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									3AS.S CITY, MICHIGAN.



•Largest and Finest Stock fa» This Territory at Caro, Michigan

Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Gross man and daughter Barbara of Tucson, Arizona, spent Tuesday and Wednesday visiting at the homes of Mr. and Mrs. Steve Decker, Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Decker and girls, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Bond and girls, Mr. and Mrs. Jim Walker, Frank Decker and Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Jackson and Mrs. Bill Gracey.

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Cass City Recreational Park

Mr..and Mrs. vlaylord LaPeer peninsula. birthday dinner Sunday for Arlan spent Sunday at the home of Mr. Mr. and Mrs. Curtis Cleland Hendrick at the Lee Hendrick and Mrs. Stanley Fay in Pontiac. and family spent Sunday' after- home. Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Brown noon visiting Mrs, Amy- Bailey. Mr. and Mrs. Martin Sweeney and Mr, and Mrs. Steve Decker Agnes VanErp was a Thursday spent Saturday evening visiting /isited Frank Wagner near evening supper guest of Ruth Mr. and: Mrs; Earl Maharg neai Ann Sweeney. Unionville on Sunday. Mayville. Mr. and Mrs. Maurice GrossMary Louise Sweeney was Mr. and Mrs. Charles Bond and among a class of 38 who gradu- girls and Mr,, and Mrs. Jerry man and Barbara of Tucson, ated from the St. Mary's Nursing Decker and girls spent Friday Arizona, Mrs. Jack Krug and Mrs. Mike Maurer and daughters School in Saginaw Sunday after- evening at the of Ubly spent "Wednesday at the noon at St. Mary's Cathedral. Mr. home. • and Mrs. Angus Sweeney and Mr. and Mrs.. Charlie Brown , Home of Mr. and Mrs. Jim . family, Mr. and Mrs. Martin and Emerson Brown spent Friday I ™ r; Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Gracey Sweeney, Mr. and Mrs. -Alexevening visiting- Mr. and Mrs, were Sunday dinner guests of Ross and Mr. and Mrs. Jim Mor- Willis Brown and family. Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Sugden. rison attended the exercises. Mr. and Mrs. Olin-Bouek spent Mr. and Mrs. Arnold LaPeer Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Cleland Thursday at Cliff Jacksons. were Sunday nig'ijt Cupper guests and Marjorie Schiable left Friday Mr. and Mrs. Gaylord LaPeer morning for Great Lakes Naval and Charlene spent Sunday after- of Mr. and Mrs. Cliff Jackson. : Mr. and Mrs. Don Near and Training Center to attend the noon at Jerry Deckers. family visited Wednesday evegraduation excercises for Don Mrs. Bill Lewis, Mrs.. Lynn ning at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Cleland on Saturday morning. Don will be home Sept. 14. Mr. Spencer and Mrs, Curtis Cleland Curtis Cleland and family. and Mrs. Cleland and Miss attended the Greenleaf extension Mrs. Henry Jackson and Mary 1 Ichiable returned home Sunday at Mrs . Bond's Thursday after- Edith spent Monday afternoon visiting Mr. and Mrs. Jim Walknoon.^ through Wisconsin and the upper Twenty-three attended a sur- er. prise birthday party Saturday svening for Mrs, Frank Laming Bridal Shower— at their home near Argylev Miss Margie Schi'aHe was Euehre was played and high honored recently at a miscellanprizes were won by Mrs;. Gaylord eous bridal shower in the home of ; LaPeer and Arnold LaPeer. Mrs,. Douglas. Oelamft attended Low prizes went ta Mrs;. Elmer Games were played! for enterFuester and Gaylord LaPeer. A tainment and. prizes- were won by potluck lunch was served'.. Mr. and Mrs. Steye Decker- Mrs. Orlo Kuhl!,. Mrs; Nancy Melwere Saturday dinner guests of lendorf, Mrs,. Don- Near, Miss Betty Lou Bond and' Miss Deana Mr,, and Mrs, Cliff Jackson, __Mrs. Amy Bailey and Mrs. Orl'o- Doerr. Kuhl spentA Sunday evening vi'sit- Miss Schiable will become the :ng Mr. and Mrs. Don Near and bride of Don Cleland, stationed at Great. Lakes Naval Training Sta[family. Mr. and Mrs. Lynwwd LaPeer tion, late in September. ;pent Sunday evening- visiting Mr. and Mrs. Cliff Jacks®!! and Bob. y Mr. and Mrs. Homer Randall en^ Tuesday evening visiting Mr. and Mrs,. Lee Hendrick. Brucellosis (Bang's disease) is Mr. and Mrs. jack Krug and being eradicated from the state of daughters of Ubly and Mrs. Dave Michigan according" to George Sweeney spent Sunday visiting Parsons, "extension specialist in Mr. and Mrs. Jim Walker. dairy at Machigan State UniverMr. and Mrs. Mart Morrish of sity. Speaking to the leaders of j Ferndale and Mrs. Burtie Cleland the home demonstration groups) of Toledo, Ohio, spent Thursday in Tuscola County, he further :vening visiting Mr., and Mrs. stated that by U60 the disease will .be completely eradicated. Douglas Cleland and' Gary. ,Mr, and Mrs. Steve DeckerThis disease is found primarily in spent Wednesday forenoon at Roy dairy cattle, however, people working arwcnd brucellosis-inThorntons. Mr. and Mrs. Dick Holmes and •fected cattle may become infected family and Mr. Audley and David and develop undulant fever. He Holmes of Bay City spent Mon- urged all farm people to use. only day at the home of Mr. and Mrs. pasteurized milk. In the pasteurization process the bacteria which Gaylord LaPeer. Mr. and Mrs. Willis Brown and cause undulant fever are killed. family spent Sunday afternoon The milk provided by the dairies visiting Mr. and Mrs. Nelin for the people in the city and our Richardson and Elywn near Shab- tourists is safe to use. Any members of the farm fambona. Mr. and Mrs.. Leonard Copeland ily who handle infected stock their hands and Carole spent Sunday evening1 should wash visiting Mr. and Mrs. Angus thoroughly -with •-soap and i-water. • -i • -i be seld The Infected cattle should - ..-Ij Sweeey. Mr., and Mrs. Nelson Fay of for slaughter as soon as they are J ontiac spent Tuesday night with found. Michigan's • brucellosis eradfcaand Mrs. Gaylord LaPeer. Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Gracey tion program provides for,- the! ere Friday evening supper free testing of all cattle on.a pro- j •uests of Mrs. Justine Jantz near gram basis with indemnities not j exceeding T Sagetown. ^—-—0 $25.00 on grade; cattle j - ~ M r,-H-iQ Mr, and Mrs. SteveTDecker and and $50.00 on registered! cattle, r. and Mrs. John Gordon spent This is in addition to Ifce beet 'uesday afternoon visiting; Mr. value of the animal, to the innd Mrs. Bob Fuester near Bad feeted herds free calfhcad vaccination is offered to th® a>wner for j Mr. and Mrs. Lynwood LaPeer- |a period not' to exceed! 3 years. ,nd Chuck Franzel attended a

ARNOLD- COPELAND, Auctioneer .

Telephone Cass City 390

Having'sold my house and am moving, the following personal property will be sold at public auction on the premises located 2 blocks west, 4 blocks: south and % block west of stop light on 6371 Fourth St.

Commencing at 1 o'clock
Living room suite Electric Master range Combination cabinet ratdi® and Steel cabinet Drop leaf table Kitchen Stool player with records Electric kitchen clock Cof f ee table Electric toaster 9 x 12 living room rug and pad , Easy washer with spin drier Walnut desk, very good. 'Several throw rugs \ Two end tables , Magazine rack Large trunk Small trunk Two table lamps 5-way floor lamp Quantity of Fruit jars Desk lamp Quantity of cooking utensils New Home cabinet sewing maeMne Quantity of dishes Duo Therm oil. heater Medicine cabinet Lawn Mower Day bed and mattress • . 70 ft. of garden hose Overstuffed rocker and arm chair to match Ironing board Round dining room table and 4 chairs Wheelbarrow ' Several wall shelves Small oak stand Studio couch ; Hall tree Dining room set (table, 4 chairs and Arm,chair Two round mirrors - buffet) 9 x 12 dining room rug Kitchen table and 4 chairs 4-piece bedroom suite, box springs and Electric stove (apartment sise) innersprini1 mattress Davenport and chair Bedstead and box springs Norge refrigerator (automatic defrosting) Large clothes, press Forks, shovels, hoes and many other arClothes; closet. • ,Baby bed ticles too numerous to mention. Stewart Warner 7-ft. refrigerator TEKMS: All sums of $10 and under, cash; over that amount 1 to 12 months* time will be given on approved! bankable notes.

Predict Eradication Of Bang s; Disease

PINNEY STATE BANK, Clerk Put A Wide—Awake Want Ad to Work!
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At a used car lot I know of, a salesman w®s; looking over- a car that had been offered! as a, trade. Before he evmi started it, or stepped^ inside, he said j *T<a@ tet if s using so much o$k'* Tfee owner was stfrtfei and a little ai^noyed. First of all, it wasn't &Q& Secondly, what made the salesman think so? There was a qwifefe explanation: the rear bumper was clouded with oily fumes around the, exhaust pipe. The salesman nine times out of time, have been right*. But an exhaust will smoke lot of reasons* The use of special oil, or in the oil, m&y eause it. It's not such a h&t test anyway because it's easy enough to wipe the cloudiness ®ff bumper. , the

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Warm Floor H@at "travels" to every room without costly furnace pipes or registers to install!
Discover the miracle of Slegfer's exclusive "Traveling Heat'* and live more comfortably this winter! A Siegler actually pays for Itself with fuel it saves! Yoy get up to twice the heat! You save yp to half the fuel! Gome in ... See Siegler . . . if s the biggest bargain in home heaters today!

But smoke at the exhaust can tell you a lot. The bluish variety that I've discussed before means oil is being sucked into the cylinders, probably- because of bad rings. Black-looking smoke, or smoke with a brownish tinge, means the mixture of gas and air is too rich with gas. The best engine burns only 75 per cent of its fuel,-When the Mixture becomes just a little too rich, this quickly drops to only 50 per cent. You can see why it's important, then, to watch f.or that telltale black smoke, There are many adjusments that can be made to clean out, or enrich the mixture. Some of them you can easily-do yourself if you want to, but we'd much sooner show you on your own car when you bring it in. If and when you pick up a used car from us, I hope you'll remember to bring it in every so often—not only /for servicing but also to let us kow how it's going. We can often recall something about the car that will straighten things out in a second. At this time I should like to add a note of appreciation to the many friends and customers alike who have patronized our agency during the 1956 Model year. Our new models will, soon be shown and we are in the midst of an orderly cleanup of our present remaining 1956 models—Chevrolets and Oldsmobiles. If you feel that perhaps now is the time to make that put off new car purchase, see us while selection is still pretty good. We are unable to reorder 195ft models from the factory* As you may have noticed, our used car selection is again unusually good and we wish to keep the inventory low in ^anticipation of a volume of trade-ins on our 1957 models. Strike while the iron is hot!! We wish to serve you and will make an honest effort to sell you a new or used car on terms that you can afford. May we see you soon? •*•

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