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					UCSF - CTSI Planning, Evaluation and Tracking (PET)

Claire Brindis, Dr. P.H.
NIH - CTSA Evaluators January 29, 2007

UCSF Planning Approach
• Strategic Plan (10,000 ft view)
– high level overall objectives, benefits, risks

• Tactical Plan (1,000 ft)
– major SMART* goals & milestones over short time

• Operational plan (10 ft)
– tasks to reach tactical goals

*Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time-limited

• Specific goals/milestones in uniform format • Execution insures CTSI success • Tracking: anticipate problems for pro-active intervention • Portfolio overview of how multi-programs interact
– eliminate redundancies, identify dependencies, etc.

• Utilitarian input for tracking and evaluation • Same format for managing collaborations within, across, and/or beyond the CTSA consortium

UCSF PET Strategic Goals
• Develop, implement and maintain uniform inter-program use of SMART goals and program management methods
• Develop metrics to evaluate impact of CTSI and its programs

UCSF PET Priority Goals
I. Develop final plans (strategic, tactical and operational) and tracking methods for CTSI programs using SMART goals and professional project management/planning techniques, and provide the portfolio to the Project Directors’ Team (PDT) by July 1, 2007
• • • •

Develop and implement first round of plans and tracking methods for all CTSI projects using SMART goals and professional project management/planning techniques by April 1, 2007 Obtain PDT approval of 1.5 yr tactical plans asap, with approval of all plans completed by April 15, 2007 Revise all plans to final versions by May 1, 2007 Provide final plans to PDT by May 15, 2007 Provide portfolio of CTSI programs by June 15, 2007

UCSF PET Priority Goals
II. Implement a plan for evaluating the impact of the programs, the Executive Director, and CTSI by June 1, 2007
• Determine which programs will be evaluated for impact by March 1, 2007 • Define metrics by which programs will be evaluated, and justify approach by April 1, 2007 • Develop plan/process for collection of relevant data for programs to be evaluated, by April 15, 2007 • Identify sources of baseline data for those programs that are to be evaluated for impact by May 15,2007 • Collect baseline data for those programs that are to be evaluated for impact by July 1, 2007

• Should all CTSAs adopt this method of program planning -management?
– It would provide Inter-CTSA uniformity in:
• • • • Planning Tracking Comparison of objectives Inter-CTSA program collaborations

Planning, evaluation and tracking

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