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Thank you so much for your interest in adopting a pet. By adopting a pet through Homestretch Hounds, Inc, you are truly saving a life- as this allows us the space to help rescue another animal in need. All of our dogs and pups have been spayed/ neutered, have been started on age appropriate vaccinations, as well as checked and treated for parasites, heartworm tested and started on heartworm and flea preventative. All of our dogs come from a shelter environment and will need help adjusting to a new home with issues such as housetraining and human interaction. We are located east of Cincinnati, near a town called Mt. Orab, Ohio. Some of our dogs are in foster homes and some are with us. Because of this, we need time to get them ready for adoptions. Therefore we do not have open hours. We ask that potential adopters schedule a time to come to our rescue for the adoption. However, prior to doing so, we ask that you complete an application. Please fill out the attached application and return it to us via email. Also note that a home visit may be required. Our adoption fee is $125-$200 for most dogs and puppies. We charge adoption fees to pay veterinary and other expenses. Adoption fees allow our rescue to continue helping dogs in need. Our fee covers only a portion of the care on these pets. The rest comes out of our pocket. If you are in a position to donate a larger amount then the stated fee, it is greatly appreciated. We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit rescue. We are all volunteer allowing 100% of all fees and donations to go towards helping pets in need. We are not subsidized and receive no other funding than adoption fees and other donations. Our program cannot continue without the support of people such as yourself.

Please note- we are strictly a volunteer organization and it may take a few days to a week for us to get back to you.
Thank you again for your interest and support. We look forward to hearing from you soon. Please feel free to contact us with any specific questions you may have. Sincerely, Homestretch Hounds Please support us by shopping through iGive at


Adoption Information Homestretch Hounds, Inc
(513) 218-6817
Thank you for your interest in adopting a pet through Homestretch Hounds, Inc. By adopting a pet through us, you are truly saving a life. Each animal that we find a wonderful home for, allows us the space to help another animal in need. We would appreciate you providing some general information below. Thank you!!!
(Note: You must be at least 18 years of age to adopt a pet)

Name of the pet that you are interested in adopting: Your name: Address (street, city, state, zip): Home phone number: ( ) Work or second phone: ( ) Cell phone: ( ) Your occupation: Email: @ Your date of birth: Ages of all residents in your home including children:

Do you rent or own your current residence? (If you rent, please obtain a statement from your landlord stating that you can have a pet in your residence or provide contact information for your landlord so that we may contact them.) Landlord: Where will this pet be primarily housed? (outdoors, indoors, crated, etc.) Where will this pet sleep? (doghouse, indoors, crate, etc.) If you will be using a dog crate or cage, will this be until the pet is trained or a permanent housing/sleeping arrangement? How many hours per day will this pet be left alone? How much time per day will you spend with this pet? Do you have a fenced yard? (please describe)


Do you have a swimming pool or pond on your property or in close proximity?

How will this pet get exercise? (fenced yard, leash walked, etc.)

Are you willing to housetrain a pet? (Please note, all of our pets will require training including housetraining.) Have you ever housetrained a pet previously? How will you train this pet/how did you train your past pets?

How will you deal with any behavioral or training issues that might arise?

It is not uncommon for a dog or puppy to not want to eat when introduced to a new home environment. How would you deal with this?

Please tell us about your other pets both current and past; please specify either current or past for each pet. (name, type, age, etc.)

Where are/were your other pets housed? (outdoors, indoors, crated, etc.) Are/were your other pets current on veterinary care? Are/were any dogs kept on heartworm prevention? Are/were your other pets spayed or neutered? For any pets no longer with you, what became of them and the approximate date? (deceased, gave away, ran away, etc.)

Why do you want to adopt a new pet?

What veterinary care do you feel is important for a pet?


Approximately how much money do you plan to spend on veterinary care per year for this pet? Approximately how much money do you plan to spend on food, treats, toys and supplies per month for this pet? What will happen if this pet needs additional unplanned items or expenses?

Have you ever surrendered a pet to an animal shelter, pound or rescue? Have you ever given away a pet? If yes to either of the above, please explain the circumstances.

May we contact your current or past veterinary hospital? Name of veterinary hospital: Phone: ( ) If you do not have a current veterinary hospital, please provide two references, other than family, below. (1)Name: Relation to you: Address: Phone( ) (2)Name: Relation to you: Address: Phone( ) I guarantee all information that I have provided in this form to be true and accurate. I hereby authorize Homestretch Hounds, Inc and its agents to verify any information that I have provided.




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