Throw a Heritage Themed Bridal Shower

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					Throw a Heritage Themed Bridal Shower
Nearly every aspect of the wedding celebration, from the engagement to the honeymoon, has a unique origin and story behind it. Add to this rich history, the traditions of the bride’s family and friends and the result will be an unforgettable and richly meaningful heritage themed bridal shower. Simply set up a Heritage Makers account and purchase the appropriate credits to build the personalized keepsakes that you want to create. Talk to the family and friends of the bride to highlight the favorite aspects of their weddings so that everyone can be included. Then just use the ideas below to create a custom celebration!

Idea #1 – Her Storybook. The bridal shower storybook is a tribute to the bride-to-be. Each guest should create a unique page with their favorite stories, memories, photographs, and other creative touches. • Visit your favorite craft store to purchase a traditional scrapbook album, any extra scrapbook pages needed, protector sleeves for each scrapbook page, decorative background papers the same size as the scrapbook pages, and an assortment of desired embellishments. (Be certain that you select archival safe and acid-free materials. No sticky page albums!) • Create page kits for each guest with 1 background paper, a random selection of several embellishments, and directions to craft a storybook page of their particular relationship and memories with the bride. They can add their own photographs and other mementos. Likewise they have the option to create their own page from scratch so long as it will fit the scrapbook you selected. • Tell all guests when and where to return their personalized pages. Affix each personalized page to an actual scrapbook page, insert scrapbook pages into protector sleeves, and assemble the album. • To create a Heritage Makers storybook from your physical scrapbook, simply scan in each page and save as a jpg image file. If you need assistance with scanning contact your Heritage Makers consultant about scanning services, including oversized items up to 12x18 inches. Then upload these images to your Heritage Makers account. Choose the storybook size you desire – most scrapbooks are 12x12 inches, but you can put your scanned jpg images into any size book. Now, you can add unique front and back cover images, spine text, and any final touches. Once the storybook is created in Heritage Makers you can publish as many copies as you desire for the bride, relatives, in-laws, and friends. Take orders or use the Heritage Makers share features to allow others to see the digital version and order their own copy. Idea #2 – Wedding Heritage Cookbook. Survey the bride’s family, in-laws and friends to discover what unique dishes were served during their wedding celebrations. Obtain the recipes as well as the names of the bride and groom who used it and the date of their wedding. You can also scan a wedding photo of the contributing couple or take a picture of the prepared item to include in the cookbook. If you wish to go a step further you can ask for stories behind the food choices or any other related trivia to add. These recipes can include beverages, hor’dourves, entrees, deserts, whatever you would like to cover. • If you are serving a meal or even hor’dourves at the bridal shower use these recipes! Make a menu or display cards to set beside each food item that lists the names and wedding date of the couple who shared as well as their wedding photo. • Once all of your research is done, upload your photos to your Heritage Makers account, then begin a new project and select the 6x8.75 inches “Cookbook and Planner” category. Choose a cookbook template to use or create something all your own from a blank book. Give the cookbook to the bride as a shower gift! You can also publish as many copies as you desire for the relatives, in-laws, and friends who shared recipes or enjoyed the food at the shower! Take orders or use the Heritage Makers share features to allow others to see the digital version and order their own copy.



Idea #3 – Wedding Traditions Cards. This one is already ready for you! Buchanan Creations has created a unique set of cards featuring the origins and fun facts behind 54 well-known wedding traditions from throughout history and from all over the world. You have the option to personalize these cards by trading out some of the traditions we have selected for others you learn, for unique family traditions, or for the background of special ceremony options the bride has chosen. You can change the design on the back of the card to a photograph of the engaged couple, their wedding colors, or other meaningful layout. And of course, you always have the option to create a set of cards entirely of your own without using our template. We encourage you to get creative! • Lay a card at each setting as a favor that will encourage fun conversation…give each guest a card to read in-between gifts as the bride opens her presents to keep the session lively and get everyone involved…there are lots of ways to make use of these traditions throughout your party, they are a great addition! • The Wedding Traditions Cards are created by using the Heritage Makers “card game deck” as the project type. Once you purchase a “card game deck” credit you can request the Wedding Traditions template specially created by Buchanan Creations, by contacting Donna Buchanan at 724-833 -3166 or by email at Once your request is received the template will be transferred to your Heritage Makers account where you can edit it to add your personal touches or publish it as is.

Add your own ideas to continue the personalization of this event! Visit to get started by setting up your Heritage Makers account. If you need any assistance contact your Heritage Makers Personal Publishing Consultant, Donna Buchanan, at 724-833-3166 or by email at Scanning services are available for photographs, documents and even oversized items (such as scrapbook pages) up to 12x18 inches. Ask for a detailed flyer with cost breakdowns and bulk discounts. You also have the option of requesting that your consultant coordinate and create these projects for you at an hourly rate. If you are interested in doing so, set up an appointment to discuss these options further. Donna D. L. Buchanan, RN, MA 351 Huffman St. Waynesburg, PA 15370 Cell phone: 724-833-3166 Email: Web site:

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