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Fairmont Park Church of Christ Family News and Notes


									Fairmont Park Church of Christ Family News and Notes
* Fairmont Park Church of Christ ** 3813 N. Midland Drive * * Midland, TX. 79707-3550 ** Phone (432) 699-7064 * * E-Mail: ** Web Site: * November 1, 2009 Volume XXV

Nothing But Christ And Him Crucified
Number 43

November 14th 10:00am-12:00



We Need Your Help At The Cross Ministries Health Day
Attention all: *Medical personnel *CPR instructors *Health instructors *Volunteer greeters If you can assist, please see CHERYL VALLIEPORTER

Sunday, November 15, 2009
Sign up today in the Foyer as to what dish(es) you would like to bring for the meal. What’s your specialty: -turkey? -ham? -mashed potatoes? -dressing? What is it that you really enjoy making during the holidays? Well...sign up to bring your favorite! That day will be our last COMPACT SUNDAY of 2009, so let’s make this our best one this year (which is asking a lot).

For our New Members & Visitors
As announced last Sunday the Elders will be offering an Elder Special

Prayer Night from 7-8:00 pm each
quarter. The first will be on Tuesday Night, November 17. The North door will be open, just come to the Library and they will meet you there.

COMPACT SUNDAY IS: -NO Early Bird worship -Bible classes in Fellowship Hall are dismissed to Auditorium -10:00 worship -11:15 meal “on the grounds” (pot luck) -1:00-ish devotional then dismissal

News You Can Use
Birthdays November 1-7
1—Royce Woolard, Bobby Millican, Bubba Warren, Jim Gray, Terry Justice, 2—Ken Griffin, Alisha Smith, Kayla Johnston, David Anderson, 4—Susan Ivanhoe, Kara Moore, Cameron Cox, 6—Doyla Sartor, Lindsey Eckert, 7—Rose Love, Wayne Fowler, Rolando Garza, David Ruckman

Heart to Heart
39er’s Monthly Fellowship and Game Night Thursday, November 5, 6:00 P.M.
The 39er’s will be getting together for their monthly Fellow-

Food Pantry served 50 families, 159 individuals this week.
We need canned items for cold weather, i.e. Chili, Spaghettios, Ravioli, Stews. THANK YOU for your gracious support.

Thank you for assisting with the trunk or treat at the Outreach center!
We are having a tremendous response to our GED, ESL, and Citizenship classes at the Outreach Center. We could use any help you might offer.

ship and Game Night this Thursday, November 5, @ 6:00 P.M. Special guests will be the Young Singles at Fairmont Park. We would love to
have all of our Young Singles to be with us!! Here is what we do: We always eat first (the sisters are excellent cooks!!), then we play table games such as “Forty-Two”, “Chicken Foot”, and “Mexican Train”. Come and join in the fun, food, and games!!

Thank you for the prayers and the flowers. They have gotten Tommy through the hardship he has suffered, but he is doing much better now.————Tommy & Billie Parrish Please join us for a Bridal Shower honoring Kendyl Washburn Bride-elect of Austin Bryan and daughter of Don and Juanda Washburn, on Sunday, November 8, from 2-3:30 p.m. at the home of Kim Bates, 3307 Eagles Cove.
Selections: Bed, Bath, & Beyond, Dillard’s, Crate & Barrel and Pottery Barn

39er’s Monthly Visitation Thursday, November 12,
9:00 A.M. Meet in the office area!
Every second Thursday of the month two teams of 39er’s go out to visit some of our elderly and shut-in members. We believe that much good is being done in this labor of love. Many of our elderly members are lonely with lots of time on their hands. The visit says, “We care about you.” “We love you.” “You are in our thoughts and prayers.” We can always use more help! We would love to have you go out visiting with us next Thursday! I hope to see you then! -- Don

Men’s Breakfast Saturday, November 14—8 a.m. Couple’s Retreat
Next weekend in San Antonio
Be sure to join us for a wonderful weekend.
See Geta or Rick Mitchell about details.

Children’s Ministry News
Please join the Children's Ministry as we begin our "We Have Been Blessed" FOOD DRIVE
Our goal is to collect 1200 food items.
We need: canned meat, rice, beans, soup, spaghetti, canned spaghetti sauce, crackers, canned milk, cookies, canned fruit, cereals, cake mix, brownie mix, peanut butter, mac & cheese, canned chili

Finding Your “Niche”
We had an excellent night last Tuesday at Cross Ministries during our GED and ESL classes. THANK YOU s-o-o-o much to all who turned out to help! *COME TUESDAYS FROM 7:00-8:00 PM TO WATCH THE EXCITEMENT AND HELP OUT! Our Greet and Grub ministry is well underway and is starting new relationships with every meal! Thank you to all who have been a part of this ministry. If you aren't already a part of this ministry ask about it today and see how exciting it is to simply share a meal with brothers and sisters in Christ! GODbless,blessGOD. -adam

LTC Kick-off Meeting
We will have our first LTC Meeting on December 6th after evening services. Watch for sign-up applications to be out soon.

Upcoming Events
Sunday, Nov. 22—Giving Tree Introduction Tuesday, Nov. 24—Midweek Service at FMP Wednesday, Nov. 25—Thanksgiving Feast at Cross Ministries Tuesday, Dec. 1—Churchwide Christmas Party at Country Club Saturday, Dec. 5—Holiday Howdy at Cross Ministries Sunday, Dec. 6—Churchwide “Santa’s Dinner, Desserts and Other Delights” at the Hill’s house Thursday, Dec. 10—Cocoa & Cookies with Santa at the Boren’s Saturday, Dec. 12—Ladies Holiday Tea at Sherry Johnson’s & Howdy Booth Saturday, Dec. 19—Howdy Booth Tuesday, Dec. 22—Giving Tree Delivery

Our Sympathy
We extend our sympathy to Pam Weaver and her family in the death of her grandmother, Mildred Mitchel. Visitation will be Monday, November 2nd at 10 a.m. in Brady, Texas at the Heritage Funeral Home and the service will follow at 11a.m. Burial will be in Brady. Memorials may be made to the Cherokee Children’s Home.

Suppin’ with the Saints
Wednesday, 5:45-6:45 Harrell’s cooking Hobo Stew with corn bread & salad.

Our condolences are offered to the family of Dolores Ward. She passed away on Monday and her service was Saturday at 10 a.m. here at Fairmont Park.
The service for James Russell, brother to Chris & Quata Russell was Thursday at 11 a.m. in Albany, NY.

Kid’s Korner
God Jesus Loss
Attended Nursery
A.M.-Linda Lewis, Amy & Audrey Rousselot P.M.-Cindy Martin, Michelle Martin

Adam Elliott………………………………..262-3168 Don Mitchell……………………………… 699-7233 Scott Sheppard……………………………. 699-4997 Steven Smith……………………………… 699-4933

Mike Brumley ……..699-7574 Mike Brumley ……..699-7574 Pat Darden ………..689-7916 Mark Elliott ………218-7752 Mark Elliott ………218-7752 Jack Estes ……….. 682-4753 Jack Estes ……….. 682-4753 Bill Hill ……….689-3122 Bill Hill ……….689-3122 Bill Johnson …..686-0964 Bryan Mason …699-0177 Bryan Mason …699-0177 Ray Tobias …….686-7760 Ray Tobias …….686-7760

CORE CORE, a weekly Bible study each Tuesday, 7:00 pm. This week at Ray Tobias’ home. SKI TRIP If your family signed up for ski trip we will need a deposit of $25 per person by November 1st to maintain your spots. WEST TEXAS AREA WIDE Sunday, November 8th, at Lamesa Church of Christ. More info coming soon. FEEDING FRENZY Join us for lunch Wednesday, November 11th at Steven & Celeste’s house. LOCK IN Friday, November 13th. More info coming very soon.

Ministers: Ministers:

Elders: Elders:

Contribution . . . . . . . . . $ $18,326
Early Bird—5:00 pm Bible Study—7:00 pm

Weekly Budget . . . . . . $ $18,694

Bible Class……………… Early Bird………………. Early Bird………………. Worship Service ……….. Total…………. Total…………. Evening Worship ……….

CCLI # 570302 CCLI # 570302

Weekly Statistics:

October 25, 2009

New Addresses   Scott & Mary Lynch        2806 Pecos, # B      Midland, 79705            Louise Hejl    Polo Park, #226    Midland, 79705 

276 66 549 615 n/a
Evening Worship—5:00 pm Bible Class—9:00 am Early Bird—7:50 am Worship—10:00 am Sunday

Prayer List
Dorothy Carlson was admitted to the hospital Wednesday with pneumonia. She is in MMH, room 464…Arlette Ornelas has been put to bed for the week because of pregnancy problems…Pat Blake had a back procedure on Monday…Ruth Gunter is in MMH, room 324 following hip surgery…Dorothy R. Blair fell last week and had stitches above her eye…Don Ruckman went home Wednesday…Sue Clubb is back at SaddleRidge Lodge following surgery… Heather Garrett was diagnosed with MS…Steve Carlson, son of Dorothy & Clarence and brother to Lynn, has cancer and Dorothy & Clarence are recovering from an accident that occurred last Wednesday evening…Lane Bybee, 2 year old grandson of Jan Reed, is in Lakeside Covenant Hospital in Lubbock with an abscess caused by strep in his throat...Andrew Solomon, one of our missionaries, is still having health problems…Janet Stafford is continuing to wait for test results…The father of Wendell Maxey & Melissa Ruckman, George Wendell Maxey, Sr., had surgery on Monday and is doing well… Jeffery Longbotham, a friend of the Harkness family, had a heart attack this weekend and has asked for prayers…Jeff Wood, son of Jim Wood, has cancer and has been in the hospital several times recently...Sandy Gilson, a coworker of Chris Jones, has cancer and Hospice has been called...Remember Charlie & Mary Lou Smith and Marc & Linda Langohr. Continue to pray for: Rick Houston, Sue Clubb, Mildred Crozier, Sharon McKay, Louise Haney, Ruth Gunter, Ricki Moss, Elvin Ward, Sue & Leon Ford, Fayla & Keith Ward, Vonnie & Jimmy Andrews, Pam Weaver, Madison Box, Mary Alice Tidwell, Micki Forget, Earl Wade, Lera Atchison, Bonnie & J.B. McClellan, Cedar Tanner, Jeffery Hankins, Don Ruckman, Ernest Adair, Ressie Gray, Wayne Gray, Earlene Lewis, the Courter family, Joe Carlile, Ti Wade, the Wynn family, Ronald Dunlap, Doris Welch, Jim Welch, Alice & Billy Martin, Annette Rankin, Jim & Jeanette Mason, Roy Tabb, Tyler Seedig & Lori Hostas.

Haden Griffith - Boston, MA Romanian Work Bryan Bost-Sao Paulo, Brazil Gottfried Reichel-German Work George Hall-Honduras, Guatemala, Nicaragua Denzel Roberts-Nevis W Indies Andrew Solomon-St Lucia W Indies Ken Wilson-Washington State Kevin Montgomery-Houston SEARCH Television Ministry Sunday, 7:30 a m. KOSA TV, Channel 7

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