduction to the Single Needs Calculator

• Education and Other Capital Goals • Using the Single Needs Process Flow • Retirement Single Needs Analysis • Using the Single Needs Process Flow

50 Min.

101 102 104

Training Curriculum PlanPlus Web Advisor

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ID # 302

Description Introduction to the Life Insurance Calculator

Components • Needs on Death • Using the Income Replacement Process Flow

Length 20 Min.

Prerequisites 101


Introduction to the Disability Insurance Calculator

• Needs on Disability • Using the Income Replacement Process Flow

10 Min.

101 302


Introduction to the Critical Illness Calculator

• Critical Illness Needs Analysis

10 Min.



Introduction to the Long Term Care Calculator

• Long Term Care Needs Analysis

10 Min.



Introduction to the Historical Returns Calculator Introduction to the Loan Calculator

• Illustrations using the Historical Returns Calculator • Illustrating Debt Reduction Strategies using the Loan Amortization Calculator

10 Min.



20 Min.


Training Curriculum PlanPlus Web Advisor

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Training Tracks
Below we have identified a series of Training Tracks that incorporate content that is targeted at specific learning objectives and benefits. Note that all Continuing Education Credits are allocated by track, not by module. Thus to obtain any CE credits for a module, you must complete all modules associated with a particular training track. Because this program is delivered electronically via the Internet, it’s also mandatory to do quizzes to qualify for Continuing Education Credits. Training Track 1. Investment Management –The Fundamentals Learning Objectives & Benefits This program is foundational to all other components of the training program. It will allow advisors to create strategic investment policy statements that identify the appropriate target portfolio for their clients based on their risk tolerance. The straightforward summary level of data entry allows you to create several variations of the IPS in as little as 10 minutes. Curriculum 101 - 103 CE Credits 2 Hours

2. Life Planning – The Fundamentals

The Life Planning Fundamental program provides you with an understanding of how to add incremental data to your IPS data to expand the services you offer your client beyond just the investment components into life planning. The Life Goals approach let’s you learn to develop strategies for your client to help them achieve all of their personal Goals and Objectives. This Fundamentals program will give you everything you need to produce sophisticated strategies using the auto modeling features of the Web Advisor.

104 -105

1.75 Hours

3. Investment Management – Advanced

This program builds upon the fundamentals program to allow you to add more granularity to your Investment Policy Statements through the entry of detailed asset information. You’ll learn about entering Personal Use and Investment accounts as well as incorporating in various types of holdings within those accounts including stocks, mutual funds and other more generic products.

201 - 202

1.5 Hours

4. Life Planning – Advanced

Once you’ve mastered the fundamentals, learn how to use some of the more advanced features of the Web Advisor to incorporate more sophisticated planning techniques. It’s recommended you complete several plans using the fundamentals approach first to get comfortable with the core features before moving on to the more advanced concepts.

203 - 209

2.25 Hours

Training Curriculum PlanPlus Web Advisor

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Training Track 5. Integrated Financial Planning (Version 4.12)

Learning Objectives & Benefits The Financial Planning Standards Counsel defines “Financial Planning” as “The process of creating strategies, considering all relevant aspects of a client’s financial situation, to manage one’s financial affairs to meet life goals. While this sounds similar to our Life Planning Program described above, the Integrated Financial Planning Program includes several key areas missing in Life Planning. Namely Estate Planning, Critical Illness and Long Term Care. This advanced program will help Advisors who wish to adhere to the CFP standards to produce integrated plans for clients (who need that level of service) that meet the standards council definition of financial planning

Curriculum 210 – 211

CE Credits 1 Hour

6. Calculators

While the Web Advisor is primarily a sophisticated life goals based planning tool, there are also situations where you need a quick answer to a simple question. For example, “How much do I need to save to put my son through university”? In cases where the more sophisticated Life Goals Analysis is not needed, we have a series of calculators available that give you the ability to access your database of client data and perform these quick calculations. This training track will introduce you to these calculators so you’ll be able to use the Web Advisor to get these kinds of quick answers as well as more elaborate planning documents.

301 - 307

2.25 Hours

Total Hours for Complete Program

10¾ Hours

Training Curriculum PlanPlus Web Advisor

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