TOWN OF SAN ANSELMO Staff Report February 10, 2009 For the meeting of February 17, 2009 TO: FROM: SUBJECT: Parks & Recreation Commission Doug Long, Community Services Director Red Hill Community Dog Park Rules & Regulations

RECOMMENDATION That the Parks & Recreation Commission recommend to Town Council to adopt the recommended Rules & Regulations for the Red Hill Community Dog Park. BACKGROUND An ad hoc committee was appointed to work collaboratively with representatives from the community to develop rules and regulations for the Red Hill Community Dog Park. The committee has met on several occasions and reviewed rules and regulations from neighboring dogs parks from which they have developed the proposed list of rules. DISCUSSION The ad hoc committee has formulated the following rules and regulations for the Commissions consideration and recommendation: DOG PARK RULES 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Be responsible for your dog! Please carry a leash at all times! Dog Park Hours: one hour before sunrise until one hour after sunset. Maximum of 6 dogs per person. No Smoking anywhere at Red Hill Park. Dog owners should pick up after their dogs (droppings and damaged toys). Do not bring any food into the dog park. Between the hours of 3:00-4:00 pm each day, the dog park shall be reserved for use by older and smaller dogs. [Subcommittee recommends this rule be on a “trial” period and re-evaluated based on feedback by community members.] 8. No aggressive dogs. Dogs must be removed at the first sign of aggression. 9. Dogs are permitted off-leash (under voice command) around the sports field track when games are not in progress. All dogs must be kept on leash while games are in session. 10. Children under the age of 12 should be closely supervised by an adult at all times. DOG PARK ETIQUETTE 1. Owners are responsible for the best interest of their dogs, and their dog’s playmates. 2. Following veterinarian recommendation, dogs should be spayed or neutered.

3. If you notice that a dog’s owner has missed picking up after a dog, hand them a bag and politely point out the dog’s droppings. If you come across a stray dropping, go ahead and pick it up yourself. 4. For the protection of all dogs and humans using the dog park, dogs should wear flat collars with no spikes or prongs protruding outwards. Choke collars should not be worn. Please remove these types of collars before entering the park. 5. During early morning and late evening hours, please be considerate of neighbors and keep noise levels at a reasonable level. 6. Dogs should not be allowed to dig. Dog owners are asked to replace grass or dirt dug-up by their dog. 7. Please help provide a safe place for older and smaller dogs by respecting the one hour each day designated for their use (3:00-4:00 pm). During that hour, please confine your younger or larger dog to the track around the sports field. 8. Many different bacteria and parasites naturally found at dog parks can make both dogs and humans ill. Please remove any items you bring to the park (balls, toys, pools, bowls, etc).

GENERAL EXPLANATION: 1. Do not bring human food to the dog park. Any well-behaved dog could jump or lunge for food. 2. For the general pet population, spaying or neutering is highly recommended. Not only does spaying or neutering reduce the numbers of unwanted pets, but it also is generally good for the health and well being of your pet (reduced aggression and incidents of infections, cancers, tumors, hernias and other health problems). 3. If you choose to bring your child to the park, please make certain your child is supervised. Teach your child proper dog park behavior: children should not bring toys, run around, scream, pickup and wave sticks or approach animals they do not know. POSTING ON SIGNAGE:  Marin County laws require that all dogs over the age of 4 months be appropriately vaccinated and licensed.  Incidents of concern should be referred to the appropriate authorities. In case of emergency dial 9-1-1. San Anselmo Police Department (non emergency): 415-258-4610 Ross Valley Fire Department (non emergency): 415 258-4686 Marin General Hospital: 415-925-7000 Marin Humane Society: 415-883-4621   Emergency phone numbers (fire, police, Marin Humane Society, nearest hospital) should be posted.

Other Issues and Decisions: 1. Question: Should a fee be imposed for persons bringing any certain number of dogs? Decision: No. Rule 3 sets the maximum number of dogs for any person at 6. 2. Question: Should a larger number of dogs per person be allowed during certain times of day.

Decision: No. Rule 3 sets the maximum number of dogs for any person at 6. 3. Question: Should persons bringing large numbers of dogs be required to live in Tam District? Decision: No. 4. Question: Shall professional dog training be banned unless a permit is obtained from City of San Anselmo? Decision: No subcommittee recommendation. Any requests to use the dog park for training or classes should be handled by the City of San Anselmo. 5. Question: Shall the number of dogs per person be limited for the track around the sports field? Decision: Rule 3 setting the maximum number of dogs should apply to the track around the sports field.

Respectfully submitted,

Doug Long Community Services Director

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